TIMEFRAME: Breaking Dawn

POV: Edward

The story is slightly AU up until a certain point - after that the plot would be all mine! You are warned!

(Italics are the toughts Edward hears as well as his own thoughts.)

A Changing Heart

"EDWARD!" she screamed my name in pain; blood was staining the bed sheets and flooding the floor – her blood…

She clutched my hand tighter, twitching in pain, convulsing and yelling.

I knew this was ought to end badly; I shivered at the possibility… I told her from the very beginning that she shouldn't keep the baby. She refused to listen to any of us who tried to convince her in that. I understood her point of view; it was monstrous to kill a child – even one that was not yet born – especially when it's conceived from such love as ours; a baby would be the final pace to complete happiness, to happily ever after – but still, it was wrong… It was wrong to get to a point we'd have to choose between Bella and the child– yet I knew who I would pick… Nothing, absolutely nothing was worth the sacrifice of Bella's life.

Even if the child was born and Bella made it through none of us - not even Carlisle - knew what would become of him or her… Half-Human, half- vampire… Never being one of them, but always being torn between both…

I told her ever since the beginning that childbirth in these circumstances was too risky, that she may not make it through… I told her I can't and won't live without her being by my side.

She never listened to me, she kept insisting on giving birth to the child… Always so stubborn…

And here she was now in labor, screaming in agony and pain, loosing blood with each passed second, and dying, slowly dying in front of my eyes, with me watching her and being unable to help …

The baby had broken many of her bones during the pregnancy, but she still didn't change her mind… She loved the child. I couldn't wrap my head around the concept of loving a monster, but then again she was married to a monster –that creature being me – so she was probably used to it by now…

I hated myself for causing her this! It was my entire fault! If only we were safe that night; that night on the island was the one I failed in keeping her safe. Even though we never dreamed that I could concieve children, I should've used protection as a precaution…

Irresponsible, sick, disgusting monster! I mentally cursed myself for the millionth time that day.

"Bella," I whispered her name "love, you can make it! You have to make it!" I whispered in her ear, hoping she heard me. I hoped she didn't catch that edge my voice had as I was rather trying to persuade myself in the truth of my words than her.

Suddenly, the monitor started beeping; I shot my eyes up at Carlisle who looked sternly back at me.

My face paled to paper-white at that second. Horror was the only thing to be seen on my face.

"You're exciting her, Edward!" he told me. "I must ask you to leave," he said quietly
"But Carlisle, she…" I couldn't believe he was asking me to go out in a moment she needed me so badly.

"EDWARD! WHERE ARE YOU? EDWARD!" Bella screamed, cutting our little argument off right away. Without thinking twice I kneeled by her side

"Bella, nod your head if you hear and understand me" I heard Carlisle telling her. She nodded. "I need you to hold on for just a little bit longer so I can get the baby out"

"Clutch" I whispered in her ear and took her palm in mine, while Carlisle bent over her again – to pierce her skin for the last time...

Her scream pierced the room; I think everyone in Forks has heard her as well.

She groaned; I looked up at Carlisle to see he was holding a small bundle in his arms.

I waited nervously; I could feel Bella tense beside me as well. The room was always so silent. The baby didn't cry… I was truly worried now.

Then Carlisle came to stand next to me, I looked at him – his face didn't seem worried at all.

'Relax son, its okay' I read his thoughts. He handed me the baby. I took it with my arms slightly shaking with ecstasy. This child was the result of our love; it was the greatest gift we could ever give each other, I couldn't help but let the small bubble of happiness in my long-dead heart spread over me as I realized that I was a father… A thing I've always wanted to become, but had given up since I was changed… One more reason to adore and worship my wife… However, there was this part of me that screamed for Bella. It kept reminding me that this creature had done nothing but harm her ever since she conceived… That right now I might lose her, because of this thing… "No! This is no 'thing' "I mentally shouted at that part of me! "That's my child, Bella's child!"

