Chapter 10: Ash and Angie

Ash landed there new ship safely onto a landing platform of a building used by the Alliance in Goldenrod City. The ramp to the ship lowered and the team walked out, Ash was at the back of the group. Everyone was greeted by Angie. Then her eyes locked in on the black haired boy in war armour stood behind them all. Everyone turned to face him. Angie's eyes began to water, she then ran into Ash's arms.

"Ash!" she cried, "I cant believe its you!"

Ash didn't no what to do, but he kept his cool and put his arms around her, "I'm sorry Angie, I wish I could of seen you all."

Everyone smiled, May and Dawn sighed in love, there eyes sparkling.

"He's so romantic now" sighed May.

"I wish I was Angie right now" sighed Dawn.

Pikachu's sweet dropped as did, Brocks and Morrison's, as they watch the two girls daydream whist Angie couldn't let go of the one she loved the most.

Meanwhile, at the new League of Ash HQ located in a old shop the group had to live in, Tracy, Tyson, Max and Professor Oak were discussing what Team Rocket where after.

"Team Rocket has found the sea temple and have turned it into a war base that can now fly, the bases original defences are still working, but now the temple has turrets, air hangers and worst of all a huge laser that could destroy Goldenrod in one blast" explained Tyson as he read the info from his Computer.

"Man all that power, it sounds like the Death Star" gasped Max.

"Its lucky we got this info, with there main base now destroyed, I'm sure Team Rocket will be using this new weapon in the final battle," explained Oak.

"With all that power, it will be hard to take down, but if we do, we'll win the war" Tracy stated, "Tyson can you look for any weak points that could give us an advantage?"

"I cant see any right now, but I'll keep searching, max will you give me a hand?" asked Tyson.

"OK" Max Cheered.

Max and Tyson got to work, Tracy walked over to Professor Oak who was looking out the window and up at the sky.

"Is something wrong Professor?" Tracy asked.

"No no, just thinking, the information we have on the Temple I need you to deliver to the Alliance leaders, its very important they know about it" explained Professor Oak.

"You can count on me Professor" Tracy said before running out the door with the info stored on a disk.

"Our world is turning into hell and one last fight is about to be played, I've done so little to stop this war, now I can end this war now. Gary will never forgive me, but it must be done" The Professor told himself.

Oak turned to the too busy boys on the laptops, he pulled a letter out of his pocket addressed to Gary.

"I'm going out for a while, give this to Gary when he gets back will you?" asked Professor Oak.

"Ok Professor" said Max who didn't take his eyes of the computer screen.

"Good bye Max, you'll become a great trainer when this is over" Oak said before walking through the door. Max was to busy to notice what the Professor truly meant.

Outside the Professor took a poke' ball out of his pocket, and called out the Pokemon inside it. It was his trusty Dragonite. Oak climbed onto its back and the dragon Pokemon flew into the air.

"Alright Dragonite, its time for our final battle along side each other" said Oak to his Pokemon.

Dragonite let out a mighty roar to show it was ready to fight, as it flew into the distances. Meanwhile in the huge city now turned into a city filled with people living in the streets and in old buildings. The shops where now homes for people and all the food and clothing people needed was on sale at markets in the city parks. The Alliance HQ building was in excitement with the arrival of Elite one AKA Ash, who was walking out of the doors and into the street followed by his friends who had greeted him on the landing pad.

"This is wired, everyone back together" smiled May.

"You cant guess how much I missed you all," Ash said smiling happily.

"Pika Pi" cried Pikachu who was sat on Ash's shoulder like old times.

"I defiantly missed you buddy" Ash said to his old friend as he stroked its cheeks.

"So Ash what's it like on the front lines fighting?" Morrison asked.

The was a moment of silence, in witch the wind seemed to pick up. Angie felt the tension in the air centring around Ash, Morrison started to think if what he had ask shouldn't have been asked. Finally Ash spoke, but Angie could just tell from the silence and the tension what his response would be.

"Its horrible, killing people it makes me sick, when I first started killing in his war I felt I had lost myself, but every time I kill, I don't do it for revenge, because team Rocket killed my mum or the fact they killed Lance who was like a farther to me, I do it to protect the world as we know," explained Ash.

Everyone felt sympathy for Ash, Angie moved her hand over her heart, "Oh Ash" she thought.

Later everyone had arrived back at the shop where max and Tyson where still busy working, until they show Ash in witch they where as shocked as ever and max had to give him a big hug to see his future rival back. Everyone went of to do they're own thing, Ash had disappeared so Angie went to find him, she found him sat on the flat roof of the shop looking out at the setting sun. Angie sat down next to him. Pikachu was sleeping on Ash's lap.

"Hey Ash" she said.

"Hey Angie" smiled Ash.

"Ash, I'm so glad your back" she said nervously.

"I'm glad I'm back to see you all to" Ash said.

Angie moved her hand closer to Ashes. She looked down shyly.

"Ash, I" Angie said but stopped herself from ending what she was going to say.

"What is it?" Ash asked.

"It's nothing" Angie said turning away from Ash as she blushed like mad.

"Angie you can tell me" Ash said, "What's wrong?"

Angie finally plucked up the courage to speak, "Ash there's something I've always wanted to tell you, I, I love you" Angie blurted out.

