Diamond City Block-Out

Complete synopsis: Something (or someone) has entirely blocked all of Diamond City`s exits. The Wario crew is entirely divided because of Wario`s greatest mistake. Who is behind all that? Will Wario get his team back, or will they all rally on the enemy`s side?

Warning: story contains major recurring jokes, and maybe at the expenses of your favorite characters. Don`t like your hero to be laughed at, don`t read (this is especially for Cricket fans, he`ll suffer a lot).

Chapter 1: That Night…

Wario smashed the table with his left hand.

-WHERE ARE THE MICROGAMES??? We`re under production rate now, I wanted to take out a new game in the following month but now it`s impossible!

The fifteen-or-so microgame makers had a low face. When Wario was angry, nothing was to be answered. He could easily be offensive toward his friends. Well, if they were friends. But they`re not, and thus it`s even worse. The Warioware reunions were always filled with anger from Wario, and by the others who just thought about it. Wario was a hero, sure, but he was still a jerk!

-Um… I`m sorry Wario, Mona said, but I had to deliver pizzas yesterday, I didn`t have time.

-And me, 9-Volt said, I`m caught on a very difficult game, and I`m unable of continuing it. There is no walkthrough on the Internet, and it`s freaking difficult too!

-Me, I am on a tourney around our country for a dance-off contest! Jimmy said. My family supports me everywhere, so we can`t make more microgames at this time.

Four or five other producers gave excuses about their microgames not being made, and Wario burst into a fit of anger nobody has ever seen before.

-You all suck! I can`t remember why I already got you as working partners for the Warioware series! I can`t think about that! I don`t want to see you anymore! Go away! Leave the city! Go do what you freaking want to do!

Wario fell on the floor, slamming it with his fists while crying like a baby or a young kid. The workers left all on their sides. 9-Volt left to his own house with 18-Volt, Kat and Ana took back their normal ninja lives. All the others went back to their own lives BEFORE Warioware.

The night fell. Nobody noticed it. They were all busy with their own lives. Mostly sleeping. Two boys, 9-Volt and 18-Volt, were still up at midnight, still playing the game. However, everyone else was sleeping. Actually, maybe not. Mona, in the darkness of her room, had stuck Wario`s picture on a dart game and was aiming for the nose. Young Cricket, in the Dojo, was decapitating a stuffed puppet looking like Wario.

However, nothing was going to be normal that night. Since that night was the beginning of an adventure. One of the greatest adventures ever. A thousand of helicopters appeared, bringing each a solid brick block. They all placed them around Diamond City. Each block was one meter high, wide, and large. The helicopters disposed them in a circle all around the city, left and came back with more blocks. After an hour only, the wall being made was too high to climb with usual ways. At four o`clock, the wall was finished, creating some kind of cylindrical barrier all around the city. It must have measured about a hundred meters high. It was not blocking the sun; however, all communication lines were cut from the other cities. Finally, the helicopters all came with a strange liquid in them, and sprayed it over the blocks to make them impossible to climb. The only free spot, on the top, got covered by a large piece of glass.


-I won again! 9-Volt said, throwing his controller in the air and catching it back. Sorry 18-Volt, you`re the loser tonight.

-Word… 18-Volt muttered.

Sometimes he just wanted to be able to say something else.

-Anyway, look at the hour. It`s four thirty in the morning. Maybe you should go sleep a little.

18-Volt left the house, moving on to his own house, and not looking where he was going. He smashed on a wall, and looked up.


The wall was so high, it was incredible. 18-Volt ran away to 9-Volt`s house.

-What`s the problem, 18-Volt?

18-Volt brought him out, and 9-Volt saw the immense brick wall. The sunlight hadn`t even risen, everything was dark.

-Wow… it looks exactly like the part in my game where we`re blocked! Let me tell you, pal, if we don`t find a way to get out of here, we`re doomed.


Kat woke up. She always had her morning routine: eat a small breakfast, and then going outside to walk Don and Shadow. Her sister was always waking up an hour later than her; she never knew why. Kat ate a toast with an apple, and looked at the hour. Six past five. She called Shadow and Don by whistling. The dog and the sparrow arrived rapidly. Then, Kat pushed the door. While usually the sun should have risen a little, it was still completely dark everywhere. And Kat saw also why… the enormous wall was blocking the sun from passing! She entered back, and woke up Ana.