A girl… A girl with ivory skin; chocolate - brown eyes-like the ones of her mother and dark, messy hair with shades of bronze in it – just like my own. I heard a fast throbbing from inside her tiny chest – her heart racing with desire to begin her life. She was the most beautiful little baby girl I have ever seen… She let out a satisfied sound… Her thoughts the purest I've ever heard…

At that moment all my convictions of my lost soul and eternal damnation perished. That wasn't possible; for this girl was a part of me – flesh of my flesh, blood of my blood, as the say goes. That little creature, so pure, defenseless and innocent could not carry anything evil or monstrous inside of her… She was my daughter! It was just then that I saw Bella's perspective on insisting to have her – she really was worth the pain 'But not the loss of Bella' that other voice in my consciousness said.
"Renesmee" I whispered instantly. The girl in my arms smiled approvingly and showed two rows of tiny snow-white, perfect teeth; she had her mother's smile…

Suddenly the monitors started beeping, my eyes shot up at them – Bella's vitals were getting low, dangerously low. I felt the baby tense, as if feeling that something went wrong…

"Bella, love," I whispered as kneeling beside her with Renesmee in my arms." Look, here she is. You made it, love, you both did…" I put Renesmee in her arms gently. Both mother and daughter instantly relaxed, already forging the unbreakable bond between them. At that moment I'm sure I would have been crying - if only that were possible - both from terror and happiness.

"Edward," I heard Carlisle calling "Get out and take the baby along with you. Go downstairs and call for Esme! She's getting worse, if she doesn't get the needed attention immediately, she…" an ice cold chill reached every cell in my body. I froze.

"No! Don't say that!" I cried in pain "Don't even think about it!" I whispered fiercely as taking Renesmee back in my arms.

I left them alone; my heart bleeding with pain. But Carlisle was right, and as much as I didn't want to, I understood that. I couldn't be of any use to any of them, staying there will only cause me to lose my mind faster.

Renesmee let out an irritated grunt; apparently she realized that I wasn't Bella.

"I know; I want your mommy to be here, too" I whispered and my voice died.

I entered the living room only to see five faces staring at me quietly, at each one of them was expressed the same question.

"Esme," I whispered "Carlisle needs you up there… Bella's…" I couldn't finish my sentence. I wasn't strong enough to say 'dying' out loud. It hurt bad enough to only think of it. "Emmett," I addressed my brother," Go to the hospital and get all the A positive and O blood banks you can find, Carlisle is going to need them." Both my brother and mother nodded silently. Esme took off up the stairs and Emmett flew through the open window.

I collapsed into the nearest chair. It was too much – even for an immortal vampire, as myself.

"Edward," I heard Alice calling me quietly. I didn't pay attention to her. I was feeling sort of numb, confused. I had no idea what I'm supposed to be feeling, in the matter of fact. This day can turn out to be both the best and worst in my entire existence.

That's why I decided to focus on Renesmee; the girl was asleep - right there, in my arms - I smiled weakly, wondering how I was going to raise her up without Bella by my side. I shivered again; I wasn't allowed to have thoughts like this. Me of all people was ought to believe it will be fine and cling to the hope and not let go of it till the very end.

'Hope dies last!' I forced myself to remember that.

"He's beautiful" I heard one of them whisper, probably Rose.

"She is, "I fixed up "It's a girl" I told them, not having the needed strength to give a more detailed explanation.

No matter what I did or what I bothered my mind with, my thoughts directed themselves straight upstairs, to Bella, as if she was a planet and my thoughts were the satellite circling around it.

"Here Edward, let me" Rose made an attempt to take the baby from my arms, but I didn't let her

"No," I said "I need her here; she's the only one able to keep me sane right now." I explained. Then I rose my eyes up to look at Alice – I had an idea.

"I can't," she whispered guiltily before even hearing my question "I've tried a dozen times at least"

At that point I saw Emmett approaching us "Job's done" his voice had lost its cheerful and carefree tone. It was serious and worried… I couldn't help but notice he was keeping his mind blank so I couldn't read it… Something was going on and I didn't know what…

"Did you see her? How is she?" I hated having to voice my questions out loud, especially these questions.

