Hello. This is a story about new episodes of Danny Phantom, since Nickelodeon didn't give it enough. Some of you may think there's no story after Phantom Planet, but there are so many unanswered questions.

So, I've decided to write new episodes. One episode will take four chapters, and a double episode will take eight chapters.

Well the first one is a double episode, The Ultimate Return:

Danny's starting to realize that revealing his secret to the whole world isn't all that great. There are the obsessive fans, reporters chasing him around, the dumb guys in white, people never stop staring at him and Sam, and there are ghosts popping up even more to challenge the "Great Hero". Not to mention the "Phantom Phans". But things start to get even more stressful when weird things start happening to Danny. Though, these things seem little compared to when the least person he wants to see shows his ugly face again.

Okay, now that you've read the description of it, enjoy.

Disclaimer: I do not own Danny Phantom, Butch Hartman does. I'm just writing new episode idea's for this amazing show.

In a deserted part of the ghost zone, there's a Clock Tower, home to none other than the master of time, Clockwork. As he worked on his Time Staff, two figures appeared behind him.

"Can I help you two?" Clockwork asked without even turning around.

They moved forward and revealed themselves to be the Observants. "You know very well why we're here Clockwork," one of the Observants said.

"Yes, so now if you will just hand over what we came to get, we will be on our way," the other Observant added.

"I'm warning you right now, you're making a huge mistake," the all-knowing time master calmly warned.

"No, our only mistake was letting you handle the boy your way instead of following our orders. Now both his and our worlds are in jeopardy," an Observant said.

"I'm telling you, if the destruction of our words is to blame, it is not because of me" Clockwork calmly warned again.

"Clockwork, if you do not give us our item, we will have to take it up on the high council to strip you of your master of time privilege," the other one ordered.

Clockwork glared at them and hesitated. "Fine," he finally sighed as he flew over and grabbed what they wanted, "But don't say I didn't warn you."

"Now that it is in much safer hands," one of the Observants said taking the item from Clockwork, "We can put it in containment."

Then they flew out of Clockworks lair. He just watched them. "Because of your actions of right now," Clockwork said to himself, "and not even I know for sure, but you may have doomed us all."

Meanwhile, dashing threw the ghost zone, there was a ghost who seemed to be in a hurry. But this wasn't just any ghost. He had pointy black hair, blue skin, fangs for teeth, and glowing red eyes.

This was one of the few half ghosts, Vlad Masters a.k.a Vlad Plasmius to be exact. He was the guy who had almost doomed the human and ghost world. But, Danny Phantom a.k.a. Danny Fenton ended up saving both worlds, while Vlad was shammed away from the earth.

Thoughts were running through Vlad's head, "I have to get it."

But his other voice spoke to him too, "But I can't just go and take it. Haven't I stooped low enough? But to steal from the Master of Time!"

"But I need that Time Staff to make things better."

"Well, I wasn't going to be able to survive in space and I have no where else to go. I guess I don't have a choice."

Plasmius grinned that he won his argument with himself. "Yes, that's right."

Suddenly, Vlad saw two Observants leaving the Clock Tower. The Observants happened to be holding a something that looked a little beat up. But that didn't matter to him. Vlad stuck out his hands, and shot them which bounced them right back into Clockwork's lair. Then Vlad flew in after them.

Clockwork turned around and saw Observants slam into the floor, and Plasmius fly through the whole in the wall that he made.

Clockwork grinned, "I've been expecting you Plasmius."

"Oh, did you? Well, if you were a smart Master of Time you would have stopped me," Vlad taunted. "Now hand over the Time Staff!"

"Not a chance! Time out!" Clockwork shouted.

But when he pressed the button on his Time Staff, nothing happened. Vlad was still floating there, not frozen in time at all. Then, he revealed that he was wearing one of Clockworks Time Medallions he had found while he was still in space. Seeing it, had actually given him the idea to get the Time Staff and change time.

"I see you found my missing Time Medallion," Clockwork said staying calm, for he had seen this coming before.

But, what was about to happen was going to be very dangerous, for everyone in both the ghost and human worlds. Even Clockwork wasn't going to be sure how it was going to end.

Suddenly, Vlad shot his pick ecto-blasts at Clockwork and the Observants. Luckily, they were fast enough to dodge them. The two fought as the Observants stayed out of it. But what they didn't notice was that when they dodged Vlad's blast, the Observants dropped something, something not good.

