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In case you forgot, Danny's been having a lot of nightmares about his evil self and has barely been getting any sleep. So Sam, Tucker, and Jazz are making him get some sleep. It ended with Danny drifting into his dreams… so the beginning of this chapter will be a dream. Now… onto the story.

Oh, and last chapter I put 'Dark Phantom' a couple times instead of 'Dan' or 'Phantom' or 'alternate future self'. So I fixed those.

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At a wrestling stadium, the crowd was going wild. Then the announcer walked on the stage yelling, "Get ready to rumble! Today, we have two contestants ready to fight to the finish! In this corner over here, we have the half human, half ghost boy, Danny Phantom!"

Danny flew into the ring, all ready and pumped. "I'm ready! Who's my opponent! There's no one who can stop…"

"And in the other corner, we have the one, the evil, Dan Phantom!" the announcer finished.

"Yeah- what!?"

Then Dan flew on stage and grinned, "Hello Danny."

"Now, are you two ready!?" the announcer yelled.

"Oh, uh, um, I not sure I'm-" Danny stuttered.

"Too bad! 3, 2, 1 fight!"

Dan shot an ecto-blast at Danny before the announcer had time to get of the stage. He screamed as he jumped out of the way, out of the ring, and crashed into the floor.

The blast slammed into Danny, but he jumped back up. "Ha! Dan Phantom, you cannot keep me down!" Danny taunted. (a/n this dream is supposed to be weird, and when they're talking picture quick dialogue… like in Speed Racer… which I do not own)

"Ha! You are a foolish goody-goody! And you are going down!" Dan countered.

"Ha! I'd like to see you try!" Danny smirked, confidently.

"Gladly," he darkly chuckled as he shot a ghost ray at Danny that did in fact hit him. Danny got right back up and shot a ghost ray right back at his darker counter part. But he just put up a shield that made his blast bounce right back to Danny.

Then Dan duplicated and attacked Danny. Once they were done, he fused back into one, and Danny was on the ground all beat up. Dan put his foot on Danny, while one of his hands was glowing green.

"I told you I'd win! You're too weak! You need more training and practice!" his evil self laughed. Danny closed his eyes and braced himself as Dan shot his ghost ray at him.

Suddenly, Danny woke up screaming. Sam, Tucker, and Jazz came rushing in as Danny was looking around and saw that he was back on his bed in his room.

"Danny!? Are you okay?" Sam gasped.

"Hun?! What?! Oh, uh, yeah fine!" Danny answered, still not better after the short amount of sleep he got.

"Then why were you screaming?" Jazz asked.

"Oh, uh, j-just clearing my throat," Danny covered.

The three just looked at each other.

"Hey, are my parent's home?" Danny asked getting out of bed.

"No… but are you really in any condition to train?" Tucker answered, realizing right away why he was asking.

"Of course," Danny said, trying to get the rings out to transform, "I've got to be in tip-top shape for ghost hunting."

After a couple tries, Danny finally got the blue-white rings out, and they slowly travel up his body; slower than usual. In fact, his friends didn't even know that they could go that slow.

Now, standing in front of them, was an extremely tired looking Danny Phantom. His hair was still messed up, there were bags under his eyes, and even his eyes didn't have the excitement, life, and enthusiasm that they usually had.

"Come on! Let's go!" Danny called to his friends. Then he flew and hit the floor because he forgot to go intangible.

"Woops!" he chuckled. Then he fazed through the floor, into the lab as the rest ran down to meet him.

"Okay, so what do you want to start with?" Tucker asked hesitantly to his friend.

"Hit me with everything," Danny ordered.

"WHAT?" Sam, Tucker, and Jazz shrieked.

"You can't be serious Danny!" Sam argued.

"You can't do all of it, or at least all at once! Not in your condition!" Jazz added.

"Do it! Or I'll just go into the ghost zone and practice!" Danny shouted.

Sam, Tucker, and Jazz looked at each other nervously. They didn't want to throw everything they had at him, but it would be even worse to let him go into the ghost zone in his condition.

"Uh, one training overload coming up!" Tucker nervously said as he punch in a few buttons that activated the training sequence.

