Chapter 5



Alice walked back in the house and mouthed 'In love' at me. I was slightly confused until I saw Bella walk in the house humming lightly. I smirked and slapped her ass as I got up to go to the kitchen.

"Is someone in love?" I teased. She looked pretty snug.

"You know what, you should be glad I'm not yelling at you for LEAVING ME." She said, but still smiling, so I knew I was okay.

"I'm sorry!" I pouted and stuck my bottom lip out. She laughed and stripped down into her bathing suit. "You did say something about swimming right, Alice?" Alice smiled wickedly, and stripped down to hers as well.

I sat outside on one of the benches for about 10 minutes, watching the girls dive and jump in repeatedly. My mind wandered and looked up at the mountainous valleys behind the house and the beauty of the island.

"Girls? Do you mind if I go driving for a bit? Just to, you know...explore a little bit more?" I asked. They both looked at each other and shrugged.

"Sure. Do you want us to go with you? Because we really don't mind. Just let us ge-" I stopped Bella from finishing her sentence.

"Bella. Alice. Don't worry about it. Have fun. Enjoy yourselves. We have 2 weeks on this island. Make the most of it right?" They smiled and Alice dunked Bella under the water. I laughed and rolled my eyes and went to the bedroom to get ready.

I went simple, knowing I was just going to hit a few local places. I wore a pink tank and white drawstring shorts. (on profile)

I grabbed the keys off the counter and walked out to the car. It took about 10 minutes to get to town and when I got there, there were very many tourist mixed with native people. I parked near a cute jewelry shop and smiled when she greeted me inside. I was mesmerized by the beautiful hand-made items.

I looked over the counter and saw the woman weaving strings under, over, around, and through each other. I was absolutely amazed. She looked at me as she finished the weaving.

"Aloha. May I ask your name?" She asked.

"Rosalie." I said with a soft smile. She smiled back and repeated what I had said, "Rosalie." And then she wrapped the bracelet around my wrist and tied it there. I lifted up my arm and looked at the bracelet, the jewels hanging off of it. I love it.

I pulled out my wallet, but she stopped me.

"My gift to you." She said, with a strong Hawaiian accent. I shook my head, "No, I must pay you something."

She nodded her head no. "May love come your way very soon." And with that, she left to the back room.

I stayed still for a few minutes, seeing whether or not she would come back out.

She never did, so I left, feeling refresh and slightly confused by what she had said, but I didn't let it get to me.

I hit a couple more local shops. Picking up a few things for my parents. I walked back to the car, ready to head home. Then heard a beep from my phone. I had one new text message.

Get some limes. We are going to have a fun time tonight!

Well then. I drove around for about 5 minutes until I spotted a small grocery store. I walked in and was suprised by how many fresh produces they had.

I grabbed 2 limes and dropped one of them while putting them in the bag. I went to reach for it, but someone else had already beat me to the punch.

I looked up and saw the beauty from the plane.


"Dammit man! How can we make Key Lime pie without the fucking limes!" Edward was yelling.

" Chill dude. It's okay. I'll go back and get some." I said, patting him on the back.

He sheepishly smiled back, "Sorry man. It's just...that girl. She's getting to me."

I winked at him and grabbed the keys.

There were so many pedestrians I could barely find a spot. But when I did I had to hike to the freaking store. When I got in there I smelled fresh fruits. I was amazed. I walked around the corner and saw the limes. I grabbed a bag and put 7 limes in there. I tied the bag and turned around and saw a lime hit the floor.

I bent down and grabbed it and stood up.

It was the girl from the plane.

That amazing girl with bright blue eyes and blonde hair from the plane.


"I guess I just can't keep the guys off me." She said, smirking, while grabbing the lime in my hand.

I laughed and we continued down the aisle, " So making Key Lime Pie?" I asked. Smooth Emmett. Real Smooth.

She looked at me a little funny, then giggled. "Uhm. No, not quite. Something with alcohol, more than likely. I don't really know. Just got a text from my friends to bring some back."

" A boyfriend ?" I asked without thinking.

She paused slightly and then stopped walking.

"Do you want to go do something?" She asked suddenly. I nodded my head, "Absolutly."

"The thing is.." She left the sentence dragging on, eying me.

"Oh! Emmett. My name is Emmett." I said quickly.

She smiled and continued. " The thing is Emmett. No I don't have a boyfriend. But the fact of the matter is that we have happened to run into each other once again. I mean...on this whole entire island. We happen to run into each other. Again- I don't think this was coincidence."

Everything she was saying made complete sense.

" So what do you want to do?" I asked.

She smirked and winked at me.

"Follow me." She said. I smiled like crazy and I knew I would follow her anywhere.

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