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The Present: Shocking Revelation

Kagome tried to breathe deep between her moans. After a whole day of trying to contact and locate a missing Inuyasha, and a whole night of struggling and squirming away from his touches, she had been very tired. She even needed to use a lot of effort just for breathing. She hated it when she was like this. It made her vulnerable when the man above her did what he loved to her body.

Sesshoumaru Taisho actually enjoyed a slow and relaxing love making. If Kagome was not struggling, or was unable to struggle to be exact, he preferred not to rush in achieving their peak; sliding in and out of her slowly, hearing her soft encouraging moans, tasting her sweet soft skin, and enjoying the way her tight channel clutched his cock.

Kagome moaned tiredly. She wanted this to be over already. "Sesshou… please…"

Sesshoumaru smirked. He loved hearing her beg. "Please what wife?"

"Please… please…"

He nuzzled and sucked on her shoulder; intending to give her another hickey. "What do you want from me, wife?" He murmured on her skin.

"Finish this… Ahh… I'm tired…"

Kagome flinched when he bit her skin. "Not until you say my favorite words."

Kagome gritted her teeth. How he hated this possessive man. No, she would not say it today.

"Tell me!"

She screamed when that one hard thrust made her come instantly.

She could not believe that he managed to draw out another climax from her. But Sesshoumaru had not stopped yet; still going slowly and riding out her orgasm. What insane stamina he has!!! Ugh. He really won't stop until I say it! Damn! So Kagome finally gave up and gave him what he wanted from the first day they had met; an acknowledgement from her.

"Sess- Sesshoumaru… I'm… all yours…"

Sesshoumaru stilled above her and grinned. "True. You are so right, my Kagome. You're all mine!" He then kissed her possessively; pumping faster in her. Kagome gripped the sheets and moaned loudly when he let go of her lips and lifted up her hips. This different angle invoked a more intense feeling from her.

"Ahh… ahhh!!!"

Sesshoumaru grabbed her thighs and put them on his shoulders; bending forward so that her knees were pressing against her breasts.

"Ahh… Sesshou… Sesshou!"

He was getting faster and faster and she braced herself for another world shattering orgasm. She was not disappointed. They came together hard. Kagome jerked a little when she felt his hot sperm filling up her womb. Sesshoumaru chuckled at her reaction.

"Be a good wife and receive my seed happily, Kagome." He leaned closer and kissed her forehead lovingly. "My family wants a boy for our first child."

She glared at him. Like I want to have his child! Thank God I'm taking contraception pills secretly. I don't want any child to be conceived in this kind of household!

Sesshoumaru kissed her chastely before getting out from the bed. He stretched his body and went to the bathroom while Kagome gathered her breath and strength.But when Sesshoumaru opened the bathroom door a wave of fresh pine scent filled the room. Suddenly Kagome felt sick. The smell made her stomach churn and she felt an onset of nausea. She woke up suddenly and tried to run to the bathroom only to fall on the floor.

Sesshoumaru was beside her on an instant. "What is it?"

She guessed that Sesshoumaru understood her pre-vomiting gestures, because the next thing she realized was that she was being carried to the bathroom sink. She vaguely felt Sesshoumaru's hand holding up her hair and massaging her upper back while she emptied the contents of her stomach.

After an episode of vomiting, Sesshoumaru tucked her back on the bed and quickly dialed her personal doctor; Hojo Ishikawa. He then ordered the maid to prepare her for the doctor's arrival.

She wanted to say that she was fine and that there was nothing to be fussed about. But seeing Hojo, her long time friend and the doctor whom she trusted to provide her with the contraceptives, was something that she desperately needed. Being unable to contact her family and friends for some time, she needed someone that was on her side to talk to. And if she was lucky, Hojo probably could help her find Inuyasha.


Hojo's statement was like a knife that stabbed and sliced open her heart.

"What?" she uttered slowly in disbelieved; because such thing could not possibly be happening. How could an embryo be conceived when she regularly took the contraceptives? She had never forgotten to consume one single pill, hadn't she?

Kagome stared brokenly at the fidgeting young doctor; wanting an explanation or an 'April Fool' shout from his mouth. But there was none. Hojo was clearly denying any eye contact with her and the guilt was written all over his face.

She was still paralyzed in shock when Sesshoumaru leaned down and kissed the top of her head. "You have made me the happiest husband in the world, Kagome."

Sesshoumaru turned his attention back to Hojo. "I want you to arrange an appointment with the best Obstetrician for my wife, ." He narrowed his eyes. "And make sure the doctor is female."

Hojo stuttered. "Yes- yes of course, Mr. Taisho."

"You may leave. The maid will show you the way out."

Hojo nodded. "Good day then, Mr. and Mrs. Taisho."

"Wait!" Kagome was finally able to find her voice. Hojo stilled in his way out. "Hojo?"

He coughed nervously before answering, "Yes, Mrs. Taisho?"

Kagome flinched. She disliked it when people called her with Sesshoumaru's name. It made her feel like everyone was trying to remind her of whom she belonged to now.