Meanwhile, as pictures flashed on Clockwork's time pool, the same thoughts were running through someone's head. Pictures flashed on and off. There was the word RELEASE on a Fenton Thermos; Danny Phantom floating with red eyes looking around pleasurably at some destruction; Sam running away from Danny; a flash of blue light from in an ally; Vlad Plasmius shooting an ecto-blast; a school bus being thrown by someone; Danny's friends and family tied up to an overheating tub of the Nasty Sauce; and Danny Fenton watching helplessly as Sam was pulled up into the air by a ghost.

Suddenly, Danny Fenton shot up out of his bed.

"Danny, are you okay?" Jazz asked, walking into his room.

"Yeah I'm fine, just a weird dream. Although it kind of gave me a bad feeling, but you know what I'm sure it's nothing," Danny explained to Jazz.

"I just asked if you were okay, not a whole explanation," Jazz teased.

Then they both smiled as Jazz left the room to let Danny get ready for school.

Danny Phantom Theme Credits:
He's a Phantom
Danny Phantom Danny Phantom

Yo Danny Fenton he was just fourteen
When his parents built a very strange machine
It was designed to view a world unseen
He's gonna catch em' all cuz he's Danny Phantom
When it didn't quite work his folks, they just quit
Then Danny took a look inside of it

There was a great big flash everything just changed
His molecules got all rearranged
Phantom, Phantom

When he first woke up he realized
He had snow white hair and glowing green eyes
He could walk through walls, disappear, and fly
He was much more unique than the other guys
It was then that he knew what he had to do
He had to stop all the ghosts that were comin' through
He's here to fight for me and you!
He's gonna catch em' all cause he's Danny Phantom
Gonna catch em' all cause he's Danny Phantom
Gonna catch em' all cause he's…

Danny Phantom.

Danny Phantom in:The Ultimate Return
"A Shocking Return"

Danny Phantom was flying around Amity Park, checking over things on his way to school. Suddenly, he saw the Fenton Ghost Assault Vehicle parked, and his dad rushing out of it to fight off a swarm of little ghosts. Danny figured with the help of his dad, it would only take a couple minutes. Sure, he could always be late since he was able to be excused when it came to fighting ghosts, but he did prefer to be on time for school.

Danny and Jack started to fight off the swarm of ghosts. Danny's dad was definitely more enthusiastic about fighting them off then Danny was, but then again, he was still getting used to the whole 'his son does this everyday' kind of thing.

It had been about a month since Danny had saved the world and revealed his secret to everyone. Danny had been chased down by the press and fans constantly, not to mention the new group of girls called the 'Phantom Phans'.

Basically, they were a group of fan girls obsessed with Danny. They would always follow him around, take pictures, and on the occasion, snoop through his room and find whatever they could.

Although they were nice young grade school girls, and they did chase away any fan girls yelling, "Danny I love you!" or, "Danny, can I be your girlfriend?!" or even, "Danny! Will you marry me?" His family thought it was cute, while Danny said that it was just plain creepy.

But it wasn't all bad. Dani had come back and was living with the Fenton's. Danny had also talked things out with Valerie, both agreeing that they could stay just as friends. But he was noticing something going on between her and his best buddy Tucker. Okay, so his girl friend, Sam pointed it out for him, but what can you do, he's clueless.

Suddenly, Danny heard the warning bell at his school just as they got the last ghost. "Whoops got to go! See you later Dad!" Danny said, taking off.

"Bye Danny! We can fight more ghost scum after school together!" Jack shouted, waving to Danny.

Danny sighed, "Great, just how I want to spend the little free time I have, fighting ghosts."

Then Danny looked back down and saw when Jack started to walk back into the Assault Vehicle, he tripped on a tiny pebble and dropped his weapon. When it hit the ground, it went of and blasted one of the cars parked on the road. "Um, I can fix that," Jack spoke.

"Yikes," Danny mumbled, looking at the car, "I wonder how he's going to do that."

Then Danny flew up in the air, out of sight. Once he arrived at Casper High, he fazed through the roof and landed next to Sam and Tucker. Although, Tucker was leaning against some lockers, pouting.

"Hey guys, what's up?" Danny asked. Then he noticed Tucker was almost as upset as the time he had to go without technology for a week. "What's wrong with you?"

"He's just upset because the town suddenly started to say he was too young to be the mayor and they took him off power." Sam answered for Tucker.

"Aw sorry man!" Danny said as he changed back into Danny Fenton.

"Yeah me too!" Tucker pouted.

"Well, maybe it's for the best," Sam said, playing with the class ring on her finger. She always wore it, since it was given to her by Danny.

