Summary: Edward and Bella have grown up hating each other. Can being forced to spend one HOT Spring Break together change all of that?

(AU; Cannon Pairings; All Human; Rated M)

Disclaimer: I took inspiration from Stephenie Meyer, but I do not own anything of Twilight.

I also took inspiration from many of the wonderful stories that I have read here and I wish that I could give credit to each of you. This is my attempt to finally give something back. I hope you enjoy it!

Enemy Mine

Chapter One: "Spin the Bottle"

"Alice! Bella's here!" Emmet yelled swinging his arm around his new girlfriend shoulders as they sat on the couch. He and Rosalie had only been dating a week and she had never met his sister's best friend.

The door bell rang again as Alice came bounding down the stairs, her petite body gliding gracefully across the floor as she rounded the couch towards the front door. "Yay! Bella's here! Bella's here!" she sang.

"Yeah, just great," Edward grumbled sarcastically from across the room. "Why does the shrew have to stay here all week anyway? Doesn't she have any family of her own?"

"Dude, shut-up." Emmet threw a couch pillow and laughed as he nailed Edward in the face.

"Why doesn't Edward like Alice's friend?" Rosalie asked.

"It's a long, long story, Babe." Emmet replied. "Goes back longer than Alice and I have been around."

Rosalie turned her head to hear Alice giggling as she greeted Bella in the foyer. "But, I thought your parents had been married since you were little?"

"Yup! They had their tenth wedding anniversary last fall!" Emmet told her beaming at the happy memory. "So, when they got married, I guess Edward and I were… How old were we, dude?" he asked, looking back at his step-brother. "Seven? Eight?"

Edward didn't look up from his computer where it was perched on his lap. "You were eight. Alice and I were seven."

"That's right. So, Bella would have been seven too." Emmet went on. "Esme and Bella's mom, Rene, have been best friends since grade school. So Edward and Bella have known each other since they were babies. When dad and Esme got married Alice and Bella became like peas in a pod."

"BFFs!" Alice announced, hearing the end of Emmet's story as she lead Bella into the room. "Best Friends Forever!"

"Hey Bella! About time you got here." Emmet turned his head to look at them. "This is Rosalie. Rose, this is Bella."

"Hi, Rosalie!" Bella waved with a smile. "I'm glad to finally meet you! Emmet has been talking about you forever! Going on and on and on …. I didn't think he'd ever ask you out." She leaned over the back of the couch and punched Emmet in the shoulder lightly as she teased him. "I'm glad to see you finally got the guts, Big Guy. And you are right…. She does have the prettiest blond hair." Bella beamed innocently.

Rosalie's face lit up. "Emmet! Is that true? Did you say that? Awww, you're so sweet!" she gave him a kiss on the cheek.

Emmet glared up at Bella playfully, "I don't know whether to thank you or throw you out for that, Bells. Has anyone ever told you that you've got a big mouth?"

"I vote for throwing her out." Edward grumbled."

Bella looked over at Edward for the first time, lounging across the room in a pair of faded jeans and a tight gray T-shirt. "Well, hello to you too, Troll," she sneered. "I was wondering what that smell was." Edward looked up from his computer and glared at her. She did her best to glare back but, the truth was, she felt like her eyes were going to pop out of her head. Damn, he was wearing his glasses. Why did he have to be one of those guys who looked sexy in glasses? She hated him. HATED him! The fact that made her heart beat faster every time she saw him did not change that.

"Are we seriously going to be stuck with your presence for the entire week of Spring Break?" Edward asked, interrupting her stare. Why did she have to look at him like that? It was like she was baiting him; daring him not to stare back. The bitch - she had to know how gorgeous she was, even though she acted like she didn't have a clue. Fate had been completely unfair to him. She was supposed to get ugly as she got older, or at least stay stuck in that gangling stage she was in a few years back. But, damn it! She just got hotter every time he saw her and that completely sucked!

