A poor anon wanted some comfort cuddles and I was in a similiar situation, so, here's some light Gavincestual fluff! Because blonde unicorn brothers are much easier than girlfriends.

Give me some sappy, fluffy, comfort-lovins. I'm gonna say either P/E or Gavincest but since there's so much P/E on the kink meme already...

For once in his life so far, Klavier Gavin was truly nervous. Despite being touted a prosecuting genius, even though he was only seventeen, he still had no idea how to live by himself. If that wasn't hard enough, he was terrified of the prospect that he was to live by himself in a foreign country.

As the young prodigy stepped through the door of his new apartment, he simply sighed. It just seemed cold... metaphorically at least. In a more literal sense, the LA heat was positively sweltering. He missed Germany's slightly kinder weather... and his mother's cheesecake. As he stood alone in his new home, he kept thinking of things he missed.

There was however one thing he didn't miss. On the contrary, he was excited to be reunited with his older brother, who'd made the same move as him several years prior. Kristoph Gavin had always been a refined intellectual kind of person, usually so calm and collected but he'd always turn fierce to protect his little brother. He was everything that Klavier strived to be. As such, he'd do anything to impress his older brother.

Remembering Kristoph, a thought occurred to Klavier. He picked up the phone and dialled.

"Guten Tag, Bruder!"

The young man was sat on the edge of a couch, giddy with anticipation. He thought he was going to have a heart attack when the door bell rang. He ran through the apartment and leapt at his brother, wrapping him in an all mighty embrace. A stream of barely audible greetings, praises and pleadings left his lips into his brothers ears.

"Calm down, Klavier!" Kristoph laughed, reaching one hand up from their embrace to stroke it through Klavier's soft blonde hair.

"Kristoph!" he cried out.

"Shhhhh... I'm here now."

The older man dislodged himself from his brother's grip for a moment so to lead him into the apartment.

"Let's sit down, shall we?" he suggested.

"Ja..." Klavier mumbled deliriously.

They sat down on the same couch Klavier had trembled on earlier. Kristoph sat in an oh-so-sophisticated way until the younger man curled up against him. He was surprised by how vulnerable his cocky little brother looked right now. His electric blue eyes were fluttering shut and his soft lips were parted slightly. He looked like a softer, younger version of himself. On the other hand, Klavier saw Kristoph as an older, more refined version of himself.

Kristoph couldn't resist. He held the young man's chin and pulled their lips together. Just as he expected, Klavier's lips were as soft as they looked. His eyes sprang open.

"Bruder..." he uttered.

"I'm just trying to help you feel at home," he sighed, trying to hide his embarrassment.

He stared at the young man who was staring back up at him with those stunning eyes of his. His lips still gently parted.

The silence started to make Kristoph feel uncomfortable.

"Ich liebe dich, bruder!" the young man blurted, grabbing hold of his brothers hands.

"Wunderbar!" he sniggered, pulling him close.

"You're all I need to feel at home, bruder!"