Hey people, here is the last chapter. It's really small because I just wanted to ended here, since I had no more ideas but I do have an entry for a sequel but I'm not sure if I should take it.

Anyways enjoy the end.

-Chapter 6

I light blinded my vision when I finally open my eyes. My body felt numb, I could move my left arm that felt like it was being pressed. "Hina?" I heard Naruto's husky voice calling my name. I tried to call him as well but my throat felt dry and the only thing that came from my lips was a soft groan.

"She awake" I heard me yelled. I heard a couple of people running around me and I heard voice I have never heard before.

"Hinata… Hinata can you hear us?" A man's voice asked. I felt how someone held my hand squishing it as much as he could.

"Yes" I said softly in a raspy voice.

"Get her some waiter" The man yelled and then let out a breath of relive. "Hinata, I'm doctor Conner, you're at the hospital "He explain before someone came to where he was and put a cold glass of water on my lips making my throat feel better.

I finally open my eyes adjusting to the light. I looked around to find two nurse, a man who I could guess it was Doctor Conner and by my side holding my hand was Naruto. The doctor smiled at me with relive. "You gave us quite a scare there, but you're fine now. Just don't move" He said touching my head lightly and then he smiled at Naruto. "She'll be fine" He said and walked away.

"Naruto?" I called making him look at me. "What happen?" I asked.

"Mikoto shot you, she blames you for Karin's death" He said as he looked down. "It's all my fault… I shouldn't have tried to get you in so much trouble" He said. I lifted my hand and touch his cheek.

"It's not your fault, all you did was made me happy" I said with a smile. He smiled back and leaned and kisses my lips softly. The he pulled away just a little bit and looked into my eyes.

"I won't anyone else hurt you again" He promised and I could see how he would try anything to keep that promise, it made me feel save… for the first time in a very long time.

Three Months Later

A year had passed and things had gotten better for me. Mikoto was arrested because it she found guilty for my father death, apparently she had caused the heart attack he had the night he died and also she was guilty for trying to kill me. Karin was buried a week after she had been found, no attended except for me, her father and Rin. As for Rin, she told she was sorry for ever doing something to hurt me and I forgave her. She moved with her father to England where to what I know she is happy.

And me, well I have big plans for my future. I was no longer hated by my classmate as they saw who I really was thanks to my now boyfriend Naruto. I still had scars that remind me of the horrible life I had but it also reminded me how happy I was now.

But now I sit thinking about all those times when I cried myself to sleep because I missed my dad, every time I would fix myself just because I tried to happy, but now there is someone that worries about me, that loves me and that had his future plan out with me. And that's what my life is now, because thank to my own little privet hero I was saved from a unhealthy, sad life.