"OK, so I already got that you two don't like each other much." Rosalie interjected. "But I never finished hearing the story of why."

"That's the mystery, Babe," Emmet told her. "No one really knows why."

"He's obnoxious"

"She's a pain in the ass."

"He's a rude prick"

"She an annoying bitch."

Alice threw her hands up, "Enough! I swear we are NOT going to listen to this all week. So, each of you to your corners."

"Wait," Rosalie said, "Seriously? You have no idea why they can't stand each other?"

"Something to do with root bear," Emmet told her.

Edward groaned.

"Do not bring up the unmentionable Root Bear incident, Em!" Bella said without humor.

"Corners!" Alice yelled again shaking a finger at both Bella and Edward to emphasize her point. "I mean it! This is our Spring Break so you guys have to try to be civil at least, OK?"

"Would you settle for total avoidance?" Edward asked. The less time he had to spend trying NOT to check out Bella's perfect figure the better.

"Fine. That works for me." Bella replied, trying to ignore the fact his remark had actually hurt her feelings. Was her presence that unbearable to him?

Alice sighed and led Bella around to the front of the couch. Plopping them both down on the floor in front of Emmett and Rosalie, she faced Edward and continued. "No, that's not good enough. We are having a party tonight, after all, and we are all going to be there together. So, I want both of you to give me your word that you will not fight with each other tonight." Bella and Edward both glared at her. "Come on! You have the rest of the week to try out your new insults. Just give us one night of peace. Do it for me."

One thing that Edward and Bella had in common was their love for Alice and she knew this.

"OK, Al." Bella spoke up first. "I, at least, promise to be perfectly polite tonight no matter what venom is spewed at me."

Edward rolled his eyes. "Fine, I'll bite my tongue for one night."

Alice beamed at the success of her diplomacy… or guilt-trip. Whichever, she'd gotten her way.

"What time is everyone arriving tonight?" Rosalie asked.

"About seven, which only gives us another three hours to get ready?" Alice switched into party-planning-mode with enthusiasm. "I have jobs for each of you and you'd better get them done BEFORE people start to get here."

Since Alice had a way of infecting people with her enthusiasm, everyone willing accepted their assignments and everything was in place by the time the first guest arrived. Rosalie and Emmett had taken the assignment of official greeters, answering the door and making sure everyone felt welcome. It was just after 7:00 when the door bell sounded.

"Eeek! Do you think that could be Jasper?" Alice squealed. She was upstairs with Bella as they finished getting ready in her room.

"Hold still!" Bella scolded her best friend with a laugh as she continued trying to pin Alice's wrap-around skirt tighter so it wouldn't fall off her tiny waste. "If it is, Jasper, you don't want to rush downstairs and seem too eager, do you?"

"But, I'm hostess, right? Shouldn't I greet him?"

"You gave that job to Em and Rose, remember? Come one, Alice, you and I both know that this entire party was cooked up by you for the sole purpose of giving you a chance to catch Jasper's attention. Now, don't blow it by ruining your perfect entrance. You have to make him wait just a bit."

Alice turned to face Bella. "How do I look?"

"Perfect!" Bella said with an encouraging smile. "He won't be able to take his eyes off of you!"

Alice's face fell when she looked at Bella. "Hardly," she sighed. "Not after he gets a look at you. Bella, you are stunning!"

"Whatever." Bella rolled her eyes and turned to look in the mirror. She wore a tight royal-blue sweater with a low V-neck that stopped just short of showing her cleavage. The blue matched her eyes perfectly and her long, dark hair fell full around her shoulders and down her back. Black jeans clung to her curves while her black heeled boots made her legs look longer. "I wish I'd found a more stylish outfit for tonight. I feel so plain."

"Believe me, Bella. You do NOT look plain."

"Not that it matters." Bella shrugged. "It's not like there is anyone I'm trying to impress. This night is all yours, Alice. You are the belle of this ball, so just remember that…. And make Jasper drool!"

