Gwen: (hysterically): You can't keep running away!

Jack: (looking sad, defensive) I can, just watch me!

Jack disappears.


Somewhere in the frozen reaches of the solar system a hyperdrive engine softly hums as Jack materializes into the darkness of a cargo ship's bridge.

John: Hi Jack.

Jack: Huh?

John: Surprise!

Jack: J-John?

John: None other.

Jack: But… But what are you doing here?

John: (holds up his right arm to display the blinking blue light on his wristband) The ship told me you woke her up.

Jack: (perplexed) You knew about my ship?

John: Of course I did. I know you always have an escape route. It's the first thing I check.

Jack: (shakes head) Why are you here?

John: You weren't thinking of leaving without me, where you?

Jack: (angrily) I don't have time for this. Get out.

John: Oh, I don't think so.

Jack: I don't want you here!

John: (grins) Are you gonna try to make me leave?

Jack: If I have to…

John: (stands up from chair) Okay, give it your best shot.

Jack: (pleadingly) Please… John… I just want to be alone.

John: (turns serious) So, are you going to tell me what happened?

Jack: No.

John: Did you blow up a solar system again?

Jack: No.

John: Did you blow up a planet again?

Jack: No.

John: Well, then, it can't be that bad, can it?

Jack: [silence]

John: Oh dear. The death stare and the golden silence. So you've fallen out of love then?

Jack: (frowns deeply) What do you mean?

John: All that beauty you raved about? Has your wonderful planet rejected you?

Jack: (wearily) I guess that's one way of putting it.

John: Well, I've got an idea.

Jack: Of course you do.

John: (lyrically) The glitter of the galaxy…

Jack: (shakes his head) I don't…

John: You don't what? Don't like what has happened? Don't like what you've become? We can fix that.

Jack: (looks at him)

John: (raises eyebrows) The mischief we could make?

Jack: John, please…

John: Come on, Captain. A romance. A romp. A liaison amoureuse. Forget about her, that watery, marbled world.

Jack: But my heart, John. My heart is broken.

John: So let's fix it. Together. Out there. (waves arm through air) Let's mend that brave heart of yours. Then…

Jack: Then?

John: Then let's bring you back home. Absence really does make the heart grow fonder, you know. And Time heals all wounds.

Jack: (slumps shoulders) Oh God, stop with the famous quotes…

John: (smiles wickedly) Never!

Jack: (rolls eyes and groans)

John: (opens arms wide) Come here. Let someone take care of you for once. Let me save you, Jack.

Jack: (weeping softly goes to John, the two men embrace) Thank you.

John: (whispers) Any time, Captain Harkness. Always and forever.


Authors note: the wristband's mystical, magical, blinking blue light is an acknowledged in my DW universe and was first described and used in "Forgiveness." Meanwhile, if you liked this, you might enjoy the variation on a theme called "Cargo."