The inner battle I've been having with myself ever since Bella went into labor was renewed. I knew that I should give Renesmee to one of my brothers and go upstairs to Bella. Yet as I laid my eyes on the little baby once again, I knew I couldn't leave her all alone. She needed her parents right now. One was already temporarily unavailable; it would not be fair of me to leave her right now…

"She is so small and not even an hour old! You can't leave her right now! You're the closest person she has apart from her mother… Bella wouldn't want you to leave her…"

"Bella is probably breathing her last breaths at the moment… And you should be up there with her! Doing all you can to save her! You claim to love her…"I nodded, not really acknowledging my actions. I was too lost in the battle going on inside my head"Then why the hell aren't you with her, helping her through the most painful experience of her life?" an enraged voice shouted at me. I couldn't deny it, it was true. I should be there with her…

"But Bella is being taken care by Carlisle. You know he'll do his best and beyond to save her life! Bella has Esme and Carlisle right now, but your daughter doesn't have anyone beside you! Moreover, at the moment Carlisle and Esme can do more for her than you could! The situation is already bad and pressuring enough, without you being there and loosing your mind and panicking. There's no need to make it worse!" truth was spoken once again. This voice as well had been right. If I was up there, I'd probably lose my mind watching her go through this…

But then again, "You can't just sit here doing NOTHING!" the first voice was shrieking now.

"You are not 'doing nothing'!" the second one cut off "You are taking care of your daughter! The thing Bella would want you to be doing!" this was all that was needed to break all the arguments of my angry side. Bella wouldn't want me to abandon Renesmee… She would want me to take of her while she could not.

I wanted to scream, to break something, I wanted to be unable to think and feel right now. I wanted it bad! These internal battles forcing me to choose between my two most beloved women on the planet, was driving me insane! I wanted to be by the both of them, but I knew it to be impossible and it was killing me! But my eyes met Renesmee's sleeping form and all the anger disappeared. My mind started functioning again. I couldn't let myself loose control when she was near me. I would not hurt her!

I chuckled under my breath – she was like a talisman against rush behavior…

"Edward," I heard one of my siblings calling. The voice seemed so distant, even though we all were in the same room. "Bro, have you heard anything I just said?" my eyes tore themselves unwillingly from the sleeping baby in my arms. I looked up to see the talking guy was Emmett.

"Wh-What?" I stammered out… Had he been talking all this time? How come I didn't hear any of it?

"I was trying to tell you that I only got a glimpse of Bella. She's still alive." he said quietly and this time I heard him.

An image flashed in front of me: Carlisle's cabinet – the place in which Bella was being taken care of at the moment. I heard the monitors beeping unevenly either too fast or too slow, hardly managing to keep a steady rhythm. I saw my parents hovering over my wife, trying to save her life… There was a blood bank attached to Bella's arm – an attempt to help her recover from the blood loss she had endured earlier… From what I was able to see Bella was laying still, not moving and not uttering a sound… Her eyes were closed; her expression was, in a way, expressionless… But I knew better than that. She was suffering as she had never suffered before in her entire life. Last's year events in the ballet studio were a tiny bit of what it would feel like to endure the full process of the change… And blood, there was so much blood around her…

I tuned the image out. I couldn't bear to watch more.

"You call that 'alive'?" I hissed angrily at my brother…

'You asked me to tell you and I did' I heard him saying in his thoughts

"I'm sorry Em; I didn't mean to talk to you like that." I apologized as soon as I realized how absurdly I've just acted. Emmett had no fault for Bella's current condition- I had, it was my entire fault, mine and no one else's. "I…"

"It's okay, bro. You're having a difficult time right now. I understand… We all do…"Emmett cut me off. "Just tell us if we can help you somehow" I made a small nod toward him

"I know you want to help in any way, but I really doubt that there's anything you could do for me right now…" I said quietly, my eyes were once again on Renesmee.

"Edward," Rosalie came to my side now "Give me the baby, go take a shower or do something that will help you relax. We'll take care of her" this time I let her take Renesmee from my arms.

The very moment Renesmee was taken away from my arms she woke up. She was confused and wondered where I was. For a second I couldn't help but feel my dead heart leap at the thought that she needed me… Then her eyes met mine and since Rosalie was standing just next to me, Renesmee stretched her tiny arm and her fingers wrapped themselves around my forefinger. She started sobbing.