Suddenly, every single training system and weapon all shot out. There were ecto-guns, ghost-like robots, high quality obstacles, and basically any kind of challenge was all set up, waiting to attack Danny.

"Activated in 5, 4, 3, 2… 1," Tucker said hesitantly as he pushed the activate button.

Then all of their training gadgets attacked. Danny started dodging all of the ecto-blasts from the weapons, but the team noticed that he forgot that he could create shields, or even blast the ecto-weapons. Then he flew through, but not going intangible, some of the obstacles, while the weapons still shooting at him.

Eventually, one of the weapons blasted Danny in the chest. Danny looked up and for a second, he saw a line of Dan Phantom's shooting at him, but then it flashed back to the ecto-weapons. Once he recovered, he flew over to the weapons and ripped all the ecto-guns out of the wall, using brute force.

Then he landed and saw the ghostly robots charging at him. He got into his fighting stance and started attacking them, still using his physical strength and none of his mental strength.

Suddenly, he froze in place because as he looked up at the robots, he saw Dan duplicates instead of robots. His eyes started to glow an extra bright green as ecto-energy started to form in his fists.

They started to charge up until they were powerful enough to unleash a super ecto-blast to destroy all the robots that looked like Dan to him. As it covered the lab, his three friends leaped behind a desk to protect themselves.

Once it was over, they peeked out to see all of the robots on the ground, in pieces and flickering, the obstacles and weapons broken on the ground, and the lab just completely trashed.

Danny stood up and looked around, tiredly. Suddenly, one surviving robot snuck up behind Danny and blasted him the floor. It stood up high and was about to blast Danny away when it was shut down by Jazz.

Then Sam, Tucker, and Jazz walked over to a huffing and puffing Danny with the results.

"So… how'd I do?" Danny asked, even more worn out then he was a few minutes ago with the lack of sleep.

"Well, let me see," Sam said reading the clipboard, "Besides you almost being destroyed by a robot, you used brute strength instead of being quick or clever, which won't work with most ghosts; you used extra strength than needed to dodge all the blasts and destroy them, when all you could have done was put a shield up, let them bounce off and destroy the weapons, and then just blast the rest with a ghost ray; then again, you used all strength and no plan, not to mention you forgot until then end that you could of shoot blasts from your hands; which brings us finally to end, where you remembered your ghost ray, but to get rid of all the robot ghosts, you destroyed your surroundings and endangered us, the three innocent civilians."

Danny sighed in defeat as Tucker joked, "Sounds like that's an F."

Then a piece of the ceiling fell in front of them, shaped like an 'F'. "Even your house agrees."

"Well, let's clean this up before Mom and Dad come home and think we were attacked by a ghost," Jazz sighed, picking up some papers.

Suddenly, a dazed Danny yelled, "Ghost?! Where?! Who?! Why?! Was it Dan!? Why?! How?! What did he do to you?!"

The three stopped and stared at their friend/ boy friend/ brother. He was a nervous wreck. They knew it was because of the recent events involving an evil self on the loose, but why was it this bad. They expected a little more pressure on him sure, but this was just unbelievable.

"I think he needs some help," Tucker finally said, as Sam and Jazz shook their heads in agreement.

Later, Danny was lying on the couch while Jazz was sitting on a chair with a notepad and pencil.

"Jazz, how many times do I need to tell you I don't need teen therapy," Danny stated, hair still all messed up and bags under his eyes.

"And how many times do I have to tell you that, yes you do, Danny. I'm not the one who blasted the whole lab just to zap some robots that could barely hurt him," Jazz countered.

Danny huffed as he continued to lie on the couch. "Even Sam and Tucker agree with me, you need help!" she continued.

Danny opened his mouth to say something, but then shut it because he didn't have anything to counter with.

"Let's begin, shall we," Jazz started. "Now, talk to me, tell me about your dreams."

"Well, let me see… one of the times I was out patrolling the city with Sam and Tucker…"

"Where was I?" Jazz interrupted.

"Uh, I think you were bawling over an F," he answered.


"You wanted to know. Besides, it's my dream…"

"More like your nightmares."

"So anyway… we were happily patrolling the city when suddenly, everything started to get dark. I looked back at Sam and Tucker to see if they had any idea what was going on. But they were gone. Then I blinked and the town was a wreck. So I flew down to the ground to try to figure things out.