-It`s still dark, I want to sleep more…

-No time for sleeping! We gotta save the city!

Ana heard this, and jumped out of bed.

-You should have said it first!

The two preschool ninjas took their weapons, and prepared destroying the first brick block they would see. They didn`t have to go look very far; there was one really near their house. They threw their shurikens, used their nunchakus, but the wall showed no sign of weakness.

-Time for katanas, eh? Ana asked.

The two girls took out their katanas, and smashed repetitively the block. However, no weapon proved to be useful. Kat approached the wall and touched it.

-It`s sticky. It is covered with a weird liquid. I don`t quite know what it is… we should go ask Orbulon. Maybe it`s from outer space…


Red landed on a chair. Ashley just had thrown him through the room, when he brought her the wrong ingredient for her newest potion discovery.

-I need red eyes, no bat eyes!

-Sorry, I was listening music on my new player, Red said. I didn`t get exactly what you said.

-Well, if you continue like that, I`ll put the earphones out of your ears and use your music player in my next spell. Got it?

-Don`t do that, Ashley! I paid it with money I made thanks to Mona!

-Ah, come on. Now we have to go outside a little. I`ll calm down. What time is it, Red?

-It`s seven. Sun should be risen, but it`s still dark outside!

Ashley went outside her mansion, and noticed it was really dark everywhere.

-Great. A new problem now.

-What`s happening here? Red asked.

-Look around, you`ll guess it all by yourself, Ashley simply answered.

Red looked a little, and then noticed the tall walls surrounding Diamond City.

-What the… these walls block the sunshine! And thus, it`s dark for a longer time now.

-Not only that, Ashley continued. When the sun will be high enough, it`ll pass over the city, only lighting a part after the other. At noon, the entire city will be lit, and back at 5 at night everything will be black again.

-Okay… And what`s wrong about it with you, Ashley? You like darkness!

-Yes, but it`s not the same thing for everyone in town… Heh. Chaos is always fun.


Dr Crygor put back the telescope on the table.

-It`s exactly what I thought!

The two cab drivers Dribble and Spitz were in the same room, sitting on a couch.

-So, what`s da problem?

-All our friends are blocked in town. I must go look up there. Maybe, if we`re lucky, we can enter and rescue them with the cab…

-Good idea doc! Spitz said happily.

The three characters embarked in the cab, and flew away toward the giant cylinder of blocks. Mike was left in the lab, when he saw them leaving. Mike showed outside and agitated his arms around.

-You forgot me!

The cab landed, however, not in the city, but above it. Dr. Crygor walked on the invisible surface.

-It`s a mighty piece of glass! It`s covering the city, and officially blocking all exits!

-Is it breakable?

-I think not, Dr. Crygor answered. It`s very big, and it`s bullet-proof. It is hardly breakable. I`ll need everything possible to break that glass – and still, I don`t think it`s breakable.

Dribble moved to the side of the cylinder and looked down.

-Whaa, that`s freaking high!

However, Dribble noticed the wall was sticky. He stuck his finger in it, and brought a little piece of liquid to Crygor.

-Think you can analyze that?

Crygor took it in a little box, and entered the back seat of the cab. Dribble took the driver`s seat and Spitz, the passenger one. Crygor talked during the entire trip back to the lab.

-I studied the glass. It`s shaped like a giant magnifier. You know what happens when, during sunlight, you use a magnifier to reflect the sun`s rays?

-Of course! Spitz answered, after thinking for a few seconds. What happens, exactly?

-The object targeted by the magnifier catches fire, and it slowly burns. That means that when sunlight will arrive, the town will burn. First a small part, then a bigger part, and at noon, the entire city will be burning! And because of the glass preventing any rain, nothing can stop it!

In next episode: More characters will face off the second threat of the trap: the burning part! Will they face the heat or will they survive? Well, they`ll survive. But will they finally find a way to get out?