For Keeps, sequel to Abby's Next Project. Marriage and looming parenthood is enough to make any man nervous but Gibbs has something else to contend with, Vance has chosen his new team member, a person from Gibbs' past that Abby is not happy to see. (M-rated from the start)

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Chapter 1

Gibbs leant against his workbench and cast an eye around his basement. It seemed strange to see the large empty space once occupied by his boat, six long years he spent building her and now the "Kelly" was in dry dock waiting for him to put the finishing touches to her. He sighed realising how much he missed working on the boat, if she were down here now, he would have worked his frustration out on her, losing himself in the feel of the wood and the smell of sawdust. He picked up a sanding block from the workbench and rolled it in his hands, he needed to start building something soon or otherwise he would go completely insane, may be he'll build something for Abby and the baby.

Abby, his fiancée and mother of his unborn child was asleep, upstairs, in their bed. He tried to sleep after they made love earlier that evening but visions of the last couple of days kept whizzing through his mind. Now that she was pregnant, Abby needed her sleep more than anything, so rather than wake her with his tossing and turning, Gibbs decided to spend the rest of the night in his basement. How he managed to disentangle himself from Abby without waking her he'll never know. Slipping on his jeans he remembered to leave Abby a note, he didn't want her to panic when she awoke to find him gone. He quickly scribbled "Don't worry, I'm in the basement, couldn't sleep, XXX, J" on a scrap of paper and left it on his pillow.

Staring up at the dimly lit stair, he remembered the sound of her angry steps as she demanded an explanation of why he had left Ziva in Israel and how those steps changed as she ran to comfort him. He had never felt so vulnerable as when she found him in the basement, he exploded like a powder keg, all the emotions that he had kept inside had come rushing to the surface. He touched his cheek as he remembered how the tears of frustration and betrayal had run down his face whilst he ranted and raved at her. Being Abby, she just sat on the basement floor and listened, letting him vent his anger without saying a word. When the emotions had overtaken him she had held him as the sobs raked through his body, soothing him with her words and her touch. Somehow she managed to get him to their bedroom where she made love to him, reaffirming her love for him over and over again. He could still hear her words as she caressed his body, "You trusted enough to love me with all your body and soul". His love for her was absolute and vica versa, she was his brick, his lifesaver, his buoyancy aid for the storms ahead, which would be many as the team settled down to life without Ziva.

Ziva, he shook his head, why hadn't she come and spoken to him about Rivkin? His gut had told him that something was wrong but instead of handling it himself he had given the job to DiNozzo and what a disaster that turned out to be. May be if Tony hadn't killed Rivkin, Ziva might have eventually come to him, now he'll never know. Leaving her in Tel Aviv was one of the hardest things he had ever done and the hardest choice he had ever made. Maybe as time healed she would forgive Tony and return to them.

Gibbs yawned. His body was tired but not his mind, he needed something to make the images fade and less painful. Reaching up, he removed a bottle of bourbon off the shelf above the workbench and pulled the stopper out. Emptying a jar of nails he was just about to pour when he heard the patter of feet coming down the basement steps.

"Don't you think you've had enough for tonight?"

Gibbs replaced the stopper "You're probably right"

"You know I am" said Abby extracting the bottle from Gibbs' hand and placing it back down on the workbench. "If you carry on drinking you will be like a bear with a sore head tomorrow and what would the team think, you're there to set an example Gibbs and hitting the bottle isn't it"

"Is that what you've come down here for, to give me an ear bashing?" hissed Gibbs, his temper getting the better of him.

Abby was not going to stand for that, if Gibbs was mad, he was definitely NOT taking it out on her "After what I said to you this evening and what we've just done in our bed, I think that's very unfair."

"I'm sorry Abby" said Gibbs, reaching out for her. "I shouldn't take it out on you"

Abby allowed herself to be wrapped in his arms. "You needed to vent your anger at somebody Gibbs. It wouldn't have been good to keep it locked inside"

He sighed against her hair "For such a young woman, you're extremely wise"

She pushed herself away from his chest and looked into his face, "Wisdom doesn't just come from age, it can also be learnt and I've been taught well"

"Abs" but Abby silenced him, her lips capturing his in an all consuming, heart rendering kiss, reigniting the passion from earlier.

