Tanya POV

Bella?! Wait, wasn't she... Why is Jess looking at Edward like that? Well, he is unbelievabally gorgeous but you don't see me drooling over him like that! "Jess!" Carmen shouted and ran to her side. All of a sudden Edward flew against the wall. But that didn't stop him, he went straight threw and into the next room, crashing into Kate's huge china set!

"Jessica you need to calm the heck down..........NOW!" I screamed at her. It was the weirdest thing i have ever seen: Jess's body was twisting and shaking in every other direction. I'd never seen her react this way because of anger?! Her eyes had rolled back into her head and she was hyperventalating! I didn't even know that was possible for a vampire. "Jess, breath. In and out, in and out" Eleazar had joined us hearing all the commotion. What is goi--

"Tanya!! What the HELL is going on here! Why can't i get down, i need to help Bella!" Edward yelled. "Bella, are you okay! Oh god please someone hel-"

Everything stopped. No one dared to speak. No one dared to move. It was almost if we couldn't. There was something glowing around Jess. If any humans were around they would have been blinded by the sight. It was getting bigger and bigger until it was completely sorrounding her. All of us, except for Edward, was pushed gently to window and pressed up against it. Jess's eyes were closed like she was sleeping but the pain on her face was clear. Her body was still but she had small whimpers escaping her lips. I turned my head to see Edward crying tearlessly. He had the most heartbreaking expression. "Bella, please tell me what's happening i want to help" He whispered. I could almost hear the cloggs turning in my head. Everything suddenly made sense. Bella, the girl who Edward left to protect her. Mike, the vampire that hurt my best friend so much she was unreparable. Edward is Mike! Jess is Bella! But why would Jess lie to me? Or is it Bella, or is it Jess? Oh my god im so confused.

"Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!" Jess let out a scream that would make anyone's blood curdle. The orb blew up and sent everyone flying out the window. There were tiny pieces of glass everywhere. The whole living room was scattered across our lawn. Carmen was hugging Eleazar on the floor crying and Kate was brushing off and by the looks of it ready to rip someones head off with her teeth. "What was that about!" Kate said walking over to Jess,getting ready to beat the crap out of her.

"No wait! it wasn't her fault it was Edwards...." I trailed off. Where was Edward? I scanned the forest but still couldn't find him.

"Edward!" I yelled out. Oh God. She wouldn't have killed him would she? Not that i blame her the heartless idiot! How could he do that to her? And to think i was feeling sorry for him no less than an hour ago! I needed to help Jess. Bella, i corrected myself mentally.

"What do you mean it was Edwards fault all he did was stand their and she blew half the house down!" Kate was really starting to get irratated. I walked over to Bella and put a hand on her shoulder. She recoiled.

"Bella" i said. She instantly looked up with appologetic eyes. "It's ok, i'm not upset. I just want to be here for you" I took her hand.

"It will be if i never existed. Distractions. He doesn't love me" She kept saying over and over. If i had a heart it would brake at that very moment. That unimaginable bas...

"Bella?" I heard from a very large distance. A couple of seconds later Edward came running out of the forest his eyes directly on Bella. No. She might react the same way. And no way does he deserve to come near her yet!

"Edward stay away from her!" I said pushing him back with all my strength.

"What! Stay out of it Tanya, i need to help Bella. i lo-"

"No, don't you dare say that! Just leave her alone!" I said whilst signaling to Kate to shock him. It didn't work. Kate's legs just holted to a stop.

"Jess! Let me go!" She screamed at her. Jess was was holding her back? Damn it! Bella was holding her back? Bella was protecting him after everything he has done? You would think she would want Edward to suffer! She stood up, turned to face me and said "I have to go. I'm sorry i can't handle this." And then she was gone, just like that. My friend was in the worst pain possible and i didn't know when i was going to see her again. It's all Edwards fault!

"No Bella wait!" Edward said whilst starting to run after her. All four of us grabbed him and pinned him down. Even now at times like this i noticed how great my family was. We backed each other up even when we had no idea what the hell was going on.

