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Lavi/Female!Kanda (Pretending to be a boy)Lavi confesses to Kanda and is corresponded. But Kanda keeps avoiding any physical contact and denying Lavi his... needs. So Lavi corners the samurai and gets it going only to find out that he is, in fact, a she.Hurt/Comfort!Sex


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It was all Allen's fault. Had he not been so set on playing truth or dare, he wouldn't be doing this. Bookmen weren't supposed to have feelings, much less talk about and express them. Bookman would kill him, after he was already dead of course. But lets start from the beginning.

"Hey Lavi, me and Lenalee are playing truth or dare. We need at least one more person to play, up for it?" And how could anyone resist Allen's cute little charms? Right. He had work to do.

"Sorry Moyashi-chan! But Panda has me doing tons of reports. Maybe next week?" Oh no. That boy wasn't going to take no for an answer.

"But he's on a mission! You can spare an hour, can't you?" The power of his eyes increased tenfold, "Besides, Kanda's gonna play! Don't you wanna humiliate him?"

Lavi's eyes seemed to twitch, "Well, if it's just an hour…"

And there he was, playing truth or dare.

"Lenalee, truth or dare?" He asked.

"Hmm, truth!" They decided not to make fun, considering she was brave enough to go first.

Lavi thought, "How many guys have you made out with without your brother knowing?" Sure, call it sexist, but he was taking pity on her for being the only girl there.

She smirked, "Too many to count!" She giggled, "My brother doesn't know about any of them!" She paused, looking around their small circle at the rest of the faces, "Kanda, truth or dare?" How they had ever got Kanda Yuu to play truth or dare (or even sit with them for that matter), Lavi would never know.


"What was that, Kanda?" Lenalee asked teasingly.


Lenalee smiled, "Do you like someone that's at the order?" Lavi's heart sped up, surely he had to have an interest in someone.


"Kanda, you promised me you would play. Samurai's don't go back on their words, now do they?"

His eyebrows twitched, "No."

"You're not allowed to lie, obviously." She added, "Are you really that mean, Kanda?"


"Yes to what, Kanda?" Allen asked after a second.

"Baka Moyashi. Yes to the question." He was clenching and unclenching his fingers now.

"There was two questions. You have to specify which one you answered." Lenalee nodded silently from across Allen.

Kanda scowled, "The first question. The truth question that Lenalee asked."

"Oh," Lenalee said, "That's so cute Kanda! Who is it?" She was being completely serious. No hint of teasing in her voice whatsoever. Allen stifled a chuckle as Lavi awaited the answer.

"You only get one question." Lenalee frowned, "Moyashi… truth or dare?"

"It's Allen, BaKanda!" He smirked, "I pick dare."

Lavi watched as Kanda's gaze drifted towards the corner and the plant occupying the space. Slightly amused, he looked back at Allen, "Go eat the dirt in that pot." He pointed towards the corner.

Allen's jaw dropped, "You can't be serious. Kanda, that's disgusting!" Kanda shrugged. Lavi didn't miss the pleading look Allen sent Lenalee after a minute of staring at Kanda. And for the first time that night, he spoke up.

"A dare's a dare, Moyashi-chan!" He smiled and lifted the boy to his feet before pushing him towards the corner.

"It's Allen!" He sent Lenalee another pleading look. She looked away.

"With everything else you eat, what's a little dirt gonna do?" Allen and Kanda glared daggers at each other.

"BaKanda, dirt's a little different th- mph!" Lavi interrupted by shoveling a handful of the dirt into Allen's mouth. He choked and spit it back into the pot. "Happy Kanda?!" He coughed.

"No. You spit it out." He stated bluntly.

Allen was about to answer when Lenalee cute in. "Alright! It's Lavi's turn! Allen?"

He shot Kanda another glare before turning to Lavi. "Truth or dare?"


Allen smirked, "I dare you to lick the bottom of Kanda's bare foot." Kanda's eyes snapped up as he watched the Moyashi smirk.

"No fucking way."

"Yuu-Chan… a dare's a dare. You made Moyashi-Chan eat dirt, it's only fair…"

"You don't care, Usagi? I'd rather eat dirt then let you do it."

Allen was already holding Kanda's arms behind his back and Lenalee was undoing his boot and sliding off his sock. "You can't be serious!" He barked, "That's the most vile thing I've ever heard!"

"Lovers do it in bed all the time." Allen whispered from behind Kanda as his cheeks flushed slightly.

"Yuu-Chan, it'll only take a second. Just hold still." He gingerly took his bare ankle into his hands and got on his knees as Lenalee smiled. "Alright…" He whispered, running his fingers from his toe to heel, noticing how soft his feet were. Kanda thrashed at the arms restraining him. He moved his face closer, poking his tongue out and hesitantly running it along the line he'd already traced, slowly. Kanda tried to kick him, but Lavi kept a firm grip. He stood back up.

"See, Yuu-Chan? That wasn't so bad." Sure Lavi would have done to someone else had he been dared to, but he was happy it'd been Kanda.

Kanda cursed, both in Japanese and English as he angrily put his boot back on. "Lavi, it's your turn again," Lenalee said happily.

He smiled, "Moyashi-Chan? Truth or dare?" Allen, having learned his lesson, picked truth. "Have you ever groped Lenalee?" They both blushed before Allen gave a sheepish 'yes'.

"But it's not what you think! We were on a mission and I was telling her not to go past me!" He defended.

"Right, right. Sure, Allen," Lavi laughed.

"My turn!" Allen huffed, "Lenalee?"

She grinned, "Dare."

Allen thought. Then thought some more. Being the gentleman he was, he couldn't bring himself to ask the girl to do anything horrible. He sighed and looked away from the other boys.

"Lick the table."

She blinked, "That's it?" He blushed and nodded. She shrugged and bent down to lick it. "Alright. Well, it's my turn again." She smirked, "Kanda, who do you like?"

He didn't bother to look up, "Tch. I don't believe that's a yes or no question."

She pouted, "Tell us anyway." He didn't. "Fine. Is that person sitting here with us?"

His eyes opened, "Tch."

"That's not an answer." She sighed.


She smiled again, "Now that it's out there, I think you should just tell us. I mean, considering there's only three of us and I'm the only girl." He stood up violently and stormed out of the cafeteria.

She sighed, "Well, that didn't go to well."

Lavi raised an eyebrow, "That?"

"Yes. That. We- Lavi, we think you like Kanda. Correct us if we're wrong, but we think you do."

Lavi's face flushed, "I- is it that obvious?" They nodded.

Meanwhile… Kanda was standing in the hallway. Listening. And blushing profoundly.

"We were just trying to help." Allen added, "We figured you're never say anything by yourself, so we're here if you want out help.

Lavi burst out laughing, "A-Allen, you mean" Laughter, "You-you ate dirt for me?"

"H-hey! I was looking to Lenalee for help but you ended up forcing me anyway!"

"Sorry about that Moyashi-Chan, I might have spared you if I knew."

"Yeah, whatever. I get to dare you one more time though." Lavi raised an eyebrow, "I- we dare you to go tell Kanda how you feel." Lenalee silently nodded as Lavi's jaw dropped.

"You can't be serious. That won't help either of us. He already doesn't like me."

"We don't care. Go try or we'll do it for you."

"I- I don't really know if I…." Kanda had stopped listening and was striding down the hallway as fast as he could, face still flushed. He wouldn't let Lavi say that. Never. He entered training room number two and sat, did NOT hide, behind one of the fake rocks.

That wouldn't happen.

Truth or Dare. End.

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