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The next day I arrived at school sleepless again. Yesterday, at her house, we talked about what had happened the other day, and what could have happened if she and I hadn't controlled ourselves. She admitted that she had the same feeling I had too. We laughed in the end, but after that we still haven't gotten rid of the huge gap. Yes, She hasn't talked to me since my visit. She didn't call of text me. It's not like her.

"Good morning Yoh." Fumi greeted me as I walked into class.

It was noisy and nothing to be out of ordinary. Our teacher was late so everybody started passing notes like wild fire and throwing erasers at eachother's heads. I guess it's what makes high school, high school.

"What's going on?" I asked Fumi, as if I didn't already know.

"Oh, Sensei's not here yet," He explained, "They still aren't sure if he's absent or not."

"I'm going to see Haruna."

"I don't think their home room teacher is absent Yoh, you might get into trouble."

"I don't care."

I walked out of the classroom and slammed the door shut. The noise from inside seemed to disappear when I left. Oh, cruel attention.

The halls were empty and the rooms were busy with students studying and teachers discussing. Come to think of it, I might miss all these once I leave for college. Although my high school life has been all about Haruna, I wonder what she's thinking right now.

I peeked through their classroom window and saw that there wasn't a teacher there either. Asami was chatting away with some random boys while Mami was quietly reading a book, minding her own business. The classroom was as noisy as ours when I came in. I couldn't spot Haruna anywhere.

This was not good. I slowly opened the door and everyone stopped to watch me come up to Asa and Mami. It was pin-drop silent as I walked to the end of the room until a bunch of girls started to squeal and run up to me saying random compliments. Why do I get these everyday? I will never know.

I ignored them and tried not to show any annoyance.

"Asa, where's Haruna?" I asked my sister.

"Oh, she's not here," She said, "She's absent."

I sighed and struggled out of the room filled with obsessed girls. What a bother.

As I walked back to class, I wondered where could she be? Why isn't she at school? She didn't tell me that she wasn't going to come. And, she always tells me whenever she's sick or won't be able to attend classes. Something is still wrong.


"Maybe she's just sick Yoh." Asaoka tried to make me feel better, as if he could.

"Nah, if she was, then she would've messaged me or called me or something." I sipped my drink in frustration.

"Then maybe you should skip school and see if she's okay." Asami suggests in a sarcastic way.

That made me think. Maybe… Nah. I can't skip school. It's too risky.

"Yeah, Yoh. Maybe you can get pass the guards and skip school to see her. Besides, our teacher wasn't isn't even here to record your absence." Fumi joined Asa's joke.

The group started laughing and pushed me to get off my seat.

"Okay then." I agreed to their humor. "Maybe I will."

I got up and walked out of the canteen. I noticed Asa's eyes turn widely open. Ignorance was all that I could give her right now. Besides, it was her idea.


Escaping school was as easy as walking out of your own house. The guard at the front gate was sleeping and didn't even hear me walk out. I was surprised by his idiocy. The school shouldn't pay people who work there at all.

As I roamed, I thought of what could have gone wrong now? We made up yesterday. I wonder what she's upset with now? Normally, I would see right through her, since she is such an open book, but now I really can't.

The weather was humid yet the day was warm. I'm worried. This feeling can't get off my chest.

At the park I noticed a girl at the swings. She was wearing our school uniform. At that moment, I knew who she was. I wonder why she decided to cut class? I walked behind her and pushed her gently. She swang slowly as she looked up the sky. Her eyes looked tired and red. I can see she's been crying still.

"It's not very good to cut school, isn't it?" I said.

"No, I guess not," She forced a smile, "Yoh, I feel like an idiot."

"You are an idiot." I answered, as if it were a question.

She got up and stood in front of me. He tears were shallow and her eyes shot straight at mine. A few seconds later, she buried her face into me and started punching my chest. Okay here comes the water works.

"It's your fault Yoh! It's your fault I'm like this! It's your fault I feel this way about you!" She cried, "If it weren't for me liking you so much, you and I wouldn't feel this way! I hate it! I hate the fact that—"

"You really, really love me?" I continued her sentence.

I rested my head gently on top of hers, and sighed. I hugged her and she wrapped her arms around me too. She starts crying again.

"I'm sorry if I made you feel like I wouldn't like you anymore just because you walked out on me that day," I apologized, "Our relationship isn't about that at all. I like you, for you. I don't care about you and I becoming one or not."

"I don't want things to be so forward Yoh! I don't want to be so childish either!"

"You don't have to do it with me if you don't want to."

She looked at me for a while and buried her head into my chest again.

The wind blew briskly through us. Suddenly, I realised that I didn't get that feeling again. This feeling was different. I can't really explain it, but it's better. It's warmer and it's something that made me feel like I'm really, really happy.

"Hey, Yoh look!"

She eyed our shadow. It was shaped as if we were like, one person.

"Doesn't that already look like as if we've become one?"

I smiled and stared at the shadow with her. As a matter of fact, it did look like we were one. We didn't really make love, but this showed more of our feelings for each other.

"Yeah, it does, doesn't it?" I replied after a long look at the image behind us.

She smiled and hugged me tight.

"Hey, your squishing me!"

"Yoh, I love you!" She yelled.

She looked up and smiled again. It wasn't what Fumi, Asaoka and Mom were talking about. I didn't need that to be happy at all. Seeing Haruna smile already made me happy.

I hugged her tightly and said,

"Yeah, yeah." And with a little hesitation, "I love you too."


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