Alice laughed and hugged her. "Thanks for the pep-talk. You're the best! Now I really can't wait any more. Time to make my entrance."

Bella hung back at the top of the stairs watching as Alice descended. The doorbell had continued to sound several times and the house was already filling with guests. Bella could hear Emmett and Rosalie laughing with several friends but she wasn't sure if Jasper was among them. She wanted to be sure Alice was alone when she first greeted him, so she strained to hear any sign that he had arrived.

"Are you just going to hide up here and ease drop all night?" Edward asked suddenly from behind her making Bella jump.

"Damn it, Cullen! I know you hate me, but do you have to try to give me a heart attack?" She whirled around to yell at him some more, but stopped short when she saw him. And then she, basically, stopped breathing.

Holy shit, he looked amazing!

Edward was dressed in a pair of faded blue jean and a white button-down shirt that was slightly unbuttoned. The crispness of his outfit was offset by his messy bronze hair that he pushed off his forehead as he watched her. His glasses were long gone and his brilliant green eyes arched up as he gave her a crooked smile.

"If that was all it took to give you a heart attach, Bella, I think you'd have died a long time ago." Edward focused on appearing casual and keeping his voice controlled. He couldn't let Bella know that his own heart had stopped the moment she turned around. He had been fighting his attraction to her for a long time, but he had never been as affected by her as he was in that moment. She was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. And the way that sweater clung to her made it nearly impossible to keep his eyes on her face. There was no way he was going to keep his dignity intact long if he had to continue looking at her as her chest rose and fell to steady her breathing. Moving passed her without another word he descended the stairs quickly to put some distance between them.

Bella watched Edward as he walked away and bit her lips as she noticed how the jeans showed off his tight ass. What was she thinking? She shouldn't be checking out his ass, she should be thinking about how he IS an ass! She slumped against the wall. This was getting entirely out of hand. She had always had a little crush on Edward, but he had clearly hated her since birth. He could actually be sweet at times and she'd seen him be very good to Alice for years, but he was so mean to her. Of course she was mean back. But he started it! After all, he was the one who poured the Root Bear in her hair, not the other way around… But she was not going to think about the dreaded Root Bear incident tonight. She had promised Alice civility and she'd come through even if it killed her.

A quick fluff of her hair and straitening of her sweater and Bella decided it was time she joined the party. She walked at a slow pace to make certain Edward was long out of her path and listen for any sound of Alice and Jasper. She didn't hear them, but she spotted them as soon as she got to the bottom of the stairs. They were standing together across the room having what appeared to be a private conversation. Alice was beaming, her hands clasped flirtatiously behind her back as she smiled up at Jasper. It made Bella feel warm all over to see Alice having success. She'd pined for Jasper for so long and she really deserved to find someone to make her happy.

Bella thought she'd be willing to help Alice in any way if it meant she could make progress with Jasper, but when Alice came to her with a request about half way through the evening Bella almost had a change of heart. The night had been pleasant, but relatively uneventful. It was a crowd of close friends from school, not an open invitation party. That was the agreement that had been reached when the parents consented to being "out of town" while the event took place. Bella had spent most of the evening sitting on the couch talking with Angela and Jessica, listening to them both giggle while trying to attract Ben and Mike's attention. It wasn't exactly boring, although Bella thought that they might as well have been sitting in the lunch room for all the difference it would make. When Alice dashed over and pulled Bella up from the couch, she was glad for the interruption.

"I have to talk to you in the kitchen," Alice whispered as she dragged Bella along.

"What's up, Al?" she asked. "This is the first time I've seen you away from Jasper all evening. I thought things were going well?"

They reached the kitchen and Alice quickly closed the door, blocking out the party noise. "It is! It's going so well, that I want to try to push it a little further. You have to help me, OK?"

"Of course, I'll help. What do you need me to do?"

"I want to get us all to play Spin the Bottle."

"What!?" Bella laughed. "Oh, come on, Alice. No one is going to want to play that stupid game. It's silly. I mean, maybe if we were still in the 5th grade, but half the people out there are seniors!"

