Life just isn't worth living anymore. I know i told myself that i would never consider ending my life for charlies sake, but now. Jake doesn't even want me anymore. Charlie and Renee would probally get over it if i died. And him. Well, he doesn't love me anymore. He might be upset for an hour or two but nothing that can't be overcome by his distractions. It would be nice if i could see him, for one last time; to smell his sweet breath; to hear his velvet voice. But thats never going to happen. The only place i see him is in an element of danger.

So i started walking. Edward once said - i realised it didnt hurt to think his name anymore, seeing i wouldn't have to live with the pain much longer - that i was a drug to him, but i always thought it was the other way around. I needed to hear him. I carried on walking, not really taking in where i was going. I vagely remember stepping off of Charlie's lawn, but the rest is just a green blur. I was too determined to find Edward.

The moon would be coming up soon, it was twilight. It felt like i had been walking for hours. I stopped. I looked aorund, there were trees everywhere. Darkness had took over the forest. The forest. Thats where i had ended up? Then why wasn't i hearing Edward? This is the one place he told me to never go walking alone.

So my plan had failed. I wouldn't be able to see my love one more time. Yes, that's right. I still love him. How could he ever think i would just forget him. That i would move on. 'It will be as if i never existed', are the words that have haunted me for months. Did he really think that it would be that easy. He must really hate me.

That did it. I broke down and cried, right there in the middle of a forest. How pathetic my life had become. That's when i heard someone approaching. I could here footsteps, faster and faster. I was starting to hyperventilate. I got up and looked around, and thats when i saw it. A beautiful creature with pale, white skin. The creature kept walking forward until it was out of the trees. It was only a metre away now.


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