Help From Below

Chapter 1- Ganondorf

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The dark stormy sky was not exactly welcomed by Pit. He swooped about the crying clouds dodging bolts of lightning. A flash here and a flash there and loud clashes of thunder never ceased in the sky. Pit paused a moment to catch his breath and to give his white feathery wings a break. Just then, an electric yellow bolt of lightning struck him, sending him down to the world below at rapid speed.

The tall, heavy doors swung opened dramatically as a tall, dark, masked figure entered the large, almost deserted room. The cold clomp of his metallic boots echoed throughout the room. He followed the royal crimson carpet to where, in a golden throne, sat Princess Zelda. The figure removed his helmet, revealing his disgusting face.

"To have no guards is very risky," he spoke deeply. "Foolish princess."

Zelda glared at the villain. "Ganondorf," she breathed. She stood up gracefully and held her sword in front of her face. "Go back to the sages where spend the rest of your days rotting there!"

A wicked grin spread across Ganon's face. "So boldly you speak. It is unwise." From behind his dark cape he drew out a large weapon that had the appearance of a bow. He fired and in an instant Zelda's weapon had vanished. "Mwahahahahaha!" he cackled.