"I know, I know. It's lame. But, it's the perfect opportunity to force Japer to act. Just listen." Alice pleaded. "If I end up having to kiss someone else, then Japer will realize that he is jealous. If he ends up having to kiss someone else, he'll realize he wishes it was me. And if we end up having to kiss each other… well, then the sparks will just fly on their own!"

"I don't know, Alice. This plan feels like a potential for disaster if you ask me." Bella told her. "Besides, you'll never get anyone else to go along with it."

"Go along with what?" Jessica asked as she and Angela came through the door.

Bella glanced at Alice who was begging with her eyes. "Alice wants to play Spin the Bottle," she sighed. "I told her we are all way too old for that game."

"I think it's a great idea!" Angela cried.

"Oh, I do too!" Jessica followed. "We've got to do something to get some action started around here. No offense, Alice, it's a great party. Just a tad bit tame, if you know what I mean."

"You can't be serious? I'm not playing that stupid game!"

"Bella, please!" Alice whined. "You have to! If you back out others will too. PLEASE!!!"

Bella groaned and Alice took that as a yes. She ushered all of them out of the kitchen before anymore protest could be voiced and called out for Emmett across the room.

"Emmett! Gather everyone together! We're going to do something fun!"

They quickly assembled the group into a large circle, pushing the couch and chairs aside to make room, and Alice explained the game.

Everyone laughed like she'd just made the most ridiculous joke.

"What is so funny?" Alice asked innocently. "It will be fun."

"Forget it! I'm not playing." Edward started to get up, but Alice pulled him back down beside her on the floor.

"Come on, Edward, please?" she asked him quietly.

Edward tried not to glance over at Bella sitting directly across the circle from him. Tried, and failed. She looked nervous, even embarrassed. Then he noticed that several of the guys in the circle were also staring at her. No doubt they were considering their chances of pointing the bottle in HER direction. Edward growled under his breath. This idea was definitely bad, but he just couldn't disappoint Alice.

"Fine." He said, knowing that his decision to remain would keep others in the game. "But you so owe me, Alice."

Alice smiled sweetly. "OK, so this is how it works. Everyone has to get one kiss. We'll take turns spinning the bottle and when you've had a kiss, you step out of the circle. And, if anyone refuses to kiss, they have to stay in for the whole game. "

"I'm not kissing anyone but Rosalie!" Emmett protested.

"It's not like you have to give them tongue, Em!" Alice glared at him for interrupting. "But it has to be more than just a peck too! Otherwise, what's the fun?"

"This is so stupid," Edward mumbled and Alice elbowed his ribs. "What if the bottle points to someone of the same sex… or a sibling? No way I'm kissing Emmett!" He smiled so she knew he was trying to kid her. Everyone laughed.

"If it's a guy, you can spin again, Edward." Alice told him. "And if it's me, you can kiss my cheek. But only because we are related! No other excuses."

"OK, we've got it. Let's get going." Jessica said eagerly. "Who is going to go first?"

"Go ahead, Jess." Alice rolled the empty glass bottle towards her.

Jessica reached forward to retrieve the bottle, purposely leaning down so her top gapped and her bra was clearly visible. She flipped her hair over her shoulder and spun the bottle with force. When it finally stopped it was pointed at Eric. She didn't exactly hide her disappointment and neither did Eric. They were good sports about it, though, and shared a decent kiss before stepping out of the circle and perching on the couch to watch the rest of the game.

Bella's stomach was in knots. She looked around the circle without finding one guy she felt OK about kissing. What if SHE got Jasper? Alice would be crushed and maybe even mad at her all Spring Break. But she certainly didn't want someone like Mike. The thought literally made her gag. The longer she considered her options the angrier she became that Alice was making them all do this. She loved Alice, but this was really asking too much. She wished she could just fake an asthma attack and run upstairs. Too bad she didn't have asthma.