"Wait, wait a minute please. Hojo this is not possible. I can't be pregnant. You yourself know that. You gave me those-" She felt Sesshoumaru's hold tightened. And she was horrified when she realized she was very close to revealing her secret consumption of contraceptive. "I- I mean..."

Hojo suddenly inclined his head at her. "I'm sorry Kagome!"

Kagome looked at him in confusion. "Sorry for what Hojo?"

"I- I just couldn't refuse him. This is the career I've been dreaming of all my life. I just couldn't let him…"

"Enough, . The maid will show you the way out." Sesshoumaru's voice boomed and startled Hojo.

"Wait! But I'm not finished yet. Hojo, you must check me again!" She tried to pry herself out from Sesshoumaru's hold.

Hojo stared at her guiltily. "From the simple urine test that we performed and your symptoms I conclude that it's a positive. But if you're still not sure, I've taken your blood sample and I'll check it in the laboratory as soon as possible."

"Stop it! No, this is not happening! You of all people know that it's not possible!"

Kagome noticed that Hojo stole nervous glances at Sesshoumaru, and Sesshoumaru was strangely calm during her outburst. As if he knew that she would deny her pregnancy; as if he knew that she never expected to be pregnant; as if he knew that she had done something to prevent… Then realization sunk in. Oh my God… He knew!!!

"Hojo?" Her heart was pounding. She turned her attention to Sesshoumaru. "Sesshoumaru you didn't…" She gulped and looked back at Hojo. It made sense now. Hojo's guilty glances at her and Sesshoumaru's calm confidence. "Hojo, did you change-?" Kagome's question was hitched on her throat.

Suddenly Hojo dropped down in front of her. "I'm sorry! I'm so sorry Kagome! But I had no choice! Your husband found out about the pills and forced me to change them! My career was at stake!"

Kagome trembled; she could not believe her ears. Hojo, sweet and caring Hojo, one of her best friends, had lied to her?? He had helped Sesshoumaru?? "No…"

Sesshoumaru narrowed his eyes at the weeping doctor. "Cease this pathetic display in front of my wife. Be on your leave doctor. I have things to discuss with my wife."

"Ye-yes sir." Hojo stuttered and quickly left the room with a guilty gaze upon Kagome. "I've always wanted you to be happy, Kagome. I'm so sorry." He said sadly before closing the door.

Kagome chocked on her tears. Sesshoumaru had taken away everything from her: her father, her mother and brother, her soul mate, her freedom, her company, her virginity, and now her trusted friend! And he had given her the last thing that she wanted from him; his child that was growing inside her now.

"You got me pregnant!" She sobbed. "You know I don't want it. I don't want to have your child. No, no, no."

Sesshoumaru turned her body to stare at her. "I thought you love children."

She hiccupped. "Not from you."

He frowned but dismissed her words. "You know that this is to be expected from you. You are my wife. You have to have my children." Suddenly he tightened his grip. "You're not thinking to carry another man's child, right?" His eyes glinted with madness. "Because if you are, then you better tell that man to run. Because I'll hunt him down and destroy him to ashes."

Just like what you did to my father? Kagome thought.

"Now get a grip of yourself and be strong. You're going to be a mother." He let go of his hold and lifted up Kagome's chin so he could stare at her in the eye. His eyes soften.

"You're going to be the mother of my children. My child. Mine."

"I… I…" She tried to control her tears.

"You're amazing Kagome. You've given me everything a man could ever wish for. My beloved wife, I love you."

"Love, Sesshoumaru? After all that you've done to me, still you claim that you love me?" Kagome just could not believe this man!

He frowned, "Of course I do love you, Kagome. And my love is unlike an ordinary man's love."

He then leaned down his head to kiss her lovingly. Kagome did nothing to neither stop him nor encourage him. She was just so tired.

Love? Unlike ordinary love? So twisted Sesshoumaru; the things you did to acquire love; to posses me. I wonder if I will break down and surrender to his whim. Father, Inuyasha… I'm so tired of all this. I'm so tired of him destroying my happiness and hope. Should I just give up?


Sessoumaru went to his office late today. After making sure that Kagome was calm enough and ensuring that the staff would take extra care of her, he left the house with satisfaction and immense happiness. He even managed to make a call to make sure Hojo had done his job in arranging the appointment with the Obstetrician. He let out a satisfied breath. At last, his beloved Kagome was pregnant with his child. He let out a smirk; Sesshoumaru Taisho's life was simply perfect.

You think you and your pathetic physician-friend can fool me, love? It was just too easy making him changed your medication. He smirked and leaned back to his chair; remembering the way he had forced Hojo to give Kagome fertility pills instead.

A Knock on the door broke his thought.


Sesshoumaru's eyes narrowed when he saw the slim figure that opened his office's door and his lips curled in distaste in seeing the intruder's outfit. It made her look like a loose woman!

Said woman smiled and began to walk closer to him; too close for his privacy.

Sesshoumaru addressed her coldly, "What is your business here, Miss Kirisawa?"

Asuka stopped in front of his desk and leaned forward; showing him more part of her body that he never wished to see.

She smiled seductively and said, "Hello Mr. Taisho. I'm your new personal assistant."


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