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A/N: I'm gonna do 100 (roughly) word drabbles to some of the song titles in my iPod. This is Changes by David Bowie. I can't guarantee that this will get updated regularly but it will get updated. Enjoy.


By: Rachel LM

Jim smiled down at Spock. "You know what?" He snuggled up closer to the Vulcan. "What?" Spock asked in return. Jim ran a hand through short, jet black hair. "You're really beautiful like this." Jim saw the hint of a smile on Spock's face as Spock replied "Fascinating." Jim couldn't help but giggle at that. "You're never gonna change are you?" Spock pressed a gentle kiss to the side of Jim's neck. "Change from what?" There was a comfortable silence that filled the room as Spock continued to plant light kisses over Jim's neck and forehead. The two subconsciously scooted closer to each other and Jim spoke up again. "Forget I said anything. Please don't ever change."