"It's okay darling, shhh… "I tried to calm her. I leaned over her and kissed her forehead.

As soon as I was hovering over her, her free hand that wasn't clutching my finger reached my cheek. Her touch was warm and reminded me so much of Bella… I guess that in a way Bella's humanity will never die – it will be preserved in our little girl.

The moment she touched my cheek I felt as if I have landed in another dimension…

I was standing in a familiar - too familiar - room: Carlisle's cabinet, or in other words – Bella's current pyre. The bloody sheets and the semi darkened room were just as I remembered them. I saw a man kneeling beside Bella's side. He was good-looking young man, with bronze hair, but there was something about his face that did not seem right. His face and the emotion that was currently expressed in his eyes we're a proof that this creature was not young… Then all of a sudden as his lips touched Bella's I realized that this person was me. There was anxiety in the air; it was so thick you could cut it with a knife… Slowly the focus of the motion picture I was thrown in shifted to Bella. All I could see was her face and I could feel the taste of anxiety, wonder and love – unconditional love in the air around me.

All of a sudden the images disappeared and I opened my eyes. I was back in the living room.

"Wh-what was that?" I asked and looked around with wide eyes. Suddenly I heard a loud giggle in my mind. My eyes flew to the girl in my arms to see she was smiling at me

"You… You did this?" she flashed two rows of perfect tiny teeth at me – she was proud of herself.

"And then there were four" I grinned

"'Four' what?" Jasper asked beside me

"Four gifted vampires in the Cullen family. Or at least three and a half" I smiled at my daughter and my forefinger tapped the tip of her tiny nose.

"She has a gift?" my siblings exclaimed in one voice, obviously shocked

"Yes, I can't be sure but I think that she has just showed me her memory of Bella…" I smiled ruefully. "Is that what you did, Renesmee? Was that your intention, showing me your mommy?" I asked my daughter. Most people would think that the question was silly as babies could not speak and understand others an hour after their birth, but I knew better, for my daughter was no usual baby. She was unique, one of a kind. As if on cue she nodded her head and I saw sadness flash in her mind, not exactly a formed thought but more like a feeling… A single look at Jasper confirmed that.

"Don't be sad angel" I took her out of Rosalie's arms and cradled her in my own.

At this point all my siblings stepped closer to the both of us. Rosalie and Alice threw their arms around us in a comforting hug while Emmett and Jasper's palms were currently positioned at both of my shoulders

"She looks a lot like you little brother," I heard Jasper say behind me

"Yeah, she's a beauty alright!" Emmett added

"Just like her mother…" I added with a faint smile

"I bet we'd have to beat her admirers off with a stick when she grows up…" Emmett guffawed, I frowned. I didn't like the thought of some hormone-crazed teenager eyeing my baby girl!

Next thing I knew one of my hands was crashing at the back of Emmett's neck.

"OW! What was that for? What did I say?" he exclaimed.

"She's an hour old baby for crying out loud! And I'd rather not think of any situations where she'd have a representative of the opposite sex anywhere near her!" I added bitterly, going into "Overprotective Daddy" mode.

"Possessive much, Ed?" Alice chimed in with a laugh

"I'd just rather think about this stuff when the time comes… I don't think any of you would have reacted differently if you were in my shoes"

"But we're not. That does not mean that we'll let some brainless prick" Alice's palm that smacked the back of her husband's neck.

"Jasper Withlock Hale! Watch your language, there are children present!" she exclaimed with a frown, with that answering his questioning look.

"Sorry. Anyway, she may be our niece but that doesn't mean we'd let some brainless boy anywhere near her!" Jasper in a serious tone, so serious it was almost menacing, which made all of us laugh.

"You know, now I sort of understand Charlie's protectiveness over Bella, I mean all I want to do is to keep her safe and protected her entire life and not to let her know any heartbreaks or disappointment, or betrayal… I want to keep her world as pink as she sees it now, for ever" I admitted, there were 'aww's and 'ohhh's coming from my sisters' mouths.

"You've got it bad, bro!" leave it to Emmett to ruin the moment "But so have all of us, you know. Would you believe me if I told you I felt like you in that aspect?"

