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"Bella, I'm leaving! Have a good day at school and let me know when you get home!" Charlie Swan yelled up the stairs at his eighteen year old daughter. Bella just rolled her eyes from where she stood in front of her bathroom mirror.

"I will Cha... uh Dad! You worry too much." Charlie muttered on his way outside that he knew what those hormone induced perverted boys thought about and that he wasn't about to let his little girl get raped and god only knows what else. Bella just rolled her eyes again. He's such a drama queen, she thought to herself.

Bella finished getting ready for school and went down stairs to grab an apple for breakfast to eat on the way. She lugged her book bag over her shoulder and headed to her old beat up truck. Charlie had gotten it for her when she moved here from Phoenix. She had lived with her mother, Renee and her husband Phil. Bella felt as if she was invading, so she called Charlie and asked if she could come live with him in Forks, Washington. Renee was sad to see her daughter go, but she knew that since she had Phil now Charlie needed Bella more than she did. Bella moved the summer before her junior year of high school. To say Bella was the talk of the town for a couple weeks was an understatement. Everyone wanted to get a look at the famous Bella Swan, daughter of the Police Chief.

Charlie was overjoyed to hear that Bella was coming to stay with him, although he didn't show it much. Bella and Charlie had a special relationship. Charlie wasn't much of a talker and was a tad bit awkward in showing affection. But that was what Bella loved about him because she was just as awkward. Of course her awkwardness developed in a different way. Bella didn't seem to be able to put one foot in front of the other without tripping on something. Bella had only been in Forks for a year and she knew all the E.R. doctors by name.

Bella got in her truck and headed school. It was the first day of her senior year and Bella couldn't have been less excited. Sure, Bella liked school, but it was just the same thing over and over. The first day is always the worst, every teacher just drones on about the rules that the last teacher just spent the whole class talking about. Bella pulled up to Forks High School and parked her car next to her best friend Jasper's car. Jasper was the first person in Forks to treat Bella like a person and not a museum exhibit. Jasper was a quite type and wouldn't hurt a fly. He also had this very calming effect on people. Bella got out the truck and walked up to him.

"Hey Jasper!" Bella gave him a big hug. "Hey Babe. Come on, we better get going before we're late." He replied and kissed the top of her head. Jasper wrapped his arm around Bella's shoulders. Bella wrapped an arm around his waist in reply. They walked up to the front doors and Jasper held the door open for Bella. She turned and smirked at him, "I guess chivalry isn't dead." Jasper just swatted her butt inside the door. Bella giggled. They made their way to their first class and took a sit in the back. Just as Bella predicted, the teacher just went on and on about the rules and how the underclassmen look up to them as examples and that they should set a good one. Bella made a tic-tac-toe board a piece of paper and marked an X in the center and slid it over to Jasper.

They continued to play until there was a knock on the door. The teacher went over to answer it and in walked a little pixie of a girl. She looked like she belonged with the freshman rather than seniors. She turned her head and Jasper sucked in a breath that he had been holding, Bella looked to see what had him in a fizz. She looked at the girl and knew what was wrong with him. She was beautiful. She had the most amazing green eyes Bella had ever seen. She had short, spiky jet black hair, if she wasn't so short she could have been a model.

"Everyone, this is Alice Cullen and she's a new student, so I want you to welcome her and help her out if she needs it." The teacher then pointed to the only empty seat in the room which was next to Bella. "Bella will you raise your hand." Bella raised her hand and Alice graceful walked over to sit besides her. Alice had a big smile on her face as she sat down, "Hi! I'm Alice!" She was vibrating in her seat from the excitement. Bella couldn't help but smile back. "I'm Bella and this is Jasper." Bella pointed to Jasper, who seemed to still be in a daze. Bella had never seen him like this and she was starting to worry. Alice also looked worried. "Is he ok?" Bella poked him in the side of the head and Jasper jumped. "Huh?" He turned to look at Bella and saw Alice beside her. "Hi, I'm Alice!" Alice tried again. Jasper offered his hand across Bella. "I'm Jasper." Jasper said with a smile.

Bella turned her attention back to the tic-tac-toe game and with an excited gasp stated, "Ha! I won!" Jasper then accused her of cheating because Bella never wins against him. Bella just yelled at him, "Hey butthead! Give me my five bucks!" She stuck her hand out palm out and collected her winnings with a smirk. Alice laughed at the display, and then the bell rang.

