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Summer Break


Chapter One

A tall blonde sat in the booth accompanied by a tall brunette and his girlfriend, another brunette whose hair was covered by a blue dome shaped hat. They sat, idly chatting while they sipped at their shakes. Their idle chat suddenly turned serious as they discussed who in their circle of friends made a cute couple. Though normally it wasn't something they conversed about often, when it did come up, it wasn't taken lightly among them. Of course, there was no way they were going to let the others know that they talked about such things, especially since it had been the boys who had come up with the idea. And although normally the two young men had siblings that they were protective of, they both agreed that yes, indeed, their siblings made a great, adorable couple.

Tai, now seventeen, put an arm around Sora's shoulders. It had been weird to start dating after she and Matt had broken up but it seemed that Matt didn't mind at all. However, in respect to their friendship, Tai didn't start dating Sora until recently and with of course, permission from Matt. It seemed that everyone knew they were supposed to be together, even Matt but of course, Tai had been too dense to pick up on it, until it was too late. Fortunately, luck was on his side and now he was happy and dating the girl he soon planned to marry. As soon as he was old enough, that is.

Matt watched amused as his ex-girlfriend and best friend snuggled with each other, sipping their shakes. Had it been months ago, he wouldn't have been able to stand it, but after spending so much time with them, it was clear they belonged together. Despite how hard it was for him to let her go, he didn't seem to have a problem knowing that he'd handed her off to the right guy. Besides, in the long run, he knew they wouldn't have worked out anyway.

"So, Matt, has TK said anything about Kari?" Sora asked as she wiped off some milkshake from the corner of Tai's mouth.

"Like you wouldn't believe," Matt rolled his eyes. "Every time he visits, he's talking about her. Kari this, Kari that; it's so obvious he likes her, but he's too chicken to say anything." Matt turned to Tai. "What about Kari?"

"Same thing," Tai replied. "He walks her home every day. Usually I find them hanging out by the door, talking so quietly… I mean if I didn't know any better, I'd think something was already going on."

"I don't see why they don't just go out already," Sora shook her head, "everyone's expecting it anyway."

"Well, knowing Kari, she probably isn't saying anything because of Davis." Tai rolled his eyes. As much as he liked the goggle-head, he didn't want him anywhere near his sister. He was too… obnoxious. And TK was a responsible young man, which earned him brownie points with Tai. If he did have to pick a suitor for his sister, Tai surely would TK.

"You're right… We've got to get that goggle-head out of the picture." Matt said thoughtfully.

"Yeah, well Davis is like a fly on… Well," Sora cleared her throat, "you know."

"He's in love." Tai shrugged.

"No," Matt cut in, "he's obsessed."

Tai couldn't help but crack up at the statement, mostly because it was true. Eventually they jumped to another couple. The only couple that had managed to come together, without their "attempted" help. Somehow the three of them got the notion to set up couples they thought looked good. Granted, it didn't always work out, and yes, it backfired on them most of the time, but they couldn't deny it; it was fun. Too fun to possibly pass up!

"Can you believe it? Ken and Yolei have been dating for almost three months now! Three months!" Sora said excitedly.

"Ah, I haven't seen those two in a while…" Tai chuckled nervously. "You think it's because they're avoiding us?"

"Well, with that plan we had, they're bound to. That was a wreck," Matt laughed.

The jingling of the bells from the door caused them to put their conversation to an end, looking up to spot two other digidestined. Mimi stepped into the homey looking building, standing at the door for a moment before spotting the other three. She waved over, planting herself next to Tai. Izzy soon followed, taking the opposite seat. For a moment they all sat in silent before Izzy finally spoke.

"We've been looking everywhere for you," he told him as he hailed down a waitress. "What are you guys doing here anyway?"

"Just hangin' out," Matt replied as he leaned back. "So what's going on with you two?"

"I can't believe I'm going to say this," Mimi said sounding rather emotional, "but I got bored at the mall so I decided to walk in the park and I found Izzy. Then he told me you guys were probably here so, I dragged him here.'

Izzy didn't look too pleased. "Hooray."

"Let me guess, you had other things to do, right?" Sora asked.

"Probably, most likely, something to do with that laptop of yours," Tai added.

"Well, I do have to work on my programming skills, you know." Izzy replied defensively.

"Yeah, yeah, you're a genius, we know." Tai grinned. "So, what are your plans for the summer then?"

With school out, many of them found themselves with nothing to do. With Tai forgetting to sign up for soccer camp, he was stuck at home. Matt didn't have much luck either, considering most of his band members were off vacationing. Only Joe seemed to have something to do, volunteering at the hospital for the summer. Cody of course had his Kendo but aside from that, he too didn't have much to occupy him. And that was when the greatest suggestion was made.

