Title: Never Known

Author: Britt

Disclaimer: I own Paige, Emma, and Abby. Paige is introduced in this chapter, Emma and Abby will be introduced in several chapters.

Author's Note: This story starts off slightly slow, but it will pick up in a few chapters. Also, thanks to my beta CrazyCass! Thanks sweets!

Summary: My name is Madi…and I'm 22 years old. My life changed when I was 13. I guess I should tell you the whole story…my real name is Isabella Marie Swan and I was kidnapped.



Do you have any idea how it feels to know who you really are, but not being able to do anything about it? Unfortunately, I do. My name is Madison Elizabeth Johnson, well, my adopted name that is…if you want to call it adopted. However my real name is Isabella Marie Swan.

I guess I'm confusing you, so I better start from the beginning.

I was 13 when my life changed. Before everything bad happened, I had a perfect life. Well, as close to perfect as you can get. I lived with my parents, Charlie and Renee Swan, in Forks Washington. My father was the police chief of Forks and my mother was a substitute teacher for Forks Elementary School. My best friend's were Alice Cullen, her twin brother, Edward Cullen, and their older brother, Emmett Cullen.

We were all good friends with Emmett's new girlfriend, Rosalie Hale and her twin brother Jasper Hale. Secretly, Alice had a huge crush on Jasper, but I was sworn to secrecy. Which is a promise I wouldn't break since she would never tell anyone that I was secretly in love with her twin brother Edward. As I said, I had a perfect life, until the beginning of my worst nightmare, which continued for several years.


Bella Swan grinned at Edward, whom she was cuddled up with under a huge willow tree. The huge group that was involved in the huge beach party was Alice, Emmett, Edward, Esme, Carlisle, Bella, Renee, Charlie, Jasper, Rosalie, Jacob and Billy. They were all down at First Beach, and were having an amazing beginning of the summer party.

Emmett turned towards Bella and Edward and laughed at their positions. It was no secret, even to him, that Edward and Bella were secretly in love with each other. Edward had confided in him a few months prior that he had been in love with Bella for years. If it had been anyone else, Emmett would have laughed at them as they were only 13. What did any 13 year olds know about love? (says the fifteen year old)

But he knew Edward, and saw the way they looked at each other. It was the same way he looked at Rosalie, and the same way that his parents looked at each other. He may have understood it, but it didn't stop him from making fun of the two whenever he could.


He shouted, not having to have super eyesight to see that both Edward and Bella were blushing hard. Emmett laughed and ran towards the water, jumping in and splashing Rosalie and Alice, both of which screamed at him.

Bella sighed and turned towards Edward, pouting slightly.

"I don't want to play chicken. I'm terrible at it."

Edward grinned at her crookedly.

"No you're not, not if you're on my team that is. Please Bells?"

Bella sighed but nodded, stretching her back and wincing as she did. She didn't notice it before but even under the shade of the willow, she had still somehow gotten sunburned and it stung, badly.

Edward noticed at once and winced. They had put sunscreen on earlier, but had gotten directly in the water and it must have washed off. He himself was sunburned as well, but not nearly as bad as she was.

"Bells you are burnt bad."

Bella turned and gave him a sarcastic grin.

"Ya think?" As soon as the words came out of her mouth, she winced. "Sorry Edward, I didn't mean to yell. Do you mind if I take a rain check on chicken?"

He smiled and shook his head.

"Nah, I'll stay here with you if you'd like."

Bella shook her head.

"Nah, it's okay. Looks like Jasper is busy so go be on Alice's team. Just make sure you and Alice kick Emmett's butt."

She told him and with that he laughed, kissed her forehead, and left her blushing to go play in the water with his siblings and his brother's girlfriend.

Bella watched for a while before a Frisbee came flying by her head and went into the trees behind her. She noticed it was a little girl who had thrown it not far from where she was sitting underneath the willow tree, and she was crying to her mother. Bella smiled and yelled to the young woman who looked terrified as her daughter wouldn't stop crying.

"I'll grab it for you." She told her and the woman smiled in thanks.

Bella got up slowly and walked towards the trees to attempt to find the pink Frisbee. She had just spotted it when she felt someone grab her hair and push something against the side of her temple.

"Don't make a sound." The low voice, obviously belonging to a man said. Bella squeaked but didn't make a loud enough sound. The man holding her hair let it go and pushed her in front of him, motioning with what she now realized was a gun, for her to stand in front of him.

She did what she was told and stood there, tears streaming down her face. She saw the man who had grabbed her had long blonde hair and cold blue eyes. The woman who was standing next to him had wild red hair and wild green eyes to match. The woman was grinning at Bella, looking quite insane.

"Oh, Jamsie! She's perfect!" She said, and Bella winced, not knowing what she meant, but knowing it couldn't be good. James smiled, pacifying the red head.

"Alright Victoria, we'll take her with us." Then he turned his cold blue eyes back to Bella and held the gun to her again.

"From this moment on, you are Madison Elizabeth Johnson. I am James and this is my wife Victoria. However, you will refer to us as mom and dad. If you do anything to let anyone know who you really are, we'll not only kill you, but we'll kill your family and friends down there. Is that understood?"

Bella could only nod, tears falling down her face rapidly. She didn't need to ask how they knew who she was and who her friends and family were, her father was the police chief, so everyone knew them.

Before she could think to do anything else, James put a rag over her mouth and she was immediately swimming in darkness.

*End of Flashback*

That's the day my life changed. I lost my family, my friends, and gained an insane 'father', and a psychotic 'mother'. The only thing I gained in a good respect was my 'sister' who was also kidnapped, but her name wasn't changed. She was kidnapped from an orphanage and no one was really looking for her.

Her name was Paige and she was 14. She had come two days before I had been taken. James and Victoria took us to Missouri, where we were known as their adopted children. Paige and I were inseparable unless Victoria or James needed us separately for something, which James did frequently. I didn't know life could get much worse, until a year later….

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