'Edward '- I heard a soft motherly voice behind me – Esme. I turned around to see her and Carlisle standing behind me.

"Is that her?" Esme asked as she spotted Renesmee in my arms.

I nodded and smiled ruefully. "Yes, Mom, Dad, this is Renesmee Masen-Cullen – you're grand daughter… "I caressed Renesmee's cheek and lifted her up a bit so she could see them both "These are your Grandma Esme and Grandpa Carlisle" very deliberately Renesmee waved at both of them

"Amazing" Carlisle breathed. Both he and Esme weren't able to tear their eyes away of my daughter – just like the rest of us.

All of a sudden I saw a glimpse of an unmoving young woman lying on a hospital bed.

"How is Bella?" I asked quietly and the entire room went dead silent (the irony would've been funny if it wasn't for the seriousness of the current situation).

"I did my best…" Carlisle whispered with his head bent down. Esme put her arm on his shoulder in a comforting manner. 'She doesn't have much time left…' I cringed at the thought…

"You didn't bite her?" I asked him raising my eyebrow in the process.

"She wanted you to change her… I believe this wish of hers is ought to be respected" I nodded, understanding his motives.

An image of Esme flashed through my mind and then another one of Esme holding Renesmee. I looked down at her – she had an expecting smile on her face and I couldn't help but smile. "Your wish is my command, my lovely little angel" I kissed her forehead and then lifted my eyes up to my mother "Esme, would you like to hold her?" All of them looked at me with slightly open mouths. So far I hadn't let anyone – beside Bella, but she was her mother so she needn't ask to hold her own child – to hold her.

"I… yes, please. I would love that!" Esme whispered excitedly and I'm sure that if she could she'd be crying.

I handed her the baby and watched as she took her grand daughter in her arms. She was so gentle and careful with her – as if Renesmee were a tiny porcelain doll that might break at the tiniest pressure. The love in Esme's eyes was evident. One moment of being in her arms and Renesmee already owned her. But so were we all, as my brother dearest had said: "We've got it bad".

Just then Carlisle's previous words rang again in my thoughts: 'she doesn't have much time left …' All my thoughts flew to Bella, who was lying upstairs in agony…

"Will you take care of her for me?" I asked, my eyes were at Esme but I was asking everyone.

"Of course" They all answered in one voice

"Go take care of your wife, Edward" Alice told me "And don't worry, it'll be okay" I couldn't find it in me to believe her statement but I needed to hear this.

With a last kiss on my daughter's forehead I headed upstairs to the most important woman in my entire existence.

I opened the door quietly and walked in…

She was lying on the hospital bed and was so still that if I didn't hear the weak and tired beat of her heart I'd think I was too late… I shuddered again…

I closed the door behind me. 'Renesmee' a part of my mind instantly thought.

"She's being taken care of" I whispered under my breath.

I went to stand up next to Bella's side. It did not surprise me that she was barely recognizable. She had nearly nothing to do with the way she looked when I first saw her…

Her naked body was limp and covered with a blanket, to keep the last amounts of warmth in her body. Her skin didn't glow as it usually did. I noticed all the blood and sweat were gone and I made a mental note to thank Esme after all this was over. Her eyes were closed as if she was dreaming peacefully. Her cheeks lacked their usual peach shade. Her full, beautiful pink lips were pale and dry. Her hair had been hidden in one of those light blue medical hats.

"Is she in pain?" I asked in a normal voice but I knew my family would hear me.

'We've given her morphine to ease the pain...' Esme was the one to answer me

"Thank you, for everything," I said as I gently stroke Bella's cheek – it was so cold…

'You don't need to thank me; we hadn't done anything you wouldn't have if you were us' - But she was wrong. They were doing their best to save Bella – and that meant everything to me.

I leant over her and gently tugged on the hat, setting her beautiful hair free. I stayed like that for a little while just watching her in her last moments as a human…

I straightened up and turned to face a small nightstand. I opened the drawer and pulled out a single silver, steel syringe. It contained venom… My venom… Carlisle had asked me to put it there in case we might need an emergency transformation and either he or I weren't around – although the last one was impossible because there was no force strong enough to tear me from Bella's side.

