Chapter 7- Through the Woods

After walking for about five seconds, Pit became bored. "Maybe we could sing a cheerful song?" he suggested.

Link looked over at him as if he had told him to kiss Ilia. "Why?" he asked. "This isn't a cheerful mission."

"I just thought it could brighten up the mood..." Pit began, wringing his hands together. Then he started to softly sing:

There was a fair princess, her hair of gold

She was adventurous, or so the legends told

She never got to leave the castle much

So she became so cold, cold to the touch

But then one day, a little boy came

She opened her heart to him as if in the rain

He came from the forest, yet not a Kokiri

He was a hero, who could fight many Biri

She told him of many things happening

It didn't make her happy, she couldn't even sing

Ganondorf they called him, an evil Gerudo king!!!

He was suspicious, rum ting ting ting

They soon became friends

The princess and boy

Seeing the boy

Filled the princess with joy

But soon the boy had to leave

As he did he dried his tears on his sleeve

He had to collect stones

Three, different color tones

So he walked -

Suddenly Link interrupted him. "I know, I know! I've heard the story about Zelda's ancestors!"

Pit cocked his head. "You have?" he asked.

"Yes!" Link exclaimed, throwing is hands up in the air. "But how come you know?"

"I learned it in angel school," Pit replied simply. "It's so cute how those two got married in the end. And their names happened to be Link and Zelda. A coincidence, no?"

Link's face suddenly turned red. "Yes, a coincidence," he said, trying to change the subject. "Let's-"

Before Link could say 'let's talk about something else', Pit interrupted. "Link, how do you feel about Princess Zelda? Honestly. I know you have a crush on her but why? This is so fascinating!"

Link sighed. "Well, I guess you're entitled to an answer after you blew your breath away with that song. Well, I first met her when I was a wolf. And boy was she pretty! And kind and caring, too! After everything with the twilight went back to normal, we became good friends. I visited her a lot in the castle and sometimes she would even sneak out to visit me. So that's how close we are."

"Yeah, but how do you feel about her?" Pit asked with an eager smirk.

Link sighed. At length, he spoke. "I guess I love her," he replied, dazed. He expecting Pit to burst out in laughter, but to his surprise, the angel didn't.

"Don't worry, we won't let her die," Pit promised him. "I'll make sure you two end up like all the Links and Zeldas in the past. They always get married and have a happily ever after. That's what's gonna happen to you two."

A wide smile spread across the young Hylian man's face. "Thanks."

Soon they walked out of the forest and into the vast field of Hyrule. It had changed quite a bit since they had last seen it in the day.