"Get off me!" Edward growled and wrestled with no avail.

"Edward no! You are not hurting my friend anymore!" I said standing up and letting him go. He stood up and didn't even bother trying to run for it. I was at front and my whole family was circling him so he couldn't get away.

"Why are you doing this Tanya, don't you get it? That's Bella! The girl i love, i need to go help her!" He said angrily.

"Love? Like hell you love her. Don't you get it Edward? That..." I said, pointing to the half-wrecked house, "is the pain you caused Bella. That is how much you wrecked her life. That is how much you screwed up your one chance at happiness and may have even destroyed Bella! You had the chance to spend forever with Bella, but instead you turned everything to shit! What were you thinking!"

He staggered back at the truth of my rant. "I did it for her. I wanted her to be safe" He said in a voice no louder than a whisper.

"Safe? She's a vampire for crying out loud! Oh. But i guess you didn't think about that did you? Apparently it was your enemy leftovers that turned her! What was her name... err... Victoria!"

Edward's skin went even whiter. His nostrils began to flare and his hands clawed up. "Victoria?" He hissed while starting to shake with rolls of anger.

"Yeah, i guess your little plan to 'save' her didn't help. Instead you tore her heart out, stomped on it and threw it in the gutters. I can't believe i felt sorry for you!" I screamed remembering our talk this afternoon. "How dare you make it look like you were the loving one who left for her own good, when all you really did was break that poor girls heart!"

"Do you even know the effect this had on her? How hard it is going to be for her to be happy again. Everything she does is tainted by the pain you caused her. She grips her torso to hold herself together when anything reminds her of you. Every night she still goes to bed like a human and cries all night, whimpering the same things over and over. I don't even understand them but i've pretty good feeling its what you told her. 'It will be as if i never existed, Distractions, You don't love me?'. Any of this ring a bell Edward?"

"Tehy were all lies. I just wanted her to have a normal life Tanya! You cant blame me trying to do what was best for her. Now let me go, i need to tell her how i feel!" he said, and i think he was calculating the chance of him getting through us.

"What are you going to say Edward? That you did it for her? You didn't mean it? That should go down well... Oh i'm sorry bella for ruining your life because i was to stupid to take in account what you wanted. And by the way i never stopped loving you, i just said that so i could leave. I can't wait to see how she reacts to that!" Did he really think he could just tell her he loved her and everything would be ok?

"Please Tanya, let me go to her. I know it doesn't look like it but she needs me. If one things for sure i know her alot better than you do." He pleaded. He was right. He did know her alot better than me. But what if he hurts her more? "Tanya, please" he whispered. His eyes were so full of sorrow and... Love?

"How can i be sure you love her Edward? How do i know you won't just get bored of her. It could easily happen." I said

"That would never happen." He said in a calm but menacing voice, "You clearly don't know Bella if you think that is even a possability. How could anyone get bored of her? She is the most beautiful, caring, interesting, clever, unpredictable girl i have ever met! And thats just the start. Before Bella i was dead inside, there was always a hole in my life, I could never put a finger on it. Then she came along and completely turned it upside down. And i am so grateful for everything she has done for me. She has changed me in every way possible. She is my whole life and i will not let you or anyone else get in my with her. I left her once and i am will never do that again!"

"Tanya, maybe you should let him go. I have no idea what the hell is going on but, have you ever seen Edward like this? He hasn't set eyes on any vampire or human before and now he's declaring his love for Jess, i mean Bella. Maybe he does love her. Everyone makes mistakes." Carmen chipped in. She made sense. Edward hasn't showed the slightest interest in anyone since he was created. Not even me!

If you hurt my friend anymore. I will hunt you down, kill you, then bring you back to life so you can eat your own corpse. I told him through my thoughts.

"Thankyou" He said with a quick smile and ran off in the direction Bella went. For her sake, I hope he can't find her.

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