A little bot was sitting hunched on the stoop, the place his dinosaur friend had since abandoned as her home. He felt safe here, as if the lingering shadows and memories of Dinah were there to protect him. Or perhaps it was Telly who watched over him now. Blinking his eyebolts, he looked down at a raised limb to watch the little screw spin with a slightly bored expression.

Then, quite suddenly and unexpectedly, liquid began to leak from Chibi's eyes. He brought an arm up to feel his face in confusion, and then the other, patting the wetness. He didn't understand. What was this? He practically beat at his face as he patted it again. Hmm.

But the sadness weighed out the curiosity and he plopped over onto his side, eyes narrowing as if glaring, but the fierceness was not present. He sat there for a long time, ignoring everything else in the world but himself. Chibi-Robo was lying there crying like some angsty teen - but perhaps that was what he was, for Chibi was not neccessarily old..it hadn't been a year since he was taken out of his package...

Then something disturbed him; loud thundering footsteps shook the ground and he whirled his head around, swiveling it backwards to stare at the newcomer. It was Dinah, head tilted in curiosity and tail swishing stiffly back and forth. "Why, Chibi," she cried, "What's eatin' at ya?" She had obviously noticed the liquid - the tears - leaking from his eyes.

Chibi sat up and looked away. He stopped the tears and then, as if in reply, simply emitted a NO symbol from the top of his skull. He could tell Dinah was not deterred by this at the heavy footsteps approaching him.

"Now, Chibi-Robo," she practically cooed, wrapping her tail around him and sweeping him closer, "You can sure as funky tell me. This ol' dineysaur can keep a secret, can't she? Oh, don't lookit me like that..." Chibi struggled away, eyes no longer glaring, but still somewhat angry. Although it would take one of his friends to notice the anger, seeing as Chibi-Robo had no apparent emotions.

"Chibi..," came the mumble, "Have you upset yerself abou' Telly? He's gone, Chibi, ain't no changing that. But you're crazier 'an a rodeo bull, and that shouldn't stop that..even if your friend shuffled off to the great cook-off in the sky." She blinked at him as he walked away a bit angrily, and then sighed. "Chibi." He swiveled his head around to look, but not all the way. "I'm sorry if'n I sound unsympathetic, but I had to deal with it too, and I'm still here, ain't I?"

In response to this Chibi narrowed his eyebolts in rage and emitted another NO symbol from his head. The look he gave could only convey this message; 'But Phil didn't die after all.' Dinah pretended she hadn't realized what he had tried to say. "Cheeb, you can always count on ol' Dinah. I'll take care of you if you need it - you know that, right?" She stepped forward and tried to grab him with her little arms and failed, but he turned and walked to her willingly.

With a chortle, the lego dinosaur continued amusedly, "An' I would hug ya, but as you can see for yerself, these arms ain't huggin' nothing." Chibi suddenly buried his head into Dinah's lego chest, as if he didn't notice the pokes of the blocks. His eyes were simply blank as always, but he seemed affectionate as he brought his limbs around her to hug her.

Then he broke away and dashed off, spunky as ever, to the little hole in the wall that led down to groundfloor. Dinah saw him tearing off in the room from her perch above, picking up trash and cleaning up like always.

"Love you, Chibi-Robo."

Then with a chuckle as Funky Phil, who had managed to drag himself up to the stoop with the help of his Phillies, looked up, she added this:

"In a motherly sort o' way."