Beta: A huge thank you to Cariel for beta reading this for me!

Authors notes: Before you skewer me over a spit, I should warn you that I've never read the books, haven't even seen all the movies. As a result this is clearly an AU. My apologies in advance for any and all inaccuracies in the portrayal of these characters, I only wrote this to cheer a friend up, not to start a war ;)

Draco was standing alone on a balcony staring ahead to something only he could see when Luna first caught sight of him. She was there with the intent of reading The Quibbler and enjoying the silent peace. He had yet to see her. Luna imagined the entire universe could have ended and he would not have noticed. She did not know what was on Draco's mind, but he held the weight of the world on his shoulders and Luna knew it was crushing him.

She could still recall that fateful night when the world's weight revealed itself through her mother's passing. Luna learned that only the wind had the strength to carry it all away. While it could not bring back her mother, nor could it erase her father's sorrow, it helped her understand.

She wished she had the words to help him understand. There was so much more to the infamous Draco Malfoy than Luna imagined even he was aware of. Nevertheless it was not her place to explain this, nor was it her place to force such thoughts upon him.

There was one thing she could do, and so she did.

Luna's hair was tussled, as bright yet off coloured glasses acted as a makeshift hair band; her wand all the while remained haphazardly nestled behind her ears. Her arms were wrapped around several copies of Quibblers while her body was decorated in a mismatched assortment of garbs that was anything but fashionable. To anyone else Luna was hardly a subtle sight. Yet she went unnoticed as she approached the young Slytherin's side.

Glancing at Draco, she gave a smile before turning her attentions to the sight ahead. He did not acknowledge her. She had not expected him to.

The scenery was beautiful, if not haunting. It was not long before Luna was losing herself in the picturesque scenery, the cool smell of coming rain and the music only she could hear.

She did not know how long she stood there in silence, enjoying the peace and the presence of her unexpected companion. She did not care either. Only when Draco looked at her did Luna's thoughts return to the present.

Luna met his startled look with a smile. Draco looked awkward, even embarrassed at the sight of her. There were no cutting words, no mocking quips or demands to know why she interrupted his moment of quiet. In fact Draco spoke not a word. Instead, he held her gaze.

There was a vulnerability, an uncertainty beneath the usual pride and indignation of his grey eyes that captured Luna's attention. However, it was the subtle undercurrent of relief, which truly spoke to her.

Almost as soon as their eyes met, Draco turned his attentions back to the horizon. Luna's expression softened as she too turned looked ahead to the beauty before them.

Draco did not consciously understand, but Luna knew that some small part of him did. It would only be a matter of time. Until then, Luna quietly swore she would help him bear the weight.

She would not let face him face the future alone, not anymore.