Abby melted into his arms, her body pressed hard against his. She gasped as Gibbs broke the kiss, only to shudder as his lips caressed her neck.

Gibbs smiled as she shivered beneath his lips. She was so easily aroused these days, the pregnancy making her body hypersensitive to every touch. Her neck was one of her most sensitive parts of her body and he knew that if he sucked and licked his way along her spider web tattoo she would be putty in his hands.

Abby's knees went weak as a hand slipped under her t-shirt and fingers played against her ribs. Gibbs made his way back up to her lips desperate to taste her again. She moaned into the kiss as calloused fingers travelled up her ribs to caress her breast.

Gibbs pushed his body further against her, pressing her back against the workbench. He slipped a leg between her thighs and moaned as she rubbed against his erection.

"God, Abs" he managed to mutter before gently squeezing a nipple.

Abby winced , "Ouch, be careful Gibbs, remember my boobs are very tender at the moment".

"Sorry Abs" he apologised, "Allow me to kiss it better"

Abby giggled as his hand was quickly replaced by his mouth, his tongue flicking out to sooth the sensitive skin.

She ran her fingers through his hair as he licked his way across to her other breast, his tongue teasing the hardening peak. It wasn't long before Abby could feel the familiar burn at the bottom of her stomach begin to rage, Gibbs' mouth on her breast was sending waves of fire direct to her core.

"Gibbs" she moaned, "please I need to…"

She didn't need to finish the sentence, Gibbs had already dropped to his knees and was running his tongue along her cotton clad folds.

Abby whimpered and instinctively bucked against his mouth, her body seeking more stimulation.

"Hold on Abs" said Gibbs, hooking two fingers under the waistband of her panties before pulling them down her legs. After pulling them clear of her ankles, Gibbs lifted one of her legs over his shoulders and kissed his way up her inner thigh. She gasped as his breath brushed over her aroused flesh, "Please"

He grinned against her thigh "That bad, ah"

Abby was about to reply but all coherent thoughts left her when Gibbs' tongue flicked over her clit. Several passes of his tongue later and she was bucking hard against him, eager for his mouth to take her crashing over the edge.

Gibbs knew her body well enough by now to know that she was closed to orgasm, not wanting to deny her any longer he sucked down hard. Abby convulsed against him as waves of pleasure soared through her body. Allowing her to come down from her high, he kissed his way back up her stomach and to her lips.

"What about you?" she breathed before placing a soft kiss to his lips.

"All in good time Abs" said Gibbs, gently nibbling her earlobe

"No, now!" she said, pulling at the waistband of his jeans.

"Patience is not one of your virtues, is it Abs?" he sighed.

Abby's hands quickly went to work and skilfully released his erection from its tight confines.

"Don't want the jeans off then Abs" he smirked, knowing that sometimes she loved the feel of the rough denim against her skin.

"Nope" she smiled as she took him in hand, gently running fingers along his length before grazing her thumb over his weeping tip. "Looks like someone's started without me" she purred.

"But he's not going to finish without you" said Gibbs, lifting Abby on to the workbench.

"He'd better not" said Abby with a grin as he slowly entered her.

"Would he ever" joked Gibbs as his mouth claimed hers.

After a few shallow thrusts, Abby wrapped her legs around his waist allowing Gibbs to slip deeper inside of her. He moaned into her mouth as her moist warmth totally enclosed him. He stilled for a moment to look into Abby's eyes. "You're my rock Abs, I don't know what I do without you".

She cupped his face with her hands "Don't worry, you've got me for keeps" she smiled before crushing her lips against his.

As they kissed, Gibbs began to move slowly at first but soon picked up the pace when Abby moaned "Faster" against his lips. When the need to breathe became to great Gibbs pulled away and dropped his head against Abby shoulder.

After several deep thrusts Abby's hands where in his hair and her lips where moaning his name. Knowing that he was close and wanting her to come with him he slipped a hand between their bodies and rubbed his thumb against her clit. That was all that Abby needed as he felt her muscles contract around him and a whimper escape her lips.

"Oh my God" she managed to pant as she felt him come inside her, holding him tight as aftershocks ripped through his body.

"Feeling happier now Jethro" said Abby as she rested her forehead against his.

He kissed her slowly before answering, "Definitely"