"Hey, why don't we all do something this summer? Like, all of us digidestined!" Mimi exclaimed jumping up with her arm outstretched.

"Hmm," Tai and Matt said in unison as they mulled over the idea. They broke out into grins almost immediately. "That sounds like a great idea!"

Somehow, seeing the looks on their faces made Sora uneasy. Izzy too gave her the same look of worry and sighed. Before he could make an excuse [because he knew for sure those two had something planned] Mimi had said,

"And no, Izzy, you are not backing out of this one!"

He groaned, letting his forehead drop against the table. It was going to be one interesting summer.


Splayed out on the blanket, Kari looked up at the sky full of puffy white clouds. Next to her lay her best friend, her only companion so far. It seemed whenever she asked the others to hang out or join them, they'd back out. She was beginning to get suspicious that they were backing out on purpose. But, she didn't want to think too much of it. After all, they probably did have actual plans. At least, she hoped they had real actual plans. She looked over to her companion, finding him fast asleep with his hat resting upon his chest.

She couldn't quite understand why he chose to wear that ridiculous hat. He looked much better without it. In fact, if he got rid of that hat, he probably wouldn't still be single. It wasn't that she didn't like the hat, no it wasn't like that; she just liked him without it.

"Hmm…" she raised an eyebrow. Slowly, she reached out for the hat. Just as her fingertips were about to make contact with the fabric, his hand shot up and took hold of her wrist. "Darn," she muttered.

"What're you doing?" he asked as he opened one eye. He smiled.

"TK, can I ask you a question?" she replied.

"Fire away."

"Why do you insist on wearing that hat? Don't get me wrong it's… stylish and everything but, you look so much better without it."

"You think so?"

She nodded. "You should let people see your pretty hair," she reached out, tugging lightly at a small tuft of his hair. She giggled as he grinned back at her.

"Pretty hair, huh?" he teased, trying to fight a blush from creeping up on his face.

Now it was her turn to blush. She rolled her eyes at him, hitting him lightly on the shoulder before lying back down next to him. She busied herself by watching the clouds, not noticing the thoughtful look on TK's face as he eyed his hat. Shrugging, he tossed it aside, his eyes going back up to the sky. Their tranquil moment was ruined when a soccer ball came crashing down in between them. They didn't have to look to know who it was. Even though most of their friends backed out of hanging out with them, there was always one that came around unexpectedly.

"Kari!" came the familiar cheerful voice.

TK let out a rather loud sigh, turning to his side to see Davis running over in a hurry. He cracked up laughing when he saw Davis had tripped over his own shoelaces and fell face first into the grass. Kari sat up, looking over to see what the blonde was laughing at. She looked just in time to see Davis struggling to get up. She let out a small giggle before TK turned to her. It didn't help to look at each other because they only ended up laughing harder.

"What's so funny," Davis asked finally making his way over.

"Nothing," TK replied innocently. "Nothing at all."

"Oh, Davis," Kari shook her head as she picked up the soccer ball. She threw it at him, hoping he'd get the idea and catch it but it only bounced off his face before falling back down onto the ground. This didn't seem to help TK's hysterics

"Hey! Shut up TJ!" Davis shouted at the blonde, face red.

Still laughing, TK turned away from Davis, burying his face against his jacket to stifle his laughter. Kari rolled her eyes. She turned to the love-struck young man.

"Hi Davis, nice of you to join us," she gestured to the spot to the other side of her. Almost immediately he planted himself next to her, grinning from ear to ear. TK turned over, eyes cast towards the sky as he rolled them. It wasn't that he hated Davis, oh no, if they wanted to (mostly if Davis wanted to be nice) they could get along, but TK couldn't help but wish that sometimes Davis wasn't there. It seemed whatever moment he had with Kari would always be ruined by the new digidestined leader butting in. No matter how many times they had said he wasn't allowed to come, he still managed to show up by "chance".

"So, was it just the two of you?" TK could feel Davis' eyes burning into the side of his face.

"Yeah, Cody had kendo so he couldn't come. Ken and Yolei decided to go on a date instead since it's such a beautiful day," Kari replied as she leaned back on her elbows.

"Date huh…"

TK could already see the wheels turning in the brunette's head. Pretending not to listen, TK turned to his side, turning his back to them as he idly played with the grass. He couldn't seem to explain the emotions that were welling up inside him. He hated that Davis had come to join them but he didn't hate Davis. He wished Davis hadn't of come so that he could continue to spend time alone with Kari. In a sense… he hated sharing his time with her. Though he knew he didn't have any right to be selfish when it came to spending time with her, he couldn't help but feel upset that they didn't spend enough time alone together. If they weren't off battling in the digital world, they were with their friends, constantly having a good time. They scarcely got time alone and it was usually because of Davis.

