IMPORTANT NOTE- So a couple things about this crossover, Soul Eater wise: All the characters are where they were when the anime and manga were still generally the same. This way weither you've read the manga or watched the anime or both, everyone knows what's going on though I have to figure out what to do with Black Star but if I make any changes, I'll make sure to warn beforehand. Chrona left, Medusa hasn't gone to Shibusen to help them with Aracne yet, it's right inbetween those two that this is taking place. For Harry Potter: I'm starting at the end of Half Blood Prince and going from there. To make sure that I make it as accurate to the book as i can some parts are out of the book a little, like at the end of this chapter where Harry Ron and Hermione are talking, I took that directly from the book. This is also to make sure it all makes sence as well, I really want this to be good and I hope you enjoy!

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It was a beautiful summer morning. The bright green grass and beautiful surroundings could do nothing to mask the lingering sadness among the many people that steadily flowed into the school grounds. Among the crowd of witches and wizards, old and young and all dressed in dark monotones, there was one who stood out in the slightest bit. He looked as though barely sixteen years old and was accompanied by two young women.

Death the Kid straightened his posture and his tie as he and his partners passed the great winged boars flanking the gates of the school. He was not wearing his usual white stitched suit, but a brand new, plain black suit and tie. Liz and Patty Thompson came up on either side of him, Liz looking around a bit unsure while her twin observed their beautiful surroundings in awe, both in matching pant suits.

The fact that the three of them were wearing muggle clothing and the strange appearance of Kid's hair and eyes brought them some attention. Liz noticed this and tapped Kid on the shoulder, "I think we look kind of strange to these people."

His eyebrow rose as he saw the many prying eyes among the crowd but waved it off, "It matters not as long as we are dressed precise and perfect." Saying this almost to himself, then turning to the shorter of the sisters, "Furthermore, Patty, this is a funeral and I would like to make it clear that is disrespectful to laugh at a funeral."

Patty smiled at him and nodded, "Gotchya."

With that done, he turned to the hundreds of chairs set up in front of the lake and a large marble table and set off to find some seats all the while the grief and loss about them practically hid their srtange appearences as they walked through the crowd.

"So, this guy, he was some really powerful wizard?" Liz asked, looking about the many people that were arriving and the amount of chairs set to seat them all, "Popular too..."

"Yes and a very good friend of Father's," Kid looked over the crowd seriously, "but he is not the only reason why we are here."

She nodded, "That Porter kid or something, fight a bad guy, stuff like that."

"In simple terms, yes, but at the moment…" He trailed off and motioned for Patty to slide into her seat. Liz wondered why they were moving so far into the rows but understood soon enough. They were in the exact middle of the group of chairs on the right side of the aisle.

The service was long winded and peculiar by funeral standards; a flock of very strange looking people gathered in the lake and sang with sorrow, one of the largest men any of the three of them had ever seen brought the body down the aisle then joined the largest. They got glimpse of a group of what looked like horse-men in the forest in the distance and had to keep Patty from making any sort of ridiculous exclamation all the while a man stood in front spoke about the deceased, Albus Dumbledore. Kid was quite impressed. He seemed like an amazing man and felt worse for the fact that he did not actually know him than that he was dead.

He also wondered to himself if all the people here would clear out enough so that he could give his father the comfort of seeing his friend off before they left for Death City.

Kid thought back to their summons to his father's room, how dishearten he seemed and the long explanation after they were given their somewhat small mission.

"There are two sides to this world, Kid. The one we live in and another, hidden from us. It is made up of witches and wizards much unlike the ones we know. This division in the world is based upon those with magic ability. It is like the magic in souls of Shibusen students, amplification through the weapon's soul except they use wands as an amplifier."

Kid could not brush off the tone of urgency and seriousness in his father's voice. Thinking about it made him visibly wince. By the time his flashback faded the short man had sat down and there was silence. He waited for someone else to go up and speak their own piece but no one moved. Surely with all these people and such an incredible person there was another speech on its way?

Before he could think another word, large white flames erupted from the wizard's body sending flickers and smoke rising above it. Many among them screamed, including Liz while Patty looked in wonder and clapped. Kid could have sworn he saw a large bird emerge from the flames but a great number of arrows that rained from the forest distracted him.

After the lake people and horse people left, talk began to spread throughout the crowd and they took their time before getting up and wandering away. Once outside the groups of talking people that were forming, Kid took a paper out of his inside pocket. It was a small paper with scrawled writing on it and a picture clipped to it, "Harry Potter" It said.

"We should split up and search the crowd, if you find him-"

"OOH LOOK, I FOUND HIM!" Patty was smiling like a madwoman and jumping up and down, pointing at a boy that was walking along the lake with an older man with a limp. Kid and Liz looked at Patty, who had an expression of pride, all of them ignoring the looks and attention.

"Wow, good job Patty, that was fast." She cheered and Kid nodded in approval.

"Good work, Patty!" They then set off for the Potter boy. The man was leaving while two other teens were far ahead of the three. By the time Kid, Liz and Patty made it to their target, the girl was saying no to whatever the redhead boy said and grabbed his arm.

"Excuse me." Said Kid politely with a hand on his mouth in a small, attention getting cough, "Would you be Harry Potter?"

Harry, Ron and Hermione exchanged confused looks, Harry answered cautiously, "Yeah, I am."

Kid held out a hand, "I am Death the Kid, would you mind if we spoke in private?"

"Death the Kid? What kind of name is that?" Whispered Ron to Hermione as Kid concluded he would not get a handshake from the looks he was getting and put his hand down.