With the syringe in my hand I approached Bella again. She hadn't moved an inch… The inner battle in my head had died… There was nothing to argue about in this situation. Her choices were either to become one of us or to die. I wasn't going to let the second one happen, so we really had only one choice and that was to change her.

If it were only the both of us I might have been more stubborn and if she passed away I would have followed her as soon as possible. But it wasn't just the two of us. We had a child, and that made my original plan impossible, because if her mother died it would be all but fair to leave her fatherless too. Besides, I'm not sure I would be able to raise her without Bella… I was enough that the memories of her would haunt me for the rest of eternity, but each time I would look in Renesmee's chocolate-brown eyes they would remind me of Bella, I'd see Bella. This scenario could end in two ways: either with me loosing my mind eventually, or it would make me grow distant of my own child and perhaps even blame her for her mother's death – which was just as good as hating her – I didn't want neither of the cases to come true so I was left with only one option.

I leaned over my wife again and stroke every little inch of her face "I'll make your pain stop…" I whispered "You must make it through my love… Our little angel needs you" My forehead gently touched her. My lips were an inch from hers. "As do I… I love you" I kissed her unmoving lips with all the love I had… My voice trembling from the drysobs…

I thrust the sharp needle straight into her heart and emptied it… At this point Bella's body convulsed in pain and she screamed… I pulled away immediately, frozen in horror with my eyes open and feeling completely helpless.

The door opened up abruptly and Carlisle barged in…

"What happened?" He asked me anxiously, we heard her scream

"I emptied the venom into her heart and she convulsed and screamed… Then you came in" My voice was barely a whisper. The shock still hadn't left me. Good thing vampires had sensitive hearing.

I looked at Bella again; she was now lying still just as she had before I injected her with venom…

"She's okay… I suppose that was just a reaction to the venom" Carlisle explained quietly. I nodded

"How's Renesmee?" I asked, I was with Bella but I missed my little angel.

'The center of attention and taken care of. Everyone downstairs is hovering and gushing over her. ' And I saw Esme rocking her gently in her arms; Alice dressing her in a tiny baby-pink dress; Rose giving her a bath; Emmett and Jasper were making funny faces and sounds at a smiling Renesmee;

I smiled at all those mental pictures… I was glad that my family was just as attached to our newest addition as I was – but then again, no one was able to resist her charm.

'I'll leave you now, you two need some time alone… If anything happens call me…' I nodded. 'Everything is going to be fine, son' He added and with a last comforting pat on my back left the room.

I dragged the first chair I saw and sat next to Bella's side. I know she must be in agonizing pain right now, but she was silent as a grave… The irony… She was always so brave…

I laid my head beside her body and looked at her; looked at the most important woman in my world; the very centre of my universe; my meteor in the dark sky…; my everything…

I don't know for how long I've been looking at her when a quiet whisper of my name pulled me out of my reverie – Rosalie. I lifted my head up to see her standing in the doorway with a curious Renesmee in her arms. Behind her I saw Alice "What is it Rose?" I asked worriedly instantly getting up to take the baby in my arms. "Is she hurt?" I asked, panic was making its way to my voice while I was checking her with my eyes.

"No, she was just getting hungry and we just thought that you'd like to feed her and since we know you wouldn't leave Bella we brought Renesmee here" Rosalie explained.

"Carlisle thought it'd be best to see what she would prefer with her being half – vampire and all" Alice said as she showed me the two bottles she was holding: one had a slightly off-white color – this must be baby formula; the other was deep red – blood.

'Give it a shout if you need anything' - she thought. I nodded and went back to sit next to Bella with Renesmee in my arms.

I left the bottles on the nightstand beside Bella's bed.

Renesmee's tiny warm hand touched my neck. She showed me the three of us in this room with me holding her and with Bella laying on the bed her thoughts shifted and re-focused on Bella, they had a questioning edge…

"Yes angel, this is your mother…" I said lovingly; my eyes shifting from my daughter to my wife and backwards.

She touched me again. This time all I saw was Bella and her unmoving form… Then she showed me Bella cradling her seconds after her birth. I understood.

