Chapter 1
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"Mom, dad. This is too big. You bought all 3 of us plane tickets?" I asked in disbelief. Graduating high school was one exciting thing. But going on a trip to Hawaii after you finished high school was one hell of a big deal.

"Well, Rosalie's mom and Alice's parents pitched in, too. But yes, you girls deserve something." My mom beamed at me. The thought of me graduating just brought tears to my mom's eyes. I smiled at them and hugged them as tight as I could. After I left the house, I went over to the Hale's house. I ran up the front stairs and knocked profusely until Rosalie answered the door. We both just stared at each other and then we started screaming as loud as we could. Afterwards, we just had a few giggles here and there. We walked in the living room and she made me a fruit smoothie.

"So, mom said we leave in 2 days." Rose said excitedly. I squealed and nodded my head yes. She laughed, "Well, I think by now, they've told Alice, so we should probably go over to her house and scream and jump around again." Rosalie laughed and I smirked, thinking about Alice jumping on top of us when we walk up to her house.

Rosalie ran and got her keys and we were on our way to Alice's house. We weren't even to the front door when Alice came out and tackled us with hugs and screams. We smiled and laughed as made our way upstairs.

"Can you believe it?? What am I going to wear? Everything is taken care of!? I'm so excited..." Alice kept going on and on. At the same time, me and Rosalie clamped our hands on Alice's mouth. We started bursting out laughing, we always knew when to get Alice to shut up.

Alice just whimpered as we let her mouth set free. She pouted, and then smiled again at the thought of being in Hawaii for 3 weeks. After an afternoon of talking about life after high school , Me and Rosalie had to leave. She dropped me off at my car and we went our separate ways. When I got home Renee and Charlie were asleep on the couch together. I leaned against the wall frame and sighed. They looked so cute, I just left them alone. I went to the kitchen and got a glass of milk and cookies. I skipped upstairs and got my laptop out.

I went to Google and typed in Hawaii. 143,000,000 results came up. I clicked the first one and Hawaiian music started playing. Pictures of surfers and the ocean flooded the screen. I sighed, thinking about spending 3 weeks in the most beautiful land ever. After a night of research, I was very eager to get there and start having fun. I fell asleep, dreaming about vacation, with my friends, hot guys, and beaches.


"Guys, we've graduated. Now, before we go to New York, we need to do something special. Like an actual vacation, with just the 3 of us." I said to my friends who were currently sitting on the floor going against each other at Need for Speed on the Xbox.

"Well" pause "maybe we could" pause "go some place" pause "with an ocean" Jasper suggested while loosing at the game. "DAMMIT!" he yelled. I couldn't blame him. This was the 13th time he lost. He got up and went to the kitchen.

Emmett was having a laugh attack while I was focused on planning our vacation before heading off to medical school. I grabbed my laptop and typed in Best vacation by the beach.

Myrtle beach, too far. Miami, been there done that. Maui, hmmm..."Hey guys, what do you think about Maui?" I asked the boys. "Is that spanish?" Emmett asked. I sighed and laughed. Sometimes Emmett could be so blond. "No Emmett, Maui, Hawaii."

He squealed and jumped on the couch. "Edward, We have to go please tell me we can go!!!!" I sighed and looked at Jasper. He nodded his head as if it was some kind of agreement. I sighed," I suppose so..." I smiled and Emmett tackled me on the ground. "You guys are my best friends ever!"

My mom came out of her room,"Is everything okay boys?" She asked suspiciously. Emmett ran up to her and put his arm around her shoulder, "Everything is more than okay, Mrs. Esme !" He yelled. She giggled," And why is that Emmett?"

"We're going to Moie!" She looked so confused. "He meant Maui, mom." I said to her. She started laughing and Emmett had a slight blush tent on his cheeks. "So today is Saturday, so we can probably leave on Sunday, is that okay with you guys?" I asked them. They nodded their heads yes and grabbed their car keys and they were off.

I headed upstairs so I could go ahead and get my packing done. An hour later I was just about done packing. I had everything labeled and ready to be shipped off to Hawaii. I felt like I was forgetting something.... My toothbrush! I turned around to go to the bathroom and saw my mom standing in the doorway leaned against the frame, crying.

"Mom! What's wrong? Are you okay? What about dad?" I asked furiously. "No, baby. I just... can't believe you're all grown up. I mean it was like yesterday, you and Carlisle were climbing trees and making forts in the backyard and now, your about to go off into the real world. I'm sorry. I don't mean to be this emotional." She sniffled and I grabbed her waist and hugged her as hard as I could. I knew this was hard for her. I was an only child. And her only child was leaving into the real world to live his life. I started to get a little emotional, but I kept control. She just grabbed onto me and bawled.

I bent down to her ear and started whispering, "Mom. I will always be your little boy. I love you. I always have and always will. Just because I'm moving, doesn't mean that I won't come visit. And hell, maybe you'll enjoy me being gone. I mean, more time with dad, alone. More time to do things you love. What I'm saying is... just because I'm not 2 rooms down from you anymore, I'm still your only son and I plan on being here at least once a month. So, please don't be upset. You've raised a good, loving, hot son." I giggled at my humor, but she was already asleep.

I wonder how much she heard of it. I picked her up and went to her room. I placed her in the bed and put the covers up to her neck. I smiled and finished packing.

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