When a Touch Is All You Need

My first Just Like Heaven fanfic, Elizabeth and David finally see to their unfinished business.

Elizabeth laid next to David, her heart beating erratically in her chest, she and David had tried this before, but that was when she was a spirit and David could not touch her then nor could she have felt his touch.

The beautiful doctor looked at her lover, "Are you ready for this, we finally have the tools we need to take our love further." after David's response, a shy smile that made Elizabeth feel good inside, they came together for a tender kiss.

"Alright then, shall we?" the blond doctor made the first move in this night of passion and throughout the act, she felt happiness and strength coursing through her screaming demeanor, fighting back the thought of losing her control finally failed as the clock over their heads chimed midnight, this had been their first night together as true lovers, "Sometimes, a touch is all you need to satisfy someone's personal needs, thank you David." Elizabeth managed a ragged breath before she fell asleep in her lover's arms.

A short fanfic but hopefully you will see the magic that is explored here, and how Elizabeth finally experienced the true meaning of life, I will have another Just Like Heaven fanfic for you soon!