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Warning: I know that Naruto isn't rich or anything but here he is. Imagine that his parents never died.

(Summary: Hinata is the freak and outcast in her school. Her stepmom and stepsister hate her and they miss treated her. Can someone help her?)

The New Kid Is My Hero

My name is Hinata Hyuga. I'm 17 years old and I live in concrete with my stepmom and two stepsisters. Let me tell you a little bit about my life. I go to high school where I am the freak in the whole school. I spend the whole day alone because I don't have friends in school, since the most popular girl hates me. In my house I spend all my time cleaning or doing things for my stepfamily.

You may ask why I live with my stepmom and her horrible daughters. Well, I live with them because my dad married this woman when I was only 10, my mom and little sister had died when I was only 5 and my dad said it was time to move on. 3 years after he married Mikoto, he died and I got stuck with Mikoto and her daughters Rin and Karin. Rin and Karin are twin. They're both blondes with green eyes. Only that Karin is a little smarter and taller than Rin.

They both hate me. They hate because my dad didn't pay attention to them as he did with me and now that I'm stuck with them they make my life miserable. Karin being the most popular girl in school, I guess now you know why I don't have any friends in school, make everyone hate me but I don't really care. I know that I only had one year left to be with them because after graduation I'm leaving for good.

Even if Rin or Karin doesn't say I'm their sister, everyone knows it even if we don't even look alike after all I have long black and blue hair and white eyes.

Ever since my father died I lived in the basement. I don't care; after all down there I have my own little privacy. And the thing about school, I think I'm better off alone.

Life in Konoha wasn't that bad, when everyone pretends you don't exist.

Well everything for me change, and not for good. It all started a Monday morning. I woke up early as always and made breakfast for both Karin and Rin before they woke up and then dress myself in some jean and a T-shirt, with a purple hoodie of course and walked my way to school like always. It was normal. I'm walking; I pass the bakery where I can see Mr. Kyo open his shop. I pass the music store where I could see, Shikamaru, the music guy, lazily putting some CD's and I pass the white pretty mansion that no one had ever own until a week ago where a rich family moved in. When I looked into the yard between the bars I could see three cars. A black BMW, a Yellow Volvo and a black 67 Chevy. The Chevy car wasn't as new as the others but it was as shinny as the rest. (I love this car. If any of you see supernatural, you'll understand what I mean)

With the corner of the eye I saw someone open the front door. Since I didn't want the new owner think they had a stalker I pulled over my hoddie to cover my face and walked even faster. It wasn't long until I got to school. When I was making my way across the parking lot, thinking that I had almost done it across a car almost hit me. I looked over to the driver to find a guy I had never seen before. He had spiky blonde hair and his eyes were cover by thick black sunglasses. "Hey, are you ok?" He asked.

I gave him a small nod. "I'm sorry" I said loud enough and started walking again. I could feel my cheek burning with embarrassment.

"Hey, wait!" He called out but I didn't stop. I walked even faster; I was not up for insult or beating. Before I reach the gate someone grab my arm and pulled me back. I quickly closed my eyes.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to be in the way!" I cried.

"Hey, take it easy. I won't hurt you" The guy said in soft tone. I open my eyes again and stared at him. He had taken off his sunglasses showing his light blue eyes. All of the sudden he smiled and let go of my arm.

"I just wanted to know if you know how to get to my English class" He said.

"Oh" I said. Once again I felt my cheek burn. Great I almost cried in front of this guy and all he wanted was directions, I'm such a loser. I looked down at his schedule. English with Prof. Kurenai, same as me.

"Uh, that the third door in the left besides the bathrooms" I said softly without looking up at him.

"Thanks" He said. "I'm Naruto Uzumaki. What's your name?" He asked. I looked up at him and I notice that he was smiling at me. I looked down again and turn around and walked away. "Hey! Wait!" he called out but I didn't stop. I wasn't gonna let that poor, handsome guy go down with me and I didn't want to get myself think that I would have a new friends and then it would all go away when they tell him who I was.

But it didn't end that way. First Naruto Uzumaki was in all my classes and he sat next to me in all of them. At first I thought that he didn't know but the next day at lunch I saw him talking with Karin. I thought that with that he would ignore me but he didn't. I tried very hard to ignore him but he wouldn't stop talking to me.

After some time I stopped ignoring him and started talking to him and that's how I got a crush on him. Even if Naruto Uzumaki was the most popular guy in school he seems into me and not in Karin who had a crush on him as well.

I was so happy, but I hadn't told him about my feelings. I didn't want to push away the only friend I had.

So, I only talked to him when he talked to him and I was the real me when he was with me and I got to see the real him. And man was he self center and perverted but he still made me laughed and it made me feel all happy.