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Harry got off the train and King's Cross and looked around at the crowd. Reporters were still trying to interview him and they jostled each other trying to get close enough to question him.

Harry just shook his head and raised a barrier to protect himself from both them and their questions.

The OWLs were over and Harry and his friends were confident with their results. Hermione still panicked that she had gotten things wrong but Ron and Harry just laughed off her worries and reassured her that even if her worst fears came to pass, she will still score more than the both of them combined.

The leading reporters were flattened as they crashed into the barrier. They shouted questions that couldn't be heard by the students.

"They never learn." Ginny giggled from under Harry's arm where she still needed to be occasionally.

"No." Harry grinned.

Tracy and Daphne followed Ron and Hermione off the train.

"Oh, Harry. Your adoring fans are here to meet you." Daphne giggled.

"Shut up." He shot back, causing the others to laugh.

"So, we all set to meet in a week to head to Tenchi's" Harry asked his friends.

"You had better believe it." Ginny growled at him playfully.

"We'll be there." Tracy said. "Are we still meeting at the Weasley's?"

"We have to. Where I'll be staying is a little hard to get to." Harry replied.

"I'm not sure I'll be able to join you until later in the holidays." Hermione told them sadly.

"That's okay. I understand you wanting to spend as much time with your parents as possible." Harry smiled reassuringly at her. "I'll come and get you as soon as you're ready."

"Thanks." Hermione cheered up. "Maybe you could spend the day and really get the chance to meet them. You should all come."

"Sounds like fun." Ginny said happily.

"We had better go. Our parents are coming." Daphne had spotted her parents and gently pulled Astoria close to protect her from the vulture like reporters.

"See you later." Harry let the Slytherins out through the barrier to where their parents were waiting.

"I should go and find my parents too." Tracy waved and followed her friend.

"Come on. We need to find the Weasley's and your parents, Hermione." Harry told his friend.

Setting forth, Harry used the barrier to carve a path through the reporters to the portal to the muggle part of the station. They picked up Molly and Arthur on the way and had to stop for a few minutes to allow them to greet their children before they could continue to the portal. Hermione's parents were much easier to find with the reporters no longer able to follow them.

Hermione bid her friends goodbye and left with her family.

"Come on." Arthur said. "We'll take a taxi to Grimmauld Place and floo home from there."

Harry nodded and followed the matriarch and patriarch of the Weasley family out of the train station and into the sunlight.


Ginny looked back on her school years with a certain nostalgia as she lowered her pregnant body into the bath.

She had followed Harry into a Quidditch career and joined him at Puddlemere United as a Chaser, where she learned firsthand the level of fanaticism that Oliver Wood was capable of. She and Harry had kept up their sword training and she had found that it had helped her Quidditch no end.

Ron had managed to join the Chudley Cannons as their reserve keeper and was captain of the team after only five years. He was credited with being the person who got the team out of last place and started moving them up the rankings.

Hermione joined Tracy and Daphne in running Harry's political image and businesses. They made an unbeatable team and made more progress in getting equal rights for all members of the Wizarding World than everyone who had tried before them; breaking down the boundaries that had been created to keep down those who weren't pureblood or were considered a magical creature.

Due to the girls shrewd planning they had plenty of time to assist Hermione in her favourite pastime. Research. When Washu had approached them to assist her in a study of magic they had jumped at the chance. The results of this research proved to be very profitable and beneficial to the Wizarding World as a whole.

Their lives were busy but they still found time for each other. Harry had slipped into the bath behind her and was massaging her back, making her moan with pleasure.

Their house had been built by the same lake that Tenchi lived by. Washu had insisted that her research assistants (and subjects whenever she possibly could) be close by, even with Magical travel. Tenchi had been more than happy to let Harry live nearby. Mage made it easy to travel wherever they needed to be in less than an hour. At least until a floo connection had been setup to Ron and Hermione's which made things even easier, once they had adjusted to the different time zones.

Ginny had been uncomfortable letting Tracy and Daphne move in but they had not been able to find any alternatives to their situation and she found she couldn't let her friends down. Over the years she found herself relaxing to their presence. They were very respectful and knew when to keep their distance and the boundaries between them were slowly dropping. She knew that she would have freaked if they had joined her and Harry in the huge bathing area when they had first started living together but now she merely nodded to them as they slipped in the hot water a short distance away.