Lauren had just finished trying to eat off Ben's mouth, which made Angela's eye tear up, when Alice rolled the bottled in Bella's direction and sang out, "You're up, girlfriend!"

Bella looked at the bottle like it was a snake. "Fine," she signed, knowing she might as well get it over with. How bad could it be? She closed her eyes and gave the bottle a quick spin. After a few seconds she opened her eyes just in time to watch the bottle come to a stop pointing directly across from her. Directly at Edward.

Everyone in the room went instantly silent as Bella and Edward looked up at each other. In unison their eyes locked. Their jaws dropped. Then they both exclaimed, "No fucking way!"

Emmett broke the remaining silence with the full force of his belly laugh. "Oh, Alice! You were right, this is brilliant! Remind me never to doubt your ideas again. This makes my whole night!"

"Shut up, Emmett!" Bella snapped. "This is NOT funny!"

Emmett continued to laugh. "Are you kidding? You and Edward? This is priceless!"

"There is no way I'm kissing him!" Bella snapped in panic, looking at Alice.

Alice cringed, realizing that two of her favorite people were quite possibly going to be pissed at her for a very long time. "Well…" she stuttered.

"Oh no!" Jessica butted in, still pouting from having to waste her kiss on Eric. "We all agreed to the rules."

"Yeah, no exceptions!" Emmett agreed, meeting Bella's glare without flinching.

"Forget it!" Bella yelled again, trying to disguise her embarrassment with anger. She couldn't kiss Edward here in front of everyone. They'd never stop making fun of her. It wasn't that the idea of kissing him didn't have appeal. But she couldn't do it with an audience. Not him! Not to mention that he would certainly hate kissing her and tell everyone how horrible it was. It would be too humiliating. "It's not like you can make me do it!" she continued when everyone kept staring at her. "It's just a silly game!"

"Oh, get over yourself, Swan!" Edward snapped suddenly sitting up on his knees and leaning across the circle towards her. He had been so preoccupied watching all the guys who were obviously hoping to get paired with Bella that he never considered he might be the one to kiss her. If she refused to kiss him, though, she would have to stay in the game and probably kiss several of the jerks who were drooling over her. He didn't know why that idea bothered him but it did.

Bella watched Edward stalk towards her on his hands and knees. She could feel the pounding of her heart all the way to her throat and she tried to swallow without being obvious. Slowly she rose up on her knees too and made a show of grimacing. Edward rolled his eyes and, without hesitation, grabbed the back of her neck to roughly pull her face to his. Bella's lips were parted in shock when they kissed and Edward immediately tasted the sweet flavor of her mouth. He briefly wondered what she would do if he slipped his tongue past her teeth, just to get a little more taste, but the small part of his mind that was still working knew that would be a bad idea. Bella put her hands on his shoulders to shove against him, but he pressed her face closer and moved his lips with hers feeling more of their smooth texture. Her knees began to go weak. She forgot about pushing him away and pulled on his bottom lip instead. Edward opened his mouth and she felt the warmth coming from him. It was beyond incredible.

The room erupted with squeals and whistles. Everyone was surprised and amused by the stunt. Edward pulled back from the kiss as suddenly as he had initiated it and, although it had only lasted a couple of seconds, Bella found herself short of breath. She watched as Edward sat back on his side of the circle as if he had just taken care of a trivial matter.

"See? You didn't die." Edward said to her flippantly, not looking the least bit affected by what had just happened.

Bella glared at him. She honestly couldn't think of another way to react without looking like a fool and she didn't trust herself to use her voice yet. She had pictured herself kissing him before, but never imagined anything as amazing as that. Edward's kiss had made her whole body quiver but she'd be damned if she let him know how much she liked it.

Edward just glared back. What the hell was she so pissed about, anyway? Was kissing him that disgusting to her? It certainly hadn't been disgusting to him. It was all he could do not to run his tongue over his lips and try to recapture some of the taste of her. Damn! She was just so sweet he had almost lost it. If he hadn't heard their friends start to cheer he would have had her flat on her back in another second.

