Hello there, I don't know if there's anyone left that's interested in this story but for my own peace of mind I'm posting this anyway. But if there is, this is for you.

Yes, it's been an awfully long time. Two years? Three? I don't even remember. It's been THAT long. And I apologize for that. I hate it when I story is left hanging; however I didn't have much choice in the matter. Let's just say my health took a turn for the worse and it's been an uphill battle since. I'm not going to bother you with the sob story. For over a year I came back to this story and tried to finish it but I just can't seem to. The words won't come out. However, I've always known where this story was headed and how it was going to end, so while it's not what you would have wanted, at least you can get closure and move on from it.

So here's what happens next:

· ~ Bella and Edward spend the first few weeks at a small bed and breakfast in town, because their first night with the Denalis does not go well and the Denali Clan is scared of the ramifications of having Renesmee around. The Cullens understand for the most part. Carlisle and Esme are diplomatic about it, but Rosalie and Emmett not so much. It's not until Bella shares an idea with Edward, who in turn passes it on to the rest of the clan that the Denalis agree to meet with them.

· ~ With the help of Carlisle and Eleazar, Bella formulates a plan of how to fulfill her promise to the Volturi and keep Renesmee out of it. Eleazar figures out Bella's gift and that plays a key role in their plan – Bella is a shield, a strangely powerful one, too. Eleazar can't believe it when Bella tells him she managed to block Aro. Meanwhile, Edward is very much against the plan, because while simple the potential for it to go epically wrong is too big than what he's comfortable with. They have a very big fight that leaves them at an impasse. Bella's argument is that there is no other way and she must go alone, otherwise the Volturi would find out about Renesmee. Edward disagrees.

· ~ Eventually though, after much talk with Esme and Carlisle, Edward agrees, but only if he could travel with Bella to a certain point. Bella disagrees again, stating Renesmee will already be without her mother, she is not going to be left with no parents when it's not certain if they will make it back to Alaska at all. She will not lose both her parents. Edward relents, very reluctantly. At that point, Carlisle offers to go with her as far as London. He can pretend he's going on a nostalgic visit, but from then on out it becomes too tricky to evade the Volturi spies.

· ~ Before they let her go to Italy though, the Cullens and Denalis insist that Bella should train, just in case things go south. Emmett is having a lot of fun with training Bella and teaching her how to control her newborn strength.

· ~ Meanwhile in the Amazon Jungle, Alice and Jasper meet up with Huilen and her nephew and find a bigger surprise than they expected.

· ~ Trained and ready to go, Bella leaves with Carlisle for London. [they have notified the Volturi of Bella's arrival. Bella had written the letter herself, adding that she believed the best proof would be for Aro Caius and Marcus to see her with their own eyes – a token of goodwill and an apology for the mess, courtesy of the Cullen Clan]

· ~ They part ways in London and Bella proceeds to Volterra. She is granted an immediate audience, she answers everything they ask her and takes care to fidget and look extra uncomfortable, so that she won't tip them off to the level of restraint she possess. When Aro takes her hand he sees nothing again. His guard can't sway her loyalty either. Aro invites her once again to join them, but Bella declines, stating that she would much rather get home to her new husband. Jane attempts to use her power on Bella again, and nothing happens. Marcus makes Aro let her go. Obviously she is of no use to them, the Cullens upheld their word and that was what this meeting was all about. The problem is solved. He also reminded Caius that irritating a newborn – even a vegetarian one is not a good idea.

· ~ At the time Bella is at Volterra, Alice and Jasper come back home with some guests.

· ~ On her way back home, Bella stops by Forks briefly, to check on her father and sees him packing. She decides to ask Alice about it when she comes back and goes off to Alaska before temptation to talk to him gets the better of her.

· ~ She is not expecting what is greets her back in Healy. Her family is all there and there are 3 olive-skinned girls ranging around 3-6 years of age cooing around her daughter.

· ~ Everyone is rejoiced that Bella is back and that the crisis has been averted.

· ~ That evening they all sit together and the Alice and Jasper explain everything they've learned about Renesmee and her species. They tell Bella how Renesmee's metabolism will slow down to a human one by the time she's 18. She would appear human to everyone, but she would stop aging at 30. She would be able to have kids, though, if that's what she wants. From then on out the vampiric traits are more likely to take over. Alice tells her about the three little girls who are Nahuel's half sisters and of the same species as Renesmee. Alice and Jasper had offered to take them to the Cullens so that they can have a better and more normal life and also this way they can grow up together, plus Renesmee will have playmates. Alice and Jasper offered the same opportunity to Nahuel and Huilen, but Nahuel was too determined to hunt down his sire and destroy him and Huilen would not part with him.

· ~ Rosalie and Emmett, Alice and Jasper and Carlisle and Esme each adopt one of the three sisters.

· ~ Life goes on.

· ~ Three months later, the Cullens are moving back to the States. To Hoquiam, where Charlie had been transferred some months prior [hence the packing Bella saw]. The treaty only ever concerned Forks and the premises, so there is nothing stopping them from being together now. [no one ever heard from the pack again].

~ And they all lived happily ever after.

The End.

This is it. This is where this story was always going to go. Especially the last bit with the little girls being adopted by the childless Cullen couples. I feel that this is really a win-win for everyone.