"You know Kari, you and I could go on a date too," Davis was saying, causing TK to tense up slightly.

"Hmm…" Kari seemed to be thinking it over, which TK of course found hard to believe. Though Kari hadn't told him exactly how she felt about the goggle-head, TK had a feeling there was a good chance she wouldn't go on a date with him. "I'll think about it."

"Really?" Davis asked with stars in his eyes. "You will?"

TK felt his body relax as Kari's laughter washed over him. "C'mon, let's play some soccer."

TK continued to play with the grass, not turning back to look at them yet but he knew they'd stood up.

"TK, are you going to play with us?" Kari asked looking quite hopeful.

He feigned a yawn. "Naw, I think I'll just hang out here. But, you have fun."

"Forget about him Kari, come on!" and Davis took hold of her hand, dragging her away.

Sighing heavily, TK turned to stare at the spot Kari had just been sitting in. He ran a hand over it, smiling to himself, only to frown a moment later. Lately it had seemed that he'd been wanting to spend a lot of time with her. Every time he walked her home, he would wait anxiously for her to invite him in (which she usually did) and he would always see her during breaks at school. Sometimes it even seemed that he wasn't even aware he was doing it. He'd just look up and find himself standing in front of her. It was as though she were pulling him to her. Then again, he always seemed to gravitate to her because he simply loved being around her. They were, after all, best friends, were they not? But… Was it all they really, truly were?

He frowned, asking himself the question of "do I love her more than as a friend?" He couldn't come up with an answer, at least not yet, but for now, he'd settle for the way things were. Deciding that he didn't like being left behind, he got up to join the other two, much to Davis' displeasure.


"A camping trip?"

"A camping trip!" Tai declared with gusto.

The digidestined sat around him, frowning with confusion. Only Matt seemed to understand what he was talking about. As if volunteering to help, the blonde got up from his seat and joined his best friend.

"That's right, a camping trip, with all of us, in the digital world." He added to Tai's announcement.

Now the people around them were starting to chatter with excitement. Suddenly, a loud groan filled the room. All heads turned towards the blue haired, four eyed, elder boy.

"I can't go! I'm volunteering at the hospital this summer, remember," Joe explained, clearly disappointed.

"Oh, come on Joe, you can always volunteer next summer, just tell them something important came up, I'm sure they'll understand," Tai waved dismissively. "You have to go. You haven't seen Gomamon in months!"

"Yeah," Matt added with a sniffle, "poor little guy."

Despite how poorly insincere the whole thing sounded, it tugged at the aspiring young doctor's heart. He sighed, muttering a barely coherent "ugh".

"So then, it's settled! We're all going on a camping—"

"What about my kendo lessons?" Cody piped up.

Tai sank down to the floor, disappointment plastered all over his face. "Cody…" he groaned.

"What, I made a commitment, I should—"

"And my programming class starts soon, I can't just not show up for that either," Izzy added which emitted a louder groan from the lump on the floor.

"You guys shouldn't have made plans knowing that every one else already had plans." Ken sighed. "But, I'll definitely go."

"Of course, I'm going too!" Yolei grinned.

"Izzy," Mimi tugged at his sleeve. "You have to go! We barely see each other, it'd be nice to be with everyone again, like the old days, don't you think?"

"What are you talking about, Mimi? We see each other every day at school!" Izzy retaliated. "And if I recall correctly, the old days consisted of those two (he pointed at the lump on the floor and the gawking Matt) were always bickering. I don't know about you, but I don't think that's a trip that's enjoyable at all!"

"We don't fight as much as we used to," Matt replied sourly. "In fact, we get along a lot better now."

"A lot better," Tai added from the floor.

"I sure wouldn't mind going camping," Kari piped up with a smile. Before TK could open his mouth, Davis shouted,

"Well if Kari's goin', I'm goin'!"

"Come on Izzy," Mimi pleaded; now clinging onto Izzy's arm. "It won't be the same without you."

Izzy looked away, his cheeks turning slightly crimson. "Fine," he muttered. "Fine, I'll go… I can always take programming—"he was tackled to the ground by a now excited Mimi.

"I would like to see Gomamon again," Joe bit his lip, and then grinned. "Alright! I'm going!"

"Me too!" Cody grinned.

"Then it's settled," Matt and Tai chorused. "We're going… CAMPING!"

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