Bella and Jasper walked out with Alice following behind them. They all had the same class next. Jasper was still pouting that he lost when they were seated in the class.

"Oh stop pouting! You're such a sore loser!" Bella hit him on the side of head and Bella and Alice giggled. Bella suddenly stopped and ducked behind Jasper. Jasper startled by her sudden movements looked up and saw what Bella had been dreading. Mike Newton was on his way to a seat looking around for what Jasper assumed was Bella. Mike spotted him and walked over to him. Bella muttered a quick curse and sat up right. Mike smiled a smile that blinded Bella and not in a good way.

"Hi Mike." Bella said trying to conceal her grimace.

"HI BELLA!!" Alice didn't know what was wrong with him and why Bella was hiding from him, yet now she realized. She winced at how loud he greeted Bella. Bella put on a fake smile and asked him about his summer.

"It was great!!!! It would have been better if you were there though!" Mike said with what he thought was a sexy smirk, but he just looked like he was constipated.

"Mr. Newton, please take your seat. I'm about to start class."

"Oh thank god, who ever this teacher is, I love them already!" Bella thought to herself while looking toward where the voice came from. Standing in the doorway was a woman who looked not a day over thirty. She also had this motherly sense about her. She had long, flowing caramel- colored curls and the nicest brown eyes Bella had seen. Her smile made her even more beautiful. All the boys in the room swooned.

"Hello class! My name is Mrs. Platt and welcome to 12th grade English! Okay I want everyone to come up and grab a book." Everyone groaned at this but Bella. She loved to read. She wouldn't be Bella if she didn't have a book in her hands at all times. Jasper teased her about it and said that if she could read while she slept she would. Bella always answered that with a slap on the back of the head and said that he didn't read enough.

Bella was the first up to Mrs. Platt's desk to get a book. She took a look at the front cover and almost jumped for joy. It was one of her favorite books, Wuthering Heights. Mrs. Platt must have noticed Bella's excitement because she smiled, "So you like my book choice?" Bella nodded her head, "It's one of my favorites." Mrs. Platt's smile widened as she wrote down the number on the back of Bella's book. Bella turned back to her desk and sat down to read a little while everyone got their books. Soon enough everyone had their books and was seated.

"Okay class I want you to read the first three chapters tonight and be ready for a talk tomorrow." The class echoed with the groans of the teenagers and Bella just rolled her eyes. "Honestly, this is school did they not think that they were going to have homework."

"I can't believe we have homework already." A stupid, blonde girl in front of Bella muttered to the other bleach blonde next to her.

"I guess not." The bell for the next class rang

"Have a great day! Remember your homework." Mrs. Platt called out as the class filed out.

"Well that wasn't so bad, at least we didn't have to go over the rulebook again." Jasper said as he walked in between Bella and Alice. Alice nodded her head in agreement. Bella was looking at her schedule to see what her next class was.

"I have history next. What about you guys?" Bella snatched Jasper's schedule from him to see and frowned. "But you don't! Who the hell takes pottery anymore Jasper?" Jasper just grabbed it back, "It's very relaxing you should try it Bella."

"Yes you should its quite peaceful too. I have it next too." Alice looked at Jasper with a smile that he returned. Bella rolled her eyes at the pair. They just met and they were already sending each other goo-goo eyes.

"I'm heading to class. I'll see you after." Bella turned and walked toward the history hall. She looked to see what room number it was.

"306, 306, here it is." Bella walked in and was surprised to see she was the first there. "Oh well." She thought to herself as she took a seat in the back of the room. Slowly more people started to filter in. The bleach blonde twins were also in this class. They took a seat in the front where they could show off their boobs of the teacher was a male. Bella just shook her head in disgust.

"Stupid bimbos." She muttered. She reached into her bag to grab a book to read while waiting for class to start. Bella was so engrossed in her book she didn't hear all the females in the room gasp and didn't notice all the guys trying to puff out their chest to look bigger. She definitely didn't notice the foot steps that got closer to her desk before stopping in front of her. Suddenly a hand smacked down on her desk and Bella jumped and screamed, dropping her book in the process. Startled she looked up to see the most beautiful green eyes she had ever seen.

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