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Edward found himself in a very familiar position as he looked down at Bella. He could see her blush was rapidly appearing. He smiled as he righted her. Bella's blush increased ten-fold at his smile. "Damn, he's so good looking!" Bella thought as she put a shy smile on her face. "Wait! Mr. Cullen is Alice's brother?!? Oh I'm so going to kill Alice!" While Bella was plotting revenge, Alice looked at the pair with interest and was amazed at how perfect they were for each other. She also realized that she wouldn't have to do much scheming to get them together. At this thought she pouted. "Oh well."

"Thanks for catching me, Mr. Cullen. It saved me a trip to the hospital." Bella thanked him while Edward inwardly groaned at the Mr. Cullen part. "Oh shit, I'm her teacher, shit!" He nodded his head and looked toward Alice to see that she was looking at them with a smirk on her face. "Oh God, what's she up to?"

"I was just about to put some spaghetti on to cook if anyone is hungry." Edward looked at both of them. "Yeah thanks Edward. We're going to go to my room to work on the project until its ready." Alice began to drag Bella to her room as Edward called out, "Okay I'll call you when it's ready." He heard Alice's door close and sighed.

"Great." He went back to the kitchen to finish dinner.

"Alice! You could have told me that Mr. Cullen was your older brother!!" Bella yelled, but not loud enough for Mr. Cullen to hear. Alice merely smirked.

"Why? When that was so much more fun, Edward had quite the shocked look on his face. It was so funny!" Alice plopped down on her bed laughing and Bella followed suit. Bella felt quite stupid that she hadn't connected the dots. Not only did they have the same last name, but they both had the intense green eyes. Alice slapped her hands together and stood up of the bed and walk to the closet in the corner. "Hmm... let's see, I think this will fit you perfectly." Alice held up a knit blue shirt that had sleeves. Bella thought that the color was beautiful. Then she caught on to what Alice had said. "What? Why am I going to change? What's wrong with the shirt I have on?" Bella looked down at the faded t-shirt she had on. Bella had to admit that it had seen better days. Alice glanced at the shirt with disgust, "Bella are you really asking me that question?" Bella sighed in defeat and walked to the bathroom off of Alice's room to change. Alice had a smug look on her face. "No one can resist The Alice!" She also grabbed some make up with an evil laugh. Alice was finally happy to have a girlfriend. Of course she loved Edward and all, but sometimes you just need a girl to talk to and Alice hadn't had a mother like figure since her and Edward's parents had died. Alice had only been ten when they died and Edward had been 15. They had been placed in foster care and they both hated every minute of it. Edward had promised Alice that as soon as he could he would take guardianship of her and he would buy a nice house and take care of her like any parent would.

Alice loved her brother dearly, not only didn't he kept his promise but he had to be the best big brother ever. Alice often worried about him though. She couldn't remember the last time he had been on a date, let alone have a girlfriend. Alice felt like Edward's lack of a social life was her fault because he was too busy play parent to her to have a somewhat normal life. Alice just wished that Edward would find someone that could love and take care of he like he deserved. Bella walked out of the bathroom with the new shirt on and Alice gasped. It looked better on her than she thought it would.

"Bella that looks great on you! Okay time for your makeup!" Bella looked like someone kicked her puppy and whined, "Alice, why? I thought we were going to be working on the project, not playing dress up Bella!" Alice pushed Bella towards her vanity which held all her makeup. Alice took a good, hard look at Bella face. Suddenly she made a victory cry causing Bella to jump. "I've got it!" Alice set to working on Bella eyes as she sat compliant waiting for the torture to end. Finally 15 brutal minutes later, Bella heard Mr. Cullen called out that dinner was ready. Alice shouted that they would be out in a minute.

"There all done." Alice backed away to admirer her work, she gave a surprised gasp. Bella was beautiful naturally, but once you add a little eye shadow and lip gloss she was perfect. "Wow Bella! You're so beautiful!" Alice said as she put all the makeup. Bella just scoffed as a reply. "I'm serious Bella! You look amazing!" Bella just rolled her eyes and hoped that Alice would drop the subject. Bella thought that she had never been anything special in the looks department. She grew up around beautiful people and was constantly told that she would never add up to them. Once she was told enough she began to believe it. That her eyes were nothing extraordinary, just a dull brown and that her hair fell limp on her shoulder. Her skin was too pale and she was too skinny. Alice wished Bella would see herself for who she really was. She would drop it for now.

"Okay, come on! Time for food!" Alice nearly skipped down the hallway leading into the dinning room. Bella followed and by the time she got there both Mr. Cullen and Alice were at the table waiting for her. Bella hurried to the chair that had a place set in front of it. As soon as she sat down, Alice started to inhale the food that was on the table.

"Wow, does she always eat like this? I wonder how she's so skinny!" Bella heard a deep chuckle and turned toward the sound. Mr. Cullen was laughing while looking at her.

"Yes, she always eats like this." Bella wondered how he knew what she was thinking.

He chuckled again, "The look on your face gave you away." Bella blushed and looked toward her plate. She pushed her spaghetti around her plate and when she looked up again towards Alice, she saw that she was on her second plate and almost done with it.

"Geez, Alice. Do you actual taste the food?" Bella said with a smile. Alice swallowed the food she had in her mouth and answered Bella, "Of course I do, it's just so good I can't help myself! Thanks Edward!" She turned to give Edward a huge smile. Edward gave an answering smile back and stood up with his plate in hand.

Edward had called out to the girls that dinner was ready as he set the table. He grabbed the bowl full of spaghetti and the plate of garlic bread and headed to the dinning room table. He sat down and waited for them to come out of Alice's room. Edward wondered what they were doing in there. Alice had said that they were going to be working on the project, but how can they do that when all the supplies were sitting on the living room table not even open yet. Edward figured that Alice was playing dress up with Bella. He felt marginally bad for Bella. Alice was brutal when it came to the girly stuff. He, himself, had suffered though the hair braiding and ribbons on more than one occasion. He heard Alice's door open and not two seconds later Alice was sitting in her chair and loading up her plate. Edward just smiled at her, "Will she ever change?" Edward heard footsteps and looked up to see Bella walking in and had to stop the gasp the threatened to come out of his mouth. "Wow, she's beautiful." She was wearing a top that tightened around her waist and it had hanging sleeves. "Oh dear god, its blue!" Edward inwardly groaned. Blue was Edward's favorite color and Alice knew that. He turned narrowed eyes in Alice's direction. She had an innocent look on her face that she had perfected.

"Damn you, Alice!" After Bella had sat down Alice had pretty much polished off her first plate by the time Bella had her food on her plate. Edward looked toward Bella and saw the look on her face and had to laugh. It was a mix of horror and question. He knew she wanted to ask and saved her the trouble.

'Yes, she always eats like this." Bella looked shocked as if he had read her mind. He laughed again, "The look on your face gave you away." Bella blushed and looked down at her plate and played with her food.

"That's not the only thing she could be playing with." Edward couldn't believe he just thought that. "God I'm such a pervert. She's my student!" He really needed to get away from her before he made a fool of himself. He picked up his plate and brought it to the kitchen.

"This is going to be a really long night." He sighed and began to put the food away. If only he knew how much longer it was going to get. He heard Alice squealing in the living room and went to see what was going on.