It was a cold dark night, at the Indigo Plato. A spiky red headed man walked up to the ruins of an old temple. The red head walked inside, there was only one room, in the middle was a shrine. Around the shrine was a where three people. One was a tall black haired man; he wasn't wearing a shirt or shoes. His Pants where old and ripped and he had big mussels. The Second person who was standing across form the door way was a women with long brown hair and glasses over here eyes, she had a blue jacket on and a red top on under that, she was also wearing a black skirt. The Third one, who was standing across from the black haired man, was a blond haired women. The woman was wearing a long black jacket, all her cloths where black, her shoes, her pants, her top and even her huge ear rings.

The spiky red head walked up to the three people, "Good you're all here" the red head said.

"It's good to see you in Indigo again Lance" said the blond haired women, revelling the red heads name, witch is Lance, the old Pokemon Champion.

"Thanks Cynthia" smiled Lance, the blond haired women is called Cynthia.

"I take it you all know why we are here?" asked Lance.

"Yeah, it's about Team Rocket" said the big guy.

"Correct Bruno, Team Rocket has become more military, they over run lavender town the over week, there attacked it like an army," Lance sighed, "There are becoming to powerful for use to stop."

"So what do we do?" asked the brown haired women.

"Well Prima there is only one thing that can stop them, but it was lost hundreds of years ago, we need someone who can control Ora," explained Lance.

"It wasn't lost about a year ago, the Ora Crystals that have formed around the tree of beginnings became active again, someone there must have use there Ora" explained Bruno.

"How do you know this Bruno?" asked Prima the brown haired women.

"I have a friend called Kidd, she was on an expedition in the area, she told me she was with the person who used there Ora, but to keep the tree save she doesn't let anyone know who they where, or what exactly happened," explained Bruno.

"Hmm, Kidd might be the only lead we have to finding his person, do you no where she is now?" asked Lance.

"Yes, she's in Sinnoh, but what are we going to do to this person who can control Ora?" asked Bruno.

"We train them, to become the ultimate fighter."

"But that will take years, and we do not have that long" said Cynthia.

"That we're my friend steps in" lance said as he turned to the door.

In the door way was a boy with green hair and while shirt, and brown pants. By his side was a Celebi.

"His name is Wally and his partner Celebi, he told me he knows where to go to train the person," explained Lance.

"Are you sure about this lance?" asked Cynthia.

"It's the only chance we have" Lance said walking out of the old temple with Wally and Celebi following him.

In Sinnoh the sun was beating down on three travellers, The Travellers were Ash, Brock and Dawn. The Three friends where resting at a river, Pikachu Ash's first Pokemon, trying his hardest to get an Oran berry from a tree, Piplup, Dawns first pokemon, was watching and laughing when ever Pikachu fell off the tree. Pikachu climbed up the tree, getting higher then before. The yellow mouse climbed onto the branch then, slowly walked on the branch to the Oran berries, as Pikachu got closer to the berries the branch slanted to the ground. The branch got so close to the ground, Piplup jumped up and grabbed an Oran berry, bringing the branch down with it. Piplup struggled to get the Oran berry of the tree, Piplup pulled and pulled. Dawn and Ash noticed what was happening.

"Piplup don't do that" said Ash trying to get closer to the branch.

Piplup yanked the Berry of the tree, when it did, the Branch flung back and Pikachu was sent flying into the air.

"Pikachu!" shouted Ash as he chased his Flying Pokemon.

"Brock lets go!" shouted Dawn.

Brock put his soup down on the camp table and then he and Dawn chased after them.

Three head pop out of a bush, The man was a blue haired, the woman was Purple haired and the last head who was in the middle was one of a Meowth. The man is called James and the woman is called Jessie, the Three make up Team Rocket.

"There go our plans for today," said Jessie, watching Pikachu fly away.

"Well now what?" asked James.

"Hey look!" Meowth said pointing at the food Brock had left on the table.

"Free food!" screamed Jessie in delight.

"That's the tastiest of all food!" shouted James

"And it's all ours!" Meowth shouted as he jumped out of the bush and onto the table, he grabbed a bowl of soup and wolves it down. His two companions soon join him and before they know it half the soup from the cocking pot had gone.

"This is great!" screamed Jessie.

"I'm in heaven!" shouted James.

"not any more" said Meowth.

