Chantel pov

You know how there are mythical creatures like werewolves and vampires , well lets just say I'm one of them but not a vampire or a werewolf I'm the exact opposite of a werewolf a werecat it's kina like cheetah form just a little bit bigger. But just like the wolves we to have a pack, and just because we're smaller the them we can out run them stupid wolves that includes the vampires to all of them are monsters that don't deserve to live. Then again our kind could be monsters to that's why I had to leave the pack.

Do u even have any idea where we're going? And I forgot to mention that my best friend Sammie came with me. She was seventeen years old just two years older then me, she was the only one in the pack that really cared about me she took care of me she was like my mum in a way and I really owed her for everything.

Hey you're the one who wanted to came with me no one asked you to come! I didn't mean to snap at her but with all the anger I had in because of the pack and everything. She looked at me with her blue eyes, she stopped walking and put her head down I stopped walking to and told her I'm sorry I didn't mean to hurt you like that.

she walked near me trying to comfort me when I should be the one comforting her I mean I'm the one who snapped at her it's fine I know that your just angry about what the pack and Justin did to you I know it wasn't right. I didn't want to hear any of it so I phased into my human form grabbed my back pack and got out a white t-shirt with a few designs on it, skinny black jeans and white sinkers dressed quickly and went off walking on my own after a few seconds I hears Sammie

She was wearing a black tank top and a pair of normal jeans and let her beautiful long golden hair fall "chant,chantel wait look I'm sorry I brought it up I didn't mean too".

I hear a noise coming from the bushes which Sammie obviously didn't hear "no it's fine…hey do you mind if I go for a walk just to clear my head" if there was something dangerous it would get me my life was meaningless so what should I care.

"ya sure I'll be here when you get back "she went and sat by a tree and I went off walking to where the noise was.


When I was sure Sammie couldn't see me and stopped to listen careful, just my luck I heard it again I crawled down like I was ready to attack my pray and jumped over the bushes and to my surprise I landed on a girl who was about my age she was beautiful, she had bronze curly hair and had milk chocolate eyes . she was kina like me despite the fact that my hair was straight and much darker brown plus a purple extension I had and my eyes really deep brown .

I grabbed her by her troth and pined her against a tree "what did you see!?!?" I was screaming at her "nothing I swear" she looked terrified but not as much as I had expected. "stop lying to me !". she then put her hand on my cheek and I saw me and Sammie phase from a cheetah to human. "what the hell…what are you!?!" she defiantly wasn't human but what was she ? "tell me!!"

"ok I'm half vampire, half human" vampire ha! I should have known one of our enemies gave her an angry look and growled at her "please don't kill me, please".

"sorry sweetie that's part of my job " just then I heard I loud growl from behind me I turned my head slowly and saw a brown wolf not just any wolf a werewolf .i let go of the girl and she immediately went running next to it, she put her hand on it's cheek and I presumed that she showed the same thing she showed me. It then looked back up at me and I just stood there looking into its eye challenging it started walking towards me I was motionless ,when I felt a nudge on my arm it was Sammie.