"Mommy is taking a nap, my love. She was very, very tired" I explained. It wasn't the exact truth but it wasn't a lie either. Besides, she didn't need to know all the gory details… She'd have enough time to learn them when she grows up.

I caressed her tiny bronze ringlets and couldn't help but noticed that she looked a little different than the last time I saw her. These changes might have been invisible to a human, but vampire's sight was way sharper. She had grown a tiny bit taller and her hair was a quarter inch longer. It shouldn't have surprised me to see this since she grew up from a microscopic cell to a full-grown baby in a course of a month, but it did. Moreover, it scared me. It scared me to death...

What if this sped growing continued? If she grew by the hour than how much would she live? How much time will we get to spend with her? These questions terrified me to death and to make it even worse – I had no answer to them. I doubt Carlisle had. I doubt anyone had… and these facts made the whole situation more terrifying, troublesome and agonizing.

I felt my daughter's touch again: this time I saw my own face. Each line of my face was agonized... Then she showed me my face again, only this time I was smiling at her. I looked at her and saw a single tear roll down her peach-colored cheek. It broke my dead heart to see her cry. She wanted to know why I was sad. She didn't want me to be sad, she was asking me to smile for her.

I hurried to wipe her tear away by gently and lovingly stroking her cheek. "Don't cry my angel, you know why?" I asked her and she shook her head no "because angels don't cry, angels are always cheerful, and smiling, and happy" I kissed her tiny nose.

Next thing we heard was a tiny little growl coming from her stomach. I chuckled "Hungry aren't you?" I smiled as she nodded her head eagerly.

I took the baby formula bottle first. I wrinkled my nose at the smell – how did humans eat this?

"There you go," I put the feeding bottle in front of her lips, but she showed no intention of eating "Come on, say 'A-a-a-a' " I opened my mouth in order to show her what to do. She laughed but did not take the bottle. "Come on, Renesmee," I begged. She touched my neck; a firm 'no' rang in my head "please, for me?" I looked at her with pleading eyes. She looked at me in the eye for a little while with what I thought was quite the stern look for a little baby, then she grunted and rolled her eyes – at this point I couldn't contain my laughter anymore… Bella would get a kick out of that when she saw her doing this – and she took the feeder in her mouth. She sucked a gulp and her face wrinkled in disgust, but to my big surprise, she swallowed.

"You don't like it, do you?" she looked at me as if I was mental. "Well, I can't say I blame you, that sure is some nasty-smelling, really disgusting human food and that is with all sorts of human food being disgusting" I smiled widely at her. Her answering smile was wide and dazzling.

I put the full bottle back on the nightstand and took the other one. Renesmee stirred, obviously having smelled the blood.

I was just putting the bottle in front of her lips when her tiny hands clutched it and she started pulling it toward her mouth.

She started sucking on the bottle with such eagerness some people would find enviable.

"Eager, are we?" I smiled as she was concentrating on emptying the bottle.

"So it's a blood diet then… I'd bet your mom would make you try some more human food when she's awake. From what I was told she is a very good cook, so you might actually like it" I smiled at my daughter and then shifted my gaze to my wife.

After a couple of minutes I felt Renesmee push the bottle away. I looked down only to see it was empty and that my daughter was currently smiling a very satisfied smile at me.

"Good girl." I kissed her forehead.

She yawned and her tiny mouth shaped in a perfect "O".

"You're tired aren't you? Well, it's been quite the day for you." I shifted her in my arms a bit so she would be more comfortable and started humming Bella's lullaby for her. I'd write her one of her own after I had Bella safe in my arms again.

Her eyes started to close and soon enough she passed out in dreamland, but not before pressing her tiny hand to my neck and showing me Bella and I with a loving edge to her thoughts.

"I love you too my little angel. We both do" I kissed her forehead once again.

When she fell asleep I looked at Bella's face again only to see the faintest trace of a smile on her lips, as if she had heard everything that has just happened.

I sighed; these three days could not past fast enough. But when they were over I would be whole again with my beloved beautiful wife by my side and our lovely little angel – for the rest of eternity and beyond.

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