The three look over to there right and see the blue bird Piplup watching them angrily. Then the bird jumped into the air and lunched its Bubble attack at them, The attack explored at there feet sending them flying in to the air.

"Well that uncalled for" said Meowth.

"Who care's this always happens to us" sighed Jessie

"Well from this day I say we will catch a rare pokemon tomorrow" shouted Meowth.

"You say that all the time" said James

"Oh well" sighed Meowth.

"We're blasting off again!" they all screamed as they flew up into the air.

Meanwhile Pikachu was now falling to the ground and in his way was a ginger haired girl. Pikachu cried as he got ever closer to the red headed Trainer. The girl turned around to she what the noise was then, SMACK! Pikachu hit the girl in the face, the girl fell onto the floor in pain, and Pikachu rolled over on to the ground next to her. When the girl finally came to, she sat up and looked over to see what had hit here.

"Pikachu?" she wondered how a Pikachu was flying, but was interrupted by a male voice calling "Pikachu!"

The girl looked over to her side and sow Ash, Dawn and Brock running in her direction.

"Zoey?" Dawn asked,

The girl smiled, "Hey guys," the girl who is Zoey stood up holding Pikachu, "I believe he belongs to you Ash."

Zoey hands Pikachu to Ash, Pikachu is still knocked out, "Sorry about that Zoey, it's a long story, if there's anything could do for you."

"Don't sweat it Ash," Zoey said, her stomach groaned and she smiled in embarrassment, "But I wonted mind a little something to eat."

Later back at the camp, Ash, Brock, Dawn, Zoey and all there Pokemon, where enjoying some home made chicken soup.

"So Zoey what are you doing around here?" asked Dawn.

"Well I am on the look out for a new pokemon to catch," replied Zoey.

"Any in mind?" asked Ash.

"Well, not really, I just think I need a new pokemon for my team, my teams good and I love them all but it would be good to show something new at my next contest," explained Zoey.

"I guess it's hard to get the right pokemon for pokemon contests" said Ash

"Not really, you can have any Pokemon you just got to know the way to bring out there talent," explained Zoey who then sipped on her drink.

"Come on Ash you didn't know that" Dawn laughed.

"Of course I did!" shouted Ash crossing his arms and tilting his head.

Everyone laughed, "Hey Dawn how about a battle to see who's strongest?" asked Zoey.

"Erm ok" agreed Dawn.

Soon after everyone was by the river, Ash still sat at the table with his and Brocks pokemon all around him. Dawn stood at one side of the small river near the camp and Zoey stood on the side closet to Ash, Brock stood on a rock in the middle.

"This will be a double battle only two pokemon are allowed to be used, Dawn pick your pokemon.

"Ok go, Piplup and go Mamoswine!" Dawn Shouted as she tossed her poke ball's into the air releasing her Pokemon. Piplup stood ready and Mamoswine let out a large rear.

"My turn, go Glameow, go Finneon!" Zoey tossed her Poke ball's into the air, out came the cat pokemon Glameow and the fish pokemon who landed in the river, Finneon.

Both Zoey and Dawn stood ready, and for once it looked like Mamoswine was ready to fight.

"Let the Battle begin!" shouted Brock.

"Ok let me start things of, Glameow use Sucker punch!" ordered Zoey, "Finneon use gust!"

Finneon jumped u into the air and blow a powerful wind at it enemy, Piplup was trying not to get blown away, Mamoswine didn't have to try. As Piplup tried its hardest not to get blown away didn't notice Glameow coming at it with Sucker punch, but Dawn did.

"Mamoswine use ancient power on Glameow!" cried Dawn.

Mamoswine jumped on the spot with a lot of might, raising rock form the ground, and then he used the attack to fire them a Glameow, the hit on target knocking the cat pokemon back to its Trainers side.

"Glameow you ok?" asked Zoey, the cat pokemon stood back up.

"Wow Mamoswines a power house" said Ash in surprise.

"Finneon go under water and use water gun!" ordered Zoey.

Finneon stopped using gust then jumped under water, a few seconds later a stream of water came out of the river heading for Mamoswine.

"Mamoswine ice beam that water gun!" shouted Dawn.

Mamoswine lunched an ice beam at the water gun freezing it, just before it froze Finneon, it swum away, and popped out of the top of the water save.

