X Raven Chapter 1

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" Hey." Talking.

" Hey." Demon talking.

" Hey." Thanking.

" Hey." Talking on a phone.

Red X was stealing jewels off a ship belonging to Wayne Enterprises. Red X had the bag and kicked open the door leading to the ship's deck. Then he saw the Teen Titans Robin, Starfire, Cyborg, Beast Boy, and Raven.

" Red X!" Said a surprised Robin.

Red X smiled under his mask. " Hey kid."

Robin narrowed his eyes. " The last time I saw you. You fell of the cliff to escape us and then you broke in the tower again! You stole my belt!"

Red X laughed at that. " You mean my belt. The day you gave this suit up, was the day it became mine."

" Who are you?" Demanded Robin.

" I thought I told you before kid. If I wanted you to know that. Would I be wearing a mask?" Questioned Red X

Robin glared at him. " Titans go!"

Red X smiled as Robin charged at him. He dodged everything that Robin was throwing at him.

" Your to aggressive kid." Stated Red X as twist Robin's arm.

Then Red X kicked Robin in the face and shot out a X at him. It hit him and Robin was tied up.

After about five minutes of fighting with them. The rest of the team had been defeated, but Raven.

Raven was picking up poles on the ship and throwing them at X, but he dodged them.

Red X was about to disappear with the jewels, but he notice the bag was gone.

" Looking for these?" Raven asked as she showed him the bag.

Red X smiled at her. " I must say Raven. You would be one hell of a thief. No one has ever done that to me, but two people. I guess you the third one now."

Raven rolled her eyes. " Lucky me."

" I'm afraid I'm going to need them sweet Raven." Stated Red X. He already gave Robin and Starfire a nick name. She had earn his respect.

Raven widen her eyes. That was Malchior called her.

To the other Titans horror. Raven lost control and had four red eyes.

" How dare you call me that! Die human!" Yelled a Demonic Raven.

Red X widen his eyes as she was taking almost everything off the ship and throwing at him. He dodged a lot, but he was caught off guard by Raven. He had no idea that Raven had this type of dark power as she grabbed him.

Then Raven begin to suck the life out of him. " How does it feel human?"

Robin yelled for her to stop.

Raven opened her eyes. Just as she did, she drooped Red X and he fell of the ship. She widen her eyes when she saw Red X falling in the rough ocean water.

" I won't let him die!" Thought Raven as she jumped in there after him.

The other Titans widen their eyes as she did that. " RAVEN!"

Raven dragged Red X's body to the shore of a island. She couldn't believe she lost control like that.

She checked Red X to see if he was breathing. She lifted his mask up to his noose and started to do mouth to mouth.

" Come on. Please breath." She pleaded.

Then when nothing was working. She widen her eyes. " This is all my fault!"

Then her eye glowed. " Azarath Metrion Zinthos!"

With that she sent her dark energy through Red X and finally he coughed up water. She sighed at that and glad he was alive. Even though it took a lot out of her to do that.

Red X looked up and saw Raven's face. " A angel."

Raven blushed at that.

Red X sat up. " So that's what you really look like under that hood?"

It was more of a statement then a question.

" I'm no angel." Said a monotone voice.

" I have to disagree with you there. You saved my life Raven. Why?" Questioned Red X.

" It was my fault that you almost died." Was all Raven said on the subject.

Red X nodded his head. " Do you mind telling me what was that back there?"

Raven gave him a glare. " Like I tell you."

" Not how you did it. It seems when you get angry, you get out of control. I would like know what I said to you that made you mad." He said.

" Like I said before. I'm not telling you anything." Was all Raven said on the subject.

He then noticed that they were on a island in the middle of nowhere. He knew that his belt won't take him that far. If tried to disappear, he might fall in the water.

" Red X?"

He glance at Raven who had her hood on.

" Can you teleport us out of here?" She questioned.

He just laughed at her. " I answer your question, but you have to take that hood off."

She glared at him. " Why do you want me to do that?"

" Your to beautiful to hide under that hood of yours." He answered.

Raven blushed at that and sent a tree flying in the air.

He laughed at that.

Raven gave him a death look.

He held his hands in peace. " No. I can't teleport us that far. What about you?"

After she calm down. She answered him. " I used a lot of energy healing you. I have to wait until I'm at full strength."

He raised a eyebrow at that. " How long?"

" Two hours. Healing takes a lot out of me." Explained Raven.

That's when he noticed that Raven seem out of breath. " Why don't you sit on the ground?"

She nodded her head. " I'm going to meditate."

A hour later. Red X had enough of the silence. He hated being bored and he gave Raven enough time by herself. " Hey Raven. Can we talk."

Raven could sense he was getting bored. She was surprise that he keep quiet this long. " About what?"

" Why did you become a Titan?" He asked.

She glance at him with a bored look. " Do you really thank I would tell you anything? Your my enemy."

" I never tried to kill any of you and besides, if you really thought I was your enemy. Why would you save me?" He questioned.

" Because I want to prove I'm not a demon." Thought a sad Raven. " I felt like it."

" How about this. We ask three questions about each other. This talk will never leave this island." He said.

She could tell he won't shut up, unless she agreed to this. She could also tell that he was telling the truth about the conversation never leaving the island. " Fine."

He smiled under his mask. " Ladies first."

" Why did you become a thief?" She asked.

" I was train in the art of stealth and fighting. My teacher wanted me to take over cities, but I had no interest in that. I just like money. Stealing is what I'm really good at and it pays well." Explained Red X.

Raven nodded. " It seems like he didn't know what to do with his life. The only thing he was good at was stealing. He must be really good to brake in the Titans Tower twice with out no one knowing."

" Why did you become a Titan? With your powers you could have became rich really fast." He stated.

" I have no need for money. I join the the Titans so that I could do good deeds." She Answered. She hoped that would some how make up for the horrible thing she was destined to do.

He nodded. " Why didn't you take my mask off. You could know what I look like. Robin would have done it."

" It was not my place to do that and I'm not Robin." Was all Raven said. " Why were you trying to steal from Wayne Enterprises?"

" They have the best stuff to seal. The better the object is. The more money I get." Explained Red X.

She nodded at that.

" Do you have family? If so do you ever talk to them?" He questioned.

Raven raised a eyebrow at that. " I never talk to my family. I will write to my mother once in a while, but that is it. What about you?"

" I really don't have a family. I do, but I don't talk to them at all." He answered.

Raven just nodded her head. " It seems that have my full power. Hold on."

With that Red X was wrapped in black power and they left the island.

They appeared in the park at Jump City and it was late at night.

Raven started to walk away.

" Wait. Are you going to try and capture me?" He questioned.

Raven glance at him. He was the first person to say she was beautiful. " No. This is a get out of jail free card."

He raised a eyebrow at her. " I owe you for saving my life and for letting me go. Is there anything you need?"

" You owe me nothing." She said as she started to walk away. " I just wish I wasn't alone." She said in a very quite voice.

Thanks to Red X's suit, he heard say that. " Your not going to be alone anymore Raven. I will make sure of it."

With that Red X disappeared.

End of chapter.