Bella got up from the circle and stalked over to the far wall without a word, trying to ignore her shaky legs. Edward moved out of the circle too while the game continued, but he couldn't stop his gaze from continually moving back to her. He was pretty sure he caught her looking at him too.

Seriously, what the fuck was that? Sure, she was hot, even if she was a shrew, so kissing her should be a pleasant experience. But that didn't explain what had just happened between them? It was like a simple kiss had turned him completely inside out! The entire room was still fuzzy and all he could focus on was her and that damn, tight sweater! This was so not good.

The rest of the game played out with limited drama. Emmett played the good guy and gave Angela a sweet kiss that made her blush scarlet. Rosalie got stuck kissing Mike, which made Emmett change his mind about the brilliance of Alice's game. Alice wasn't too concerned with her brother's anger, however, when Jasper spun the bottle to point directly at her. In classic Alice fashion, her plan worked brilliantly and she got her kiss. Not her last kiss of the evening either, as it turned out.

Most of the guests had cleared out by 1:30 a.m. It wouldn't go down as the wildest party ever, but it was fun. Alice was still cuddled on the couch with her mouth attached to Jasper's, exactly as they had been for the past two hours. Evidently the main goal of the party had been achieved with great success. Bella watched them from the doorway of the kitchen while she tossed empty cans into the garbage. It was hard to stay mad at Alice when she looked so happy. Her eyes were closed as Japer kissed her cheek, then her neck. Bella touched her mouth and remembered what Edward's lips had felt like against hers. She wondered what it would be like if Edward kissed her the way Jasper was kissing Alice…

"What's wrong with you?" Edward said from beside her.

Bella jumped at the sound of his voice and dropped the empty can she'd been holding.

"I should ask YOU that question," she said through clenched teeth. "What is this need you have to sneak up on me tonight?"

"Hardly sneaking," Edward snorted. "You were so far away you wouldn't have noticed the football team running through here. What were you thinking about?"

Bella's face went beet red before she could stop it.

Edward noticed and grinned.

She silently cursed her constant blushing and turned away from him. "Nothing!" she snapped. "What do you want?"

Edward ignored her attempt to change of subject. "Nothing, huh?" he followed her further into the kitchen. "You were thinking awfully hard about nothing."

"Shut up, Edward. Just because you don't know how to have a thought that goes deeper than what's in your pants, doesn't mean other people can't."

"Why are you so interested in what's in my pants all of a sudden?" he continued to mock her.

Bella growled loudly in frustration and slammed an open cabinet door. "Again, Edward, what do you want?!" she asked angrily turning to lean against the counter and face him.

Edward continued to step closer to her, "I want to know what you were thinking about so intently just now."

Bella felt her heart rate pick up again. Why was he looking at her like that? Her breathing was getting shallow. Did he notice?

He noticed.

Bella wasn't that good at hiding her emotions. He thought she might have been as affected by their kiss as he had been. He was pretty sure he had just caught her thinking about trying it again and, damn it, if he hadn't been thinking about that same thing all night.

"I told you, I wasn't thinking about anything," Bella finally remembered to answer him. "I was just watching …. I mean, I was happy to see that Alice and Jasper… that they were…." Bella's stumbling only made Edward's grin wider. He knew he had her rattled. "Oh! Stop being such an ass, Edward!"

"What about my ass?" he teased.

Bella knew he was out-witting her and it pissed her off. There was no way she was letting him win this round. She took a deep breath and folded her arms across her chest.

"Well, I suppose you should hope that your ass is enough to make up for your rather mediocre kissing skills," she told him demurely.

Edward's grin instantly fell. She'd surprised him. Not only did SHE take the initiative to be the first to bring up the kiss, but she somehow put him on the defensive.

"Mediocre?" he asked doubtfully, raising one eye-brow and trying to give his best cocky grin.

Bella didn't back down. "Mediocre, at best!" she informed him smugly.

