Dear Readers,

This is the hardest thing I had to write but...

I'm giving up on writing Harry Potter stories. The main reason is because of the real world has caused me not to have as much time as I would like to write. As I have said a few times over the past year, my husband's grandfather 'was' ill. The key word was because he passed away just two weeks ago. You would think that my life would go back to normal but do to the fact that he is an only child and both his grandparents children are gone. He is POA for his grandmother. There is very possible that she might be moving in with us. We spend a great deal of time over at her house. This means I'm away from my computer a great deal of the time. If she moves in, I'll lose my computer room and my private time to write.

Therefore, I'm offering up all my stories for adoption. Anyone who wants to finish the stories please contact me at my email address. We can talk and get the stories over to your care. The only think I ask is that you do a few things for me. One don't kill off Sirius... I love the character. He is one of my favorites. The other is send me the chapters that you write. I would love to see where you take these stories.

Thank you everyone for reading and the ones that reply all the time. I'll miss hearing from you but sadly this can't be helped. I am hoping that one day that I'll get a chance to write again. I can't say when. It might be next week or next year. It is all up in the air as I sit and write this.

Thanks and take care,

Marti aka...Leath...