Falling off the edge of the world, to become lost to everyone you know and love is not an easy accomplishment. It takes wit and perseverance, strength and brains. Fortunately she possesses all of things and more.

The place in which she finds herself is unlike anywhere else she has been. Had anyone described it before she had been infected by nanites and arrived there, she'd have thought them explaining a virtual world from a game.

Electricity seems to crackle in the atmosphere of the planet, sometimes grazing the ground with blue tendrils she has come to call blue lightning. It isn't a very original name, she knows, but she left someone behind who was far more adept at that sort of thing. If she was ever to see him again she'd be sure to ask what he'd call it.

The ground is dirt and dust with rocks strewn haphazardly around and the occasional outcrop of rock or cave to provide shelter. She doesn't need food any more nor water for that matter. It scares her how far from human she is becoming.

Time passes incredibly slowly – or perhaps it's too quickly. She isn't sure which. Little time is left for thinking about the faces of her past and the shining city she can barely remember the name of. She can recall images as easily as opening her eyes but when it comes to words she is often lost.

They must have done something to her to alter her perception of things she once knew and that which she knows now. What she knows now is enough to destroy that beautiful little city and more than enough to wipe away the last of the faces she sees in her mind. Forever.

That is why it is so easy and so difficult to stay away. On the edge of the world she cannot help those she left behind. She cannot as easily access them either if she is to lose control or malfunction. And so she bides her time and waits and watches for some form of salvation or rescue from the state she is in, while names fade into nothingness and images grow stronger and harsher.

She fears each and every day, she fears tomorrow, as it could be on any day that the last parts of her identity are swallowed and lost evermore.