The next day I got up I tried not to think about what had happened it was a beautiful day outside to bad I wasn't feeling so good. I slowly got up and put on the clothes I had yesterday, and as I was walking to the door I noticed a wardrobe I opened it and it was filled with clothes just then there was a knock on the door "come in" I said normally . It was Emily she walked up next to me " I see you like the new adjustment to your room" well ya, I finally have some clothes and don't need to stay asking, and I really did appreciate it but unfortunately I'm not the sort of person that shows how she feels " it's okay" I showed no emotion "looks like we still have a few walls to brake down" "good luck there, so where's the shower in this place?" it sounded a bit cold but I didn't want to be in some kind of bonding moment or something "it's two doors down from here" I nodded at her and she left.

I grabbed a baggy black pants, a grey top and a pair of black shoes and went walking of to the bathroom. I took of all my clothes and jumped in the shower, turned it on and it felt good to feel the hot water down my back although it hurt a little. The whole time I tried not to think about last night but it just kept popping up until I finally had enough I switched off the shower put on my clothes and quickly went down stairs into the kitchen and sat down "hey I'm sure your hungry you haven't eaten in three days" Emily said "it's five days actually" her face with shock "that long you must be hungry I'll make some more food" "I was just kidding geez" she worried to much about me and there was no need to she was kina a Sammie replacement, I don't know why they cared so much about me but what ever the resion is I really didn't need that this isn't the first time I was left to fend for myself "oh don't do that you were gonna give me a heart attack" she sighed in relief "I'm sure it would, so is there any chance that I can go for a walk or do I have to stay stuck in this house any longer?" "of course not, I don't think that's a problem but on one condition" I raised my eyebrow "which is?" "have something to eat or else you'll die with hunger" I rolled my "I've gotta die sooner or later, and I'd rather it be sooner " got up from my seat and just walked out.


I was making my way to the forest I was desperate to phase I was bored in my human form, I heard someone call my name it was a girls voice I turned round and saw Reneesme running up to me " oh great just what I need" I muttered to myself "heeeey Nessie what I doing here?" with a bit of sarcasm but it didn't give me away "well Jacob has been avoiding me I don't know what's gotten into him lately," great she had to bring that up stupid vampire girl oh sorry half vampire girl "anyway I thought maybe we could hang out it's always nice to have a new friend " "right my thoughts exactly " ya right I have a lot of friends, well only one including Seth he was a pretty sweet guy but still.

"…..soooo…… yyyes" I stuttered, She excitedly gave me a hug ewww vampire germs well half of them at least "yay this is gonna be so much fun" "ya totally" she caught my hand and dragged me with her, let the torture begin.


''that was so fun," man she tiered me out thank god we were in a car, I'm not us to this shopping around thing its pure torture "although you didn't buy anything" she looked a bit disappointed "well I didn't like any of the outfits, besides non of them would have suited me" okay that was a lame excuse, then I noticed a hug house nice must have been where the so-called Cullens lived the vegetarian vampires.

We got out of the car and started walking towards the house Reneesme opened he door and turned to me and said "come on I would like you to meet my family" oh great a bit of sympathy people first on a shopping spree now I have to meet these blood suckers awesome. we walked up some stairs and in the hall way there was only one vampire " hey grampa I bought a friend this is -" then a blond guy must have been ether Carlisle or Jasper well he must have been Carlisle because he was wearing a doctors jacket "Chantel of course and I'm Carlisle" I'm good he stuck out his hand and I shock it "I though Edward was the mind reader" he laughed " he is but Sam told us about you," watt a go Sam why don't you tell the humans that I'm a werecat too "and how do you know about us " what is this gonna be twenty questions " Seth ".

"so everybody still not home yet?" good question I thought there were eight in all "they're still hunting, but they should be home soon" "oh ya, so much for meeting the family anyway, it's getting dark maybe I should take you home Chant" finally praise the lord "sure we had a good day"I can't believe I said that "ya well come on I'll drive you home" geez now I have to drive back with her oh no no no "you know you don't have to I can phase" "you sure" come on Chant be persuasive "you look tires and I need to phase anyway so, it's a win win" a look of uncertainty crossed her face "you sure?" "Positive get some rest" she nodded and left "it was nice meeting you Chantel" " ya" and went of.

I left the house and went running in the forest, finally freedom I phased and went running off. It felt so good I then heard my stomach rumbling well I guess it was time for me to go hunting. Just my luck there was a deer near by I got in my attacking position waited a few seconds then jumped in mid air then feel back on the floor. It was a vampire that bumped into me the two of us just stood there looking at each other wary then I noticed the deer ran of no you stupid vampire that would have been the first snack I have had in four days I thought to my self "well I need to drink to pussy" hold on he can hear me how can that be "I'm a mind reader that's how" a mind reader hu? you wouldn't happen to be Edward would you "yes I am actually and how do you know this may I ask" Seth well I knew everything thanks to him "that boy, then I'm guessing your Chantel" well this is as close as I'll get to being a rock star let me guess it's either Sam or Seth "no, Jacob actually he thinks about you a lot more then I'd like him to" what?!? Okay now this is just weird do you mind telling me what he thinks about me? "He draws pictures in his head about killing you or throwing you off a cliff" oh thank God well I would of thought it would be Seth well it makes sense since I spent more time with him right? "I don't see him much, on the other hand Jacob comes every day" right right because of your precious little daughter he gave me an odd look what's he trying to do scare me "very funny, I can brake your bones in a snap, and I'm trying really hard not to brake them now" oh is this about when I was about to kill you lovely daughter? You know…me and Nessie have really bonded, ya we spent the whole day together today A little smirk crossed my face Seth's right I am troublemaker and I love it "what" he tried to act cool but deep down it was killing him.

"Edward, Edward" oh great it's not the rest of them I wonder if there as nice as pumpkin head here? "is that the best you can come up with pumpkin head please" the female voice keep getting nearer, then five vampires came from behind him well isn't this nice the whole family's here well minus…three of them "very good you know your numbers now get out of here, and I don't want you any where near my family understand?" understood just tell your little demon that he looked like he wanted to attack me or something well I have experience with that.

Nice I think I know everyone here now lets see the pixy's Alice, the not that much in pain guy was Jasper, blonde's Rosalie, the huge guy beside her was Emmet, oh and the best to last Jacobs lovely Bella "well no need for introductions, by the way she's not Jacobs Bella she's my Bella" okay okay whatever you say.

They all stood there staring at us wondering what was going on then Miss Lovable Bella had to ask the dumb question everyone wanted to know "Edward what's going on, is everything okay?" except the last bit "me and Chantel were just having a little chat" "oh your Chantel it's nice to meet you I would shack your had but you don't have a hand" pixy has nice jokes oh please giggling at your own joke lame with a capital L "don't bother being nice to her Alice she doesn't deserve any kindness, you have no idea what she's thinking about" oh Eddie your so diplomatic "please Edward be nice I'm sure she's just finding it difficult to settle in you know being the different one" what did Jacob ever see in her "no Bella Edwards right go back to where she came from" go blonde I think I like her "but shouldn't we just give her a chance not just reject her" again don't know what he saw in her eww she's to nice, then I noticed the huge guy waving at me "Emmet stop waving" Rosaline snapped his hand down "what I'm just being nice besides the way thing are going I might loss ten dollars to Jasper" "and you know I'm gonna win" "this is no time for bets!!!" uuuuu blonde has a temper, and cool they had a bet on me I wonder if I can get in it "your not getting in anything because your not staying now do everyone a favor and get out of" "no!" oh no please don't let it be who I think it is.