Angie turned away in embracement, Ash watched her in shock. Then when it had sunk in Ash made her look at him, then lent in and kissed her on the lips. It felt so amazing to Angie, when Ash pulled away, she sighed and pulled him back into a long kiss. For about an hour they kissed. Ash the sun set in the background, it felt so romantic.

The shop door opened again, Misty, Gary and Zoey walked into the shop.

"Hey guys" Gary said, "Where's my gramps?"

"Oh he went out," Max said, he gave Gary the letter, "he told me to give you this."

At that point Ash and Angie came down into the room. Gary opened to letter, it said.

Dear Gary

If your reading this then I have gone of to fight Giovanni on my own, don't come after me, I must do this on my own, for the simple reason Giovanni was a Pallet trainer like you and a very good friend of mine. Before he became a member of Team Rocket I tried to stop him and now I feel I must stop him more then ever. I may not survive this, so if I don't I'm leaving you to carry on my line of work, I now you will do good, I love you Gary, you're the best grandson I could ever have,Lot of love Samuel Oak

Gary read the letter in horror, sweet fell down his face.

"Gary what is it?" asked Zoey.

"The Professor, he's gone to fight Giovanni on his own," shouted Gary.

Everyone gasped, the shop fell silent, knowing they wouldn't be able to stop him, Gary fell to his knees and but his head into his hands as he began to cry, knowing is the Professor was not coming back, When Oak dies, Gary will have no family left.

It was midnight and everyone was in bed, Ash was in a room of his own, a small closet, with just him and Pikachu inside. He lay there thinking about Professor Oak, he remembered getting Pikachu of him and his advice during his travels, his relationship with his mother and his obsession with poems. Then the door opened and Angie walked in in just her underwear and bra. She climbed into the covers and was on top of Ash.

"Angie what are you?" Ash asked but Angie pulled him into a kiss stopping him from talking.

Angie's hands moved down his chest and pulled of his pants and underwear, Ash was taken back and pulled out of the kiss.

"Angie are you sure?" he asked.

Angie asked and launched into another kiss.

2 hours later the two of them where both asleep and Ash was having a dream, he was floating in a place completely White, in front of him was his old friend Lance as a ghost.

"Lance?" asked Ash.

"Ash this is not a dream, I am communicating to you through your Aura waves, your final battle against Giovanni is drawing closer, we know this much, how ever we cant see a winner, we don't know who will win, but at your current state you will not win," explained Lance.

"What do you mean?" asked Ash.

"At the minute you can only use Aura ball, but Giovanni as an Aura user has more powerful attacks, tomorrow when you wake you must select the team you're going to fight with and you must return to the tree of beginnings to continue your training, to make it easier, bring Wally with you, his Celebi will come in handy, now I must go, goodbye Ash" Lance said.

Lance slowly disappeared until he was gone and from where he once was a black hole sucked Ash up.

Ash's eyes opened suddenly, he was now awake with Angie starting to wake, then her eyes shot open when she realised she was naked and so was Ash.

Later everyone was awake and Ash was picking his Pokemon to take on his trip to the tree of beginning, he was talking to Angie.

"Your going to were?" Angie asked.

"To the tree of beginning to train" Ash said as he pick a poke bal and put it on his belt.

"But Team Rocket will attack at any minute we need you here," Angie argued.

"If Professor Oak falls, he will set Team Rocket back as much as possible, if I can finish my training I will be able to stop team Rocket and the world will be at peace, and we can settle down together, Max can become a Pokemon trainer, Kanto can be rebuilt, and the world will be happy again, I have to go," explained Ash.

"Fine but I'm coming with you," smiled Angie.

Ash smiled at her, "Ok now my team is, Pikachu, Charizard, Bulbasaur, Sceptile, Infernape, and Staraptor."

"Now, lets go" Angie said.

"Wait where are you going?" Brock said standing in the way of the door.

"Brock, I need to go train now let me pass" Ash demanded.

"You haven't been here a day and already your leaving?" Brock asked.

"I have to, I'm not yet strong enough to end this war I need to go" Ash said.

Ash and Brock glared at each other, " I don't like the idea of you going at the edge of battle, but, I will let you, when team Rocket attack I'll send you a message to let you know," Brock planned.

"Thanks, Brock" Ash said.

Brock stepped aside, Ash and Angie left. Brock lowered his head, "Ash, I hope you can making thing the way they us to be" thought Brock.

Oak was now high above the border line of Kanto and Johto, the once giant wall that was built to keep Team Rocket out of the region was now nothing but ruins. Professor Oak stoop on top of is Pokemon looking at a horrible sight, in front of him with a background of a burnt Kanto was the Temple of the sea, the new air fortress of team Rocket on its way to Goldenrod city. Its guns moved to face Oak. Who took out his other Pokemon, he released a Charizard, he now had a two Pokemon team of dragon Pokemon.

Team Rocket was about to fire but then Giovanni entered the air space and ordered them to leave this to him. The two stared off, Giovanni was stood on hover platform.

The battle between Oak and Giovanni was about to begin.

To be continued.

So yeah Chapter Ten, Ash and Angie are now going out and move quickly by sleeping together. Professor Oak leaves the Legion to fight Giovanni. Ash and Angie now head of to the tree of beginning to train along with Lance's friend Wally, who was in Chapter one.

Next Chapter: the two old friends.

Giovanni and Oak face of as Oak attempts to take out the Temple of the sea war ship Giovanni unleashes his secret Pokemon.