"So, you're saying you've had better?"

"Oh, please," Bella rolled her eyes, but didn't really answer his questions.

"Have you?" he pressed.

"Have you?" she asked back, and immediately regretted it.

Edward didn't answer for a long time. They both had their arms crossed and they were standing so close to each other now that their elbows nearly touched. Bella was very aware when Edward's gaze shifted from her eyes to her mouth.

"Hmmm," he finally spoke. "That is a difficult question to answer considering …"

"Considering what?" Bella asked. What the hell did that mean? What was Edward playing at now?

"Well, you found my kissing skills mediocre at best which, I promise, they are not. So…"

"So, what?"

"So, apparently it was impossible to make an accurate judgment under those circumstances."

Bella looked at him confused.

"Don't worry. I'm sure it is better this way," Edward told her as he began to back towards door. "Without a proper kiss to judge by, I can't know for certain that you really ARE that bad at it."


"So, your secret is safe with me, Bella," Edward grinned and walked out of the kitchen, heading for the stairs.

What the fuck had just happened? How had he turned this around on her? Bella was so angry her hands were fisted at her sides. Bad at it, was she? She was not letting him get away with that.

Edward was already passed the landing by the time Bella followed. She charged up the stairs and caught up with him as he entered in his room.

"Wait just a damn second!" she screamed at him as she stormed into his room and slammed the door.

Edward suppressed a grin, loving that he'd gotten her so riled up.

"Yes, Bella?" He turned to face her calmly, anticipating the tirade of arguments that would only make her more flustered.

"I am not a bad kisser." She informed him, putting her hands on his hips and staring up at him.

He looked down at her, noticing how her cheeks were flushed and her eyes were dilated. "Is that a fact?" He smirked in reply.

Bella smirked back. "You tell me!" she challenged a split second before she grabbed the back of his neck with both of her hands and yanked him down to her level so she could kiss him full on the mouth.

Edward had definitely NOT expected that, but it didn't take his body long to react. He wrapped his arms around Bella's waste and hauled her up against him. Their bodies rubbed together and they both let out an involuntary moan. Bella gripped Edward's neck tightly and moved her fingers into his hair. She kissed him hard, holding nothing back. Edward reacted by pushing her across the room until her body slammed into his desk. As if in sync, they both opened their mouths and flooded their senses with the taste of each other. This time Edward didn't stop himself from sliding his tongue past her teeth and feeling the inside of her warm mouth. Bella shocked him again, though, when she pulled his tongue in deeper and sucked on it. That proved to be his undoing. No one had ever made him feel like this before.

Edward's hands were suddenly at her waste, lifting her until she sat on his desk. Bella had never intended for things to go this far but she instinctively locked her legs around him and gasped loudly as he rubbed himself against her. Their lips having finally parted, Edward moved his mouth to her neck and kissed a line down to her collar bone. Bella tried to breath but all she could manage were short pants and moans. The sounds she made were driving Edward insane. He moved his hands from her waste to finally caress that damn blue sweater he'd been obsessing on all evening. As he sucked on Bella's pulse point, his hand cautiously moved to one of her perfect mounds covered by the soft material. Bella's nails racked down Edward's back as she pressed herself closer telling him without words to continue his touching. Edward brought his other hand up to feel the second breast and squeezed them both at the same time.

Bella thought she was going to die. She arched her back while she grabbed Edward's face and kissed him again. His mouth was hungry on hers, like they were both starving for the same thing. Bella ran her fingers across Edward's toned stomach, trying to remember how she had gotten his shirt unbuttoned. Damn, she had never realized how muscular his abs were under his hot skin. Edward moaned into her mouth as she continued to stroke his chest frantically. He slipped his hands underneath the back of her sweater and rubbed his palms over her smooth back until he got to her bra clasp.

"Edward, are you in there? Have you seen Bella?" Alice called cheerfully as she knocked once on Edward's door and tuned the knob to open it…

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