"I know you would do that, Glameow use the ice to get to Mamoswine!" shouted Zoey.

Glameow jumped onto the ice and started to run up it.

"Piplup stop Glameow!" shouted Dawn.

Piplup jumped onto the ice running up it, Glameow and Piplup where heading for each over

"Piplup Drill peck!" ordered Dawn, Piplup's beck glowed white and got longer.

"Use Faint attack Glameow!" shouted Zoey.

The two pokemon reached the centre of the ice, Piplup went to strike but Glameow dodge the attack, time went slow, as Glameow passed Piplup then using its tail knocked it back in front of Dawn.

"Piplup get up!" cried Dawn, but Piplup couldn't

"Piplup is unable to battle!" shouted Brock.

"Piplup return" Dawn said holding the blue birds poke ball, a red light came out of it and Piplup return to its ball. Glameow was still on the ice, and that gave Dawn an idea.

"Mamoswine use ancient power again!" called Dawn.

Mamoswine lunched its attack at Glameow; it hit Glameow and destroyed the ice bridge. Glameow was now falling.

"Use Take down!" shouted Dawn.

Mamoswine charged and jumped up into the air hitting Glameow. The cat pokemon landed in front of Zoey.

"Glameow is unable to battle!" shouted Brock.

"Glameow return" sighed Zoey. The Cat pokemon was called back to its poke ball.

"Lets finish this Finneon, use Water pulse!" shouted Zoey.

The attack hit Mamoswine because it was so close to the river, but the bad thing was that Mamoswine was now confused.

"Mamoswine, use ice beam!" shouted Dawn, but Mamoswine was to confused.

"Perfect, use water gun!" Shouted Zoey.

Finneon jumped out of river and fired its powerful water gun attack a Mamoswine. The attack was so powerful that Mamoswine was knocked back to Dawn.

"Come on Mamoswine use Ice beam!" shouted Dawn, but Mamoswine was still to confused to attack.

"The tables have turned" said Ash.

Zoey heard Ash's comment and blushed, "Ok Finneon use water gun!"

Finneon unleashed one last attack on Mamoswine, and because Mamoswine was part Ground type it was super affected. Mamoswine was knocked out.

"Mamoswine is unable to battle, Dawn is out of Pokemon the winner is, Zoey!" shouted Brock.

Dawn walked up to Mamoswine, "Thanks for obeying me Mamoswine," Dawn recalled Mamoswine back to its poke ball.

"Dawn you were brutal, When you took out Glameow I thought you had me" said Zoey. Ash and Brock joined the two girls.

"That was amazing match you've got a lot stronger since we last sow you Zoey" said Ash.

Zoey brushed, "oh it's nothing" she said laughing whilst rubbing the back of her head.

"So where you guys heading?" asked Zoey.

"Where heading to sun sea town for my next contest" said Dawn.

"Oh cool I'm heading there too, but I'm not entering the contest, I all ready have all my ribbons" Zoey said holding out her case containing all five of her ribbons.

"Cool," smiled Dawn.

"Hey do you guys mind if I travel with you to Sun sea town?" asked Zoey.

"Of cause we don't mind, you're welcome to travel with use when ever you wont" smiled Ash.

"Thanks Ash" Zoey said blushing lightly again.

Brock looked up at the sky; the sun was going down, "well I think we should call it a day."

Ash stretched out his arms "I'll go get some water then, I'll be back in a bit."

Ash set of into the forest, with Pikachu following him.

"Dawn can you get some water, and Zoey can you help me cock?" asked Brock to the girls, the girls both nodded.

Meanwhile somewhere else in Sinnoh, a Brown haired girl, wearing a pink tight suit was reading some writing on the wall of a temple; next to her was one of her Weavile's. It was looking around, and then it spotted a Dragonite heading for them.

The Weavile tugged its masters suit, the girl looked up and watched the Dragonite land in front of her, on the dragon pokemon was Lance and Bruno.

"Hey Kidd" greeted Bruno.

"Hi Bruno long time no see"

"Listen, we have to know who the person was that used Ora back at the tree of beginning" explained Bruno

"Why?" asked Kidd.

"The only one who can stop Team rocket from taking over the world is the one who use Ora" explained Lance.

"Ok, ok, his name was Ash Ketchum" said Kidd.

The Two elite four members gasped.

"Do you know him?" asked Kidd.