"I looked around, and suddenly heard an eerie voice say 'Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! I'm back!' So then I whipped around and saw Da-… uh… a ghost."

"And what ghost was it?" Jazz asked.

"D-d-d-an Ph… Ph…"


"Yes," he sighed. "Then I asked why he was here. He just chuckled and said, 'Fool, why else would I come back? To destroy everything you love; then turn you into me or destroy you, depends what mood I'm in; and then destroy everything in sight! Ha-ha-ha-ha!' Then he flew off and I tried to chase after him but he blasted me and I fell to the ground," Danny explained, doing a pretty good imitation of his future self.

Danny then continued, "Then he floated down and landed right in front of me. I reached over to my belt to suck him a Fenton Thermos, but it wasn't there. Then he chuckled 'You're so unprepared. I expected better from a goody-goody like you. How do expect to beat me when you can't even prepare yourself against me!' Then he flew up in the air when I unwillingly changed back to Fenton form. Then I looked down and saw that he was right, I was unprepared. I was… in my underwear… I forgot my pants,"

"Your pants? Okay, then what happened next?" Jazz asked, quickly writing everything down.

"Nothing really. He just shot an ecto-blast at me and then I woke up," Danny shrugged.

"When did this dream happen?"

"I think like three days ago."

"Hm, that day you were running around like crazy, making sure you had everything," Jazz wondered.

Then he went into detail about all the other dreams he's had. Jazz quickly wrote down every single detail that Danny said about his nightmares.

Once they were done, it was already late and the time that people are usually asleep. They only had one brief break, but that was only because they had to stop so their parents wouldn't know what was going on. Luckily, they went right up to bed after a tiring day and the siblings continued.

"Okay Danny," Jazz said, standing up as she fixed her papers, "I think I have enough information to figure out what's going on. Now, let's get to be-"

"NO! There is no way that I am going to bed!" Danny argued.

"Danny, you have to go to bed. And could you be any louder?!" Jazz scolded in a whisper.

"Jazz, you don't understand," Danny continued in a whisper now as well, "These nightmares are unbearable. They just keep getting worse and worse. I can't go to sleep; if I do I think I'm going to snap!"

"Fine, then don't go to sleep, but I'm going to-"

"No, I need your help to stay awake. I'll fall asleep for sure."

"But I've never gone without sleep. I won't be able to do it even if I wanted to."

"Please Jazz," Danny begged with the puppy dog eyes.

Jazz tried to resist, but finally gave in and sighed, "Alright! I'll help you stay awake. But I'm going to call Sam and Tucker and see if they can sneak out and help us both stay awake, otherwise we're both doomed."

"Wow, I'd never thought I'd hear the day where Jazz the goody-goody would break a rule," he teased.

"Hey desperate times call for desperate measures," Jazz said taking out her cell phone. Then she looked at Danny and countered, "And right now, you are desperate."

Later, Danny, Jazz, and Sam were sitting in Jazz's room when Tucker suddenly rushed in.

"Sorry I'm late. I had to wait until my parents left to go to their late night club before I could leave" he apologized, huffing and puffing.

"Do you think your parents will notice that you're gone?" Jazz asked.

"Nah, when they get back after going out together, they're so tired they can't even tell up from down. The house could be on fire and they wouldn't even notice," Tucker answered. (a/n and I don't mean it like that! I mean what I said as in they'd get tired from so much dancing! This is rated K+ to all those people out there and you know who you are!)

"Anyway, how'd you get in here? I had to use the window," Sam questioned.

"I just used my PDA to unlock the doors through that knew electronic ghost alarm the Fenton's just added," he explained.

"Wow, is there anything that you can't do with technology?" Jazz said impressed.

"Yeah, get a date," Sam joked.

Then the group looked over to Danny and saw that he was about to doze off. So Sam reached over to the spray bottle and squirted Danny with the ice cold water.

"Thanks," he wearily sighed as he popped back to reality.

"Maybe we should take shifts," Jazz suggested, than called, "Not it!"

"Not it!

"Not- darn! No fair, I wasn't ready," Tucker pouted.

"Are you ready now?" Sam asked.

"Yes," Tucker answered, too busy pouting to pay attention.