In the cold winter months they had taken to having their planning meetings in the bath, relaxing in the hot water and discussing the previous day's event and planning the events that were to come.

The issue of children had been raised with Harry's new family along with the rest of the problems inherent in the situation and found that Washu was more than happy to assist in allowing the Slytherins to bear Harry's offspring, with a few 'enhancements'.

There were plenty of memories to be had over the last few years. The adventures they had gone on, and had inflicted on them by usual and unusual circumstanse, defied belief. They had visited Jurai, joined Mihoshi on a visit home and hundreds of other trips, both around their own world and to others.

Ginny forced herself to focus on Tracy's words as Harry's wonderful hands soothed her aching back.

Perhaps letting the other two help bear children wouldn't be too bad. She liked children and wanted a big family but pregnancy was a little rough on her. She wasn't sure she could handle too many. At least she knew that she would have help caring for the baby. Harry would be there every step of the way and both Tracy and Daphne were looking forward to greeting the newest member of the family.

Life was beyond good. She was so glad she had taken Ryoko's advice and gone after Harry. She had never been happier and she knew that Harry would only make her happier still in the years to come.

Authors Note

Well, here is the end of my story. It's been an interesting ride and I've had a lot of good feedback from people. I've had some not so good feedback, but I chose not to remember those.

I sort of dragged this story out as much as I could, while still keeping it interesting. Below is how it's more likely to go should this eventuality actually occur.

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Omake - The alternate version

Washu runs in. "Hey, I just detected a massive surge of energy that could only be Light-Hawk Wings."

Ayeka. "Where?"

"On this very planet." Washu bounced. "I can't believe it. A new guinea-pig to play with."

Harry opened the door to see an odd group of people. "Um, hi, can I help you?

"Yes." A redhead girl smiles eagerly. "I'm looking for the person who formed the Light Hawk Wings."

"The what?" Harry was confused.

"White energy blades, really powerful, stops anything." The redhead explained. "Ringing any bells?"

"Uh. How did you know?"

"Bingo." The redhead glomped onto his arm. "You can call me Little Washu. Please come home with me and be my guinea pig?"


"So that's what happened." Tenchi said.

Harry had just explained the situation to them.

"This means war!" Washu brandished dozens of weapons ranging from medieval to modern. "I won't let any two-bit, pipsqueak, wanna-be pain-in-the-arse to hurt my new guinea-pig. Ryo-oh-ki, hunt him down."

"Is this the place?" Ryoko asked looking at the remote mansion.

"Looks like it was built a long time ago." Tenchi commented.

"Well, let's go say hello." Washu said with an evil gleam in her eyes.

Ryoko, finding the door locked, blasts it open. "Hello, anyone home?"

"Who are you to dare to break into my home?" Lucius Malfoy demanded.

"We're looking for Mouldy-shorts. He here?" Washu asked.


#Smack# #Thud#

"If you're not going to say anything meaningful." Ryoko back handed him into a wall. "Here Voldy, Voldy, Voldy."

"Who dares insult me like that?" Voldemort made his appearance. "I am the Dark Lord Voldemort, the most..."


"You talk too much." Ryoko grumped.

"Congratulations. You just blew up the bad guy." Washu grinned.

"What's that?" Ayeka pointed to a fleeing shadow.

Washu stared. "Ooh, that's something new. Catch it! Catch it!"

A brief flurry later.

"Something new to play with." Washu gushed looking at the shade in energy jar and shaking it vigorously. "I wonder if there're more like it."

"We should go home." Tenchi commented. "We still need to let Dad and Grandpa know that Harry's moving in."

"I am?" Harry asked, completely bewildered and lost at the rapid pace of this unusual group.

"Ryo-oh-ki, time to go home." Washu called.

"Meowrr." Ryo-oh-ki transformed, destroying the mansion.

The group boarded and left to return home with their new friend.

"So, Tenchi, want to go on a date?" Ryoko asked.

"Over my dead body." Ayeka interrupted.

"Hey, knock it off you two." Tenchi protested as the fighting started.