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One George Kirk Jr. was, at the moment, running wildly through the small kitchen that he shared with his parents in their room aboard the USS Enterprise. The three year old had his arms flung out like wings and ran tight circles around the table, making strange sounds that surely only children understood, and was completely absorbed in the task of shouting 'I'm a shuttlecraft!' over and over again, blurs of blond hair flying around the room.

On his twelfth loop, he was forced to make a quick maneuver under his Father's arm to avoid smashing into it and sending soup flying everywhere. He was the only one allowed to be flying in here. He continued his airplane actions for a while longer until, on one of his go-rounds, his Father held out an arm and wrapped it around his tummy as he ran by, effectively scooping the small child up and placing him in a chair. "Lunch time, George."

George stubbornly crossed his arms and frowned, not opening his mouth even when Spock made the extra effort of scooping some of the soup up and trying to coax his son into eating it. "George, you must eat or I will not take you up to the bridge to see Daddy later."

The tot stared at him for a second before resolving to open his mouth and take a bite of the soup. Father always did make good soup, and afternoons with Daddy on the bridge were always fun. Sometimes he even got to sit in what Daddy called "The Cool Chair".

He let Spock feed him a good amount of the soup until he felt he had eaten enough to get what he wanted, and then he sat back and rubbed his small stomach. "I'm not hungry no more." Spock nodded and stood to put the rest of the soup away. Unfortunately he stood at the exact same time as George, and when he tried to stop as to not step on his son's feet, the soup fell all over the floor.

George stared wide-eyed at the puddle of soup and Spock knelt down to clean it up. The small boy reached out and placed a hand on his shoulder to stop him. "You have to say the funny words, Father."

Spock looked at his son. "Is it really necessary? I need to get this cleaned." George again crossed his arms and began to pout before saying "Daddy always says it." in the cutest voice he could manage.

Spock stared at him for a long moment before ruffling his hair a bit and saying "Uh-oh spaghetti-O."

George giggled and clapped his little hands before getting a towel to help his Father.