"Sam's right," Danny added, "When you were mayor we almost never saw you. Plus, you can help us fight ghosts again!"

"You guys are right," Tucker agreed, "Those meetings and all that paperwork did get pretty boring…"

Then Tucker remembered back to a few days ago.


Tucker was in his mayor suit, at his desk doing piles of paper work. He just finished his last piece of it.

"Finally, all done." Tucker sighed, leaning back in his chair.

Then Tucker walked outside pulling a wagon which had all the paper work he just finished. Then he saw Danny and Sam fighting Johnny 13 and Kitty.

Tucker watched Sam suck Kitty into a Fenton Thermos just as Johnny hit Danny. Danny was hit all the way to Tucker. It looked like he was going to hit the wagon and destroy all of Tucker's work. Tucker grunted. But Danny landed right next to the wagon.

"Hey Tuck," Danny grunted.

Tucker sighed, "Hey Danny."

Johnny 13's Shadow suddenly charged towards Danny. But Tucker's wagon of paperwork was in the line of fire. Tucker put a worried look on his face and grunted. Then the shadow flew right through the wagon and paperwork and grabbed Danny. Then the two flew up in the air.

The wagon fell apart, but the paper work stayed whole. Tucker sighed in relief. Suddenly, the papers broke up and fell into a pile of broken and ripped pieces of paper.

"Noooo!!" Tucker screamed, getting on his knees and holding some of the pieces of what was his paperwork that he had just finished.

Danny sucked Johnny 13 and his Shadow into his Fenton Thermos. Then the Danny and Sam walked over and looked at Tucker. Suddenly, a truck backed up right by Tucker. Then a guy walked out and put his hand on the handle that opens up the back of the truck

"Delivery for Mayor Foley" he announced as he opened the back of the truck up.

There was a big bunch of paperwork for Tucker in the back, so much that it filled up all the space in the back. Then it all fell out and toppled Tucker.

"Good luck 'Mayor Foley'." Danny smiled as he grabbed Sam's hand and flew up in the air.

Then Tucker stuck his head out of the giant pile of paperwork on top of him, with a small scowl on his face.

End of flashback.

"…not to mention I heard I was only going to be mayor until they found a replacement. But best of all," Tucker continued, "We're still considered popular heroes!"

"Right," Danny and Sam agreed.

Then Danny and Sam gazed into each other's eyes and got ready to kiss.

"I am so recording this!" Tucker whispered, taking out his PDA.

But right before they kissed, Lancer walked by.

"No showing affection in school Mr. Fenton, Ms. Manson," Lancer said as he looked at his book which was upside down and titled 'How to be Cool for Uncool Teachers'.

"Oh sure, that's the thanks I get for saving his butt last week from Kelmper! He should have at least given me extra credit!" Danny complained.

Tucker shut off his PDA, disappointed. "Aw man, just as I was about to get a good recording."

"What?" Danny and Sam questioned.

"Nothing," Tucker quickly answered as he hid his PDA behind his back.

"Hey Fenton!" someone called from behind him.

"Hun!?" Danny said as he turned around. He saw who it was and smiled, "Hey Dash."

"You guys are comin' to my party tomorrow right?" Dash asked.

"Wouldn't miss it," Danny said.

"Glad you could make it," Dash said as he handed Danny an invitation. "And could you give this to your sister, she's hot."

Danny took the invite from Dash, "Uh, ewe!"

Danny, Sam, and Tucker had already gotten theirs.

"See you guys there!" Dash called as he walked away.

"Yes!" Danny and Tucker cheered.

"It's good to be the hero of the world" Danny said.

"Finally, our first popular party! It's about time!" Tucker agreed.

Suddenly, Danny's ghost sense went off.

"Going ghost!" Danny shouted as he turned into the one and only Danny Phantom. But when he looked around for the ghost, he didn't see one.

"That's odd, I don't see the ghost." Sam wondered.

"Hm, my ghost sense doesn't usually go off like that, or a ghost always attacks right away. I wonder…" But Danny was cut off by the school bell ringing.

"We're going to be late!" Tucker exclaimed.

"Not on my watch!" Danny said as he picked Sam and Tucker up, and quickly flew to their class.

"I didn't know Danny was wearing a watch." Tucker wondered as Sam sighed.

"Fenton, Manson, Foley, why are you late?" Mr. Lancer asked when they landed at their class.

"Sorry Mr. Lancer, we had ghost business," Danny explained as he changed back into Fenton.