The air of seriousness and official tone led Harry to think this was another stooge from the ministry, but what was up with his name? "Yeah, actually I would mind."

Ron piped up again, "Anything you can say to Harry, you can say in front of us."

The other two nodded in agreement and Kid's eyes narrowed, "I was told that this subject is to be kept in the utmost of secrecy."

"This is boring!" Patty yelled, "Oone-chan, can we go play?"

Kid nodded at Liz while the others recovered from the outburst. While Liz led her sister away from the group Kid spoke again, "I apologize for the interruption."

"Well it's like Ron said, anything you can say to me you can say to them."

Looking over each of them in turn, he sensed their souls. They all seemed to be very connected but he had to be sure, "Would you trust your life and the lives of others in these friends of yours."

This took Harry aback but still, "Of course." Ron and Hermione smiled at Harry's faith in them and turned to Kid again.

"Fine then," He took a deep breath, "I am a representative of the Death Weapon Meister Academy. My father, the headmaster, Shinigami-sama, was also a very good friend of Albus Dumbledore. Before his passing, Mr. Dumbledore confided in my father a great amount of information regarding your war and of the path you must take to win it."

Needless to say, the three were shocked, "H-he told you about…"

Harry trailed off and Kid picked it up, "The Horcruxes, yes." Clasping his hands behind him in a very businesslike manner, he continued, "We believe that we would be of great use to your cause, my father refuses to stand by while his dear friend died to save it. Therefore whether you agree to be allies or not we will join this fight."

The amount of information was a bit much for them to process, seeing this; Kid decided to go on, "By the way, an enemy of ours has also joined forces with your own enemy. This power is one which you could not possibly be able to defeat with your magic alone." He looked over to his partners, observing them playing in the grass.

Harry woke up a bit, his tone a bit hesitant, "Oh, and what is that?"

Kid looked over to him, emotionless, "Kishin eggs."

"What the-?"

"A Kishin egg is a former human that decided to murder the innocent and consume their souls. So, what do you say?" He focused on Harry, who looked both unsure and confused.

"Um, I guess if you're going to help us either way we mine as well be working together… "

Kid smiled and clapped his hands, "Great!"

While he called Liz and Patty back over Hermione turned to the others, "Are you sure about this, Harry?"

"Yeah, this whole deal seems a bit sketchy to me." Ron looked concerned.

"Well, if they are such good friends of Dumbledore's they can't be all bad, right? Besides, if what he said is true then we might need all the help we can get." They looked as the team walked up to them once more.

Kid smiled at them again, "This is Liz and Patty Thompson, they are my partners and weapons." Each waved when mentioned with a 'hello'.

"Your weapons?" Hermione asked a bit taken back at the use of humans as weapons in any form.

"Yes, there are some people out there that have weapon blood, they can turn into weapons and fight with Meisters such as myself."He said with a tone that ended the flood of questions reluctantly, "Now if you excuse me I must pay my respects and my father's." He walked away, happy that enough people had left that he would not make a spectacle of himself.

Liz and Patty struck up a small conversation with Hermione which was basically made up of her questions while Ron and Harry watched the shinigami make his way to the tomb while observing the few lingering people.

"What do you think, mate?" Ron asked, still caught off guard by it all.

"I don't know, but it doesn't seem very good, does it?"

Hermione parted ways with the weapon twins and came up from behind the two, the new information she had learned taking backseat to the question lingering on her tongue, "So what comes next?"

"Lupin said they'd close down the school."

"I can't bear the idea that we might never come back," She said softly, "How can Hogwarts close?"

Maybe it won't," Said Ron, "We're not in any more danger here than we are at home, are we? Every where's the same now. I'd even say Hogwarts is safer, there are more wizards inside to defend the place. What d'you recon, Harry?"

"I'm not coming back even if it does reopen," Said Harry.

Ron gaped at him, but Hermione said sadly, "I knew you were going to say that. But what will you do?"

"I'm going back to the Dursley's once more, because Dumbledore wanted me to, it'll be a short visit and then I'll be gone for good. Then I was thinking about going to Godric's Hollow. For me it started there, all of it. I've just got a feeling I need to go there. And I can visit my parent's graves, I'd like that." They watched in a small silence as Kid approached the Tomb and clapped his hands as though in prayer.

"And then what?" Said Ron

"I've got to track down the rest of the Horcruxes, that's what he wanted me to do." Harry said, watching as Kid finished paying his respects and backed up several feet, Harry's train of thought was blocked by the off spectacle of the teen making several hand movements and ended with both hands in a fist with his index and pinky fingers pointed at the ground before him. A sort of cartoonlike skull shape appeared glowing on the ground and light came pouring out of it to the sky.

The wizards and witch watched, open mouthed at the strange pointy figure materializing from the light. "Hello Hello, good job everyone! So, How'd it go?"

Kid nodded, "He and his friends have agreed to ally together and fight. I also felt it necessary for you to say your goodbyes."

He motioned to the Tomb behind Shinigami, "Ooh, your such a thoughtful one, Kid~."

"What on earth is that?" Hermione whispered at the pointy figure turned to the tomb and clapped his hands together like his son had. Once done, he said in a very lightly but still a bit silly, "Farewell my friend~. You shall be missed!"

"Wow, Dumbledore had some weird friends didn't he?" Ron said, they just stared but soon enough, once he was finished Shinigami-sama looked over at them.

He slipped out two comically huge white hands and waved at them, "We look forward to your hard work, Welcome to the team!~" He shouted while Kid panicked at all the attention his father was gaining their odd scene.

Harry Ron and Hermione just looked at each other, completely and utterly confused, wondering what on earth were they in for?