"Not it!" Sam yelled.

"Not it!" Jazz quickly said.

"Not-! No fair," Tucker grumbled.

Later, Jazz and Sam were peacefully asleep as Tucker was trying to stay awake by playing games on his PDA. Once his game was done, his eyes were getting heavier with every second.

"Sam, wake up, it's your turn," Tucker yawned. Then Tucker plopped down to the floor, as Sam stirred but stayed asleep. Danny was stuck awake. Alone.

He was too tired to do, or even think, to wake one of them up. His eyes got heavier and heavier and heavier.

"Maybe I can close my eyes… for just a minute," Danny yawned to himself as he leaned his head back. After that, he was fast asleep.

In Danny's dream land –or should I say nightmare land, Danny was walking through Amity Park in his human form, alone. The streets, stores, and schools were all empty. There was just nobody around.

"Sam!? Tucker?! Jazz!? Mom!? Dad!? Dani!? Valerie!? Vlad!? Anyone!?" he called out. But nobody answered.

Suddenly Danny heard blasts going of, so he transformed and snuck over. Once he crept over, his eyes went wide as he saw Dan Phantom –like it would be anyone else.

His evil future self was battling his friends, family, and ex-fruitloop. They were all a little scratched up, while Dan didn't have a mark on him.

"Ha," he laughed, "This is what you all get for being so close to Danny! At least then, you could have died quickly like the rest!" Then he shot a huge ghost ray at them.

Danny gasped and rushed over towards his unconscious loved ones. Dan picked Sam up and sighed, "Ah, poor Samantha."

"Get your hands off of her!" Danny yelled.

"Catch," he chuckled, tossing Sam at him.

Danny caught Sam and then looked wickedly at his evil self for doing that to her. Then he looked down at his girlfriend who looked up at him with weary eyes.

Sam mouthed to him, "I love you Danny."

The next thing he knew, she was fading away. Literally. After a few seconds Sam was gone. Disappeared.

Then Danny spun around to see, to his horror, that the same thing was happening to everyone else. They looked up at him with sad and tired eyes. Then just like that, they were gone.

Danny was too stunned to move. But then he turned around when Dan started laughing softly to himself.

"You monster! How could you!?" Danny angrily shouted.

"Why Danny. This isn't all my fault. Not only is because you are me, but if you weren't so close to your friends and family, then I never would have gone after them specifically. In fact, if you weren't so close to them, then you wouldn't have felt so much pain when they died and I would never have been made!" Dan laughed manically.

Danny stared with wide eyes in horror. He was right. That monster was right. Because of him, everyone he cared about was in unnecessary danger.

"No! NO! It's not true. That's impossible!"

"Search your feelings and you know it be true."

"NO!" Danny yelled, realization in his eyes.

"Now you understand," Dan grinned.

Danny started to fly away, but Dan was quicker than that. He grabbed a Fenton Thermos off of his belt and aimed it at Danny. "Now let's see how you like it!" Dan evilly smiled as the blue light caught Danny and engulfed him in it. He screamed as it completely sucked him in, into the darkness.

Then he closed his eyes. Sam. Tucker. Jazz. Mom. Dad. Dani. Valerie. And even Vlad. All of them, gone; because of him. Especially Sam. Sam. Gone.

Suddenly, Danny Fenton gasped as he woke up. He looked around and saw that he was back in Jazz's room, with the three peacefully sleeping around him. But wait. Dream or not, Dan was right. His family and friends were in danger because of him.

They could never live a normal life. Not just with his alternate future self, but with any ghost. They'd always use his loved ones to get to him. They would always be the ones who suffered the most.

Danny sighed as he scribbled some words on a piece of paper and threw it in Jazz's pile on her bed, where she was also sleeping.

Then he wearily transformed, looked back at his friends, and flew out of the room. He was doing the right thing… right?

In the morning, Jazz slowly woke up. Then she looked down at all the papers she was sleeping on. Jazz look and saw one in Danny's handwriting, so she skimmed through it. Then she gasped and yelled, "Oh my goodness! Danny's run away!"

Gasp! Danny's gone! And in this state of awful dreams, low on power, and hallucinating! Guess you'll have to wait until next time… when the big villain is introduced. See ya!

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