Sorry guys,

I know so many people really love this story, I did/do too but I've tried to pick it up again and I honestly have no recollection of Soul Eater at all. Some of the things I wrote even, I honestly have no clue what they were. But I am starting a new story or more than one soon, look out for that. It's a Marauder's Era (Yes it's an OC story, but trust me it's not like any others. No long lost relative of this person or James had a sister or some weird crazy powers that make no sense to HP not even anything like they totally hate each other and then BAM-LOVE WTF) I really am sorry about this story but I'm looking forward to many new stories, just expect a lot of Marauder esc stuff, I'm in love with them and it gives you a lot of creative licenseā€¦ though I don't allow that stuff about this vampire falls for Remus or that water bender just loves going to Hogwarts. I prefer to stick to the story as realistically as I can unless it's AU, then its all about the characters.

SO! I expect to see you all reviewing my new story, The Wallwatchers (coming very soon), and I hope you enjoy it!

Another note, I will soon be changing my penname so do not be alarmed if you get a notification from another name