"Of course, please take your seats you three." Mr. Lancer sighed.

Suddenly, the class was visited by none other than the Box Ghost, lamest ghost in the ghost zone.

"I am the Box Ghost! BEWARE!" The Box Ghost yelled, waving his hands around to try and be terrifying.

Then the whole class screamed except for Sam, Tucker, and Danny.

"Oh please, you," Danny rolled his eyes.

He reached into his backpack and grabbed the Fenton Thermos. The whole class watched amazed as their hero, Danny, sucked the Box Ghost in the Fenton Thermos.

"Beware!" Was his final word before being completely sucked inside.

"Hey, why didn't you 'go ghost'?!" Dash excitedly asked.

"Why would I need to 'go ghost' to catch a ghost who controls boxes? Oooo, so scary," Danny taunted.

"I also control the power of cardboard and square!" The Box Ghost spoke proudly from inside the thermos.

"Lame," Danny, Sam, and Tucker said flatly as they rolled their eyes.

"Now that just hurts," The Box Ghost complained.

Throughout the day, ghosts attacked constantly all school day. It really irritated Danny, especially because he had to miss basically every class. Sure, it was his duty, but how was he going to get an education with all these ghosts attacking twenty-four seven? He even had to miss lunch, including missing time with Sam and Tucker.

After school, Danny, Sam, and Tucker were walking to the Nasty Burger as Danny sighed, "Finally, a break."

"I know, there are more and more ghost attacks each day," Sam agreed.

"But tomorrow, it's party time!" Tucker said.

Danny smiled, things may have been hard, but it was nice to know that some things would never change; like going to the Nasty Burger with the ones closest to him. Sure, everyone would be starring at him, but all he'd have to do is ignore them, and hope for a small crowd. Sam had also told him that Tucker was extra excited to go there, most likely to see Valerie.

Then Danny looked forward and his expression turned from calm and happy, to worried and surprised. There was a big crowd of people with cameras and micro-phones talking to each other.

"Ack! The press!" Danny exclaimed, looking around, "Quick, into the store!"

Then the three raced into the closest store to avoid the press. They were really starting to bug Danny, but he just sucked it up and continued to enjoy himself with his friends, and girl friend.

In the store, Danny, Sam, and Tucker looked over at something in a glass case.

"Whoa," Danny awed in amazement.

"The new Electric Scooter 3000!!!" Tucker yelled.

"Now those things are cool," Sam agreed.

It was the new and advanced electric scooter that every teen was after, too bad that it cost a fortune.

"Hey, how much for the new scooters!?" Danny asked.

"$799.99" the man at the counter answered, very board at the counter it seemed.

"Whoa! 800 bucks for three scooters!" Danny exclaimed as Sam and Tucker gasped.

"No," the man at the counter said flatly.

"Whew," the three friends sighed.

"It's $799.99 per scooter," he continued.

"What!?" Danny, Sam, and Tucker gasped.

Danny turned around and faced his two best friends, "Where are we going to get that kind of money?!"

"Hey! What about Sam? She's rich!" Tucker blurted.

"Yeah, my parents are actually going to give me $2400 to buy me, my friend, and my boyfriend, that for some crazy reason they don't even like, scooters." Sam countered sarcastically.

"Wait! Your parents still hate me?!" Danny said in astonishment.

"He saved the whole world, what else does a guy have to do to impress parents. I thought saving the world would make parents beg you to date their daughters," Tucker said taking out a few index cards, "I have a few requests myself."

Sam and Danny walked over and looked at them.

"Tucker, these were all written by you," Danny realized.

"Prove it." Tucker said.

"For one thing it's written in your handwriting," Sam announced.

"And these are your new special index cards, you know the ones that you made and aren't in stores that promote technology," Danny mentioned.

"Do you guys always have to do that to me?"

"Yes," Danny and Sam answered at the same time. Then they looked at each other and slightly blushed.

Then Danny turned into his ghost half and said "Well come on guys, let's fly to the Nasty Burger."

The man at the counter suddenly got really excited and yelled "Hey! You're Danny Phantom! You're the one that saved the world from the Disasteriod and stops all of the ghost activity!"

"That's right," Danny said.

"So do we get free scooters!?" Tucker asked hopefully.

"No, but my son's a big fan! Can I have your autograph for him?" he explained.

"Sure," Danny sighed.

Okay, more to come soon. Stay tuned for part 2 of this 8 part episode: The Ultimate Return.

Also, I know there wasn't that much action, but it was only the first chapter.