Re-written prologue.

『Break these six feelings』



Come on my love
let´s go on this voyage together,
take my hand and let´s guide our selves alone
and see where this trip takes us…
for love is one complicated thing

think we can manage?

Once enemies, now lovers.

It´s strange how love works isn´t it? How this strong feeling makes anybody do stupid idiotic things and could even make two of the strongest men fold their arms and confess their feelings. Love…such a beautiful feeling, hurtful feeling, a feeling that lets you share yourself with a person you consider worthy of your time. How two enemies that once swore to themselves to kill the other end up in love of all things, is beyond reasoning and a bit clichéd in anybody´s opinion. But that´s how life is, destiny some call it, other´s faith…but none of this was destined to happen or so many think, there are just some things that happen without a reason or an explanation…and that is where irony introduces itself.

It was ironic in any way you looked at it.

Seriously, if you had asked Ichigo Kurosaki or Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez six years ago, if they saw themselves in an intense relationship, with really hot-hardcore-steamy-all night-rough-man to man-butt sex, and couple problems to boot, they probably would have laughed their asses off…then kill you.


There was no other word for the scene before us. Yes, Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez and Ichigo Kurosaki, having a couple´s fight. Fucking weird? Yes, you don´t know the half of it.

"SHUT THE FUCK UP GRIMM!!" Ichigo´s pissed off voice sounded as he yelled to his lover.

"Or what? Gonna go bankai on me and kick my ass, Che as if you could." The blue eyed arrancar arrogantly taunted.

"Grimm, I´m warning you."

"Fucking pansy."

"That´s it you're sleeping on the fucking couch today, or you know what I don´t give a damn, sleep under a fucking bridge if you like just don´t get near MY room!"

"Tche, whatever." The teal haired man muttered before leaving to his room, correction their room.



Ichigo cursed and passed a hand through his messy vibrant colored locks, before slumping on the couch. That was like the third or fourth time they had fought…today. He took a deep breath, three years with the blue haired man and he still couldn´t figure him out sometimes. Three years since war with Aizen, three years since Grimm was considered a war hero (well, kind of)…three years.

3 Years ago…

In the Winter War between Soul Society and Aizen, Grimmjow after being almost killed by Nnoitra, was found half dead in the dessert of Las Noches.

Unohana-taicho had been the lucky (more like unlucky) person who had found him and healed him right away, not really caring if he was an arrancar, Espada or not it was in her nature to heal the wounded, and Grimmjow was not going to be the exception.

The moment the teal haired arrancar had opened his eyes and saw the braided haired woman he asked the first thing that came to his groggy mind…

"Where´s Kurosaki?" The words had left his lips, even before he had registered it, voice coming out raspier and quieter than he intended, oh well for trying to intimidate the woman.

Unohana had looked at him curiously before responding. "He is currently reuniting with his companions, and are looking for a way to go to the real world."

"Take me to him." It wasn´t a suggestion, it was a demand.

A fine black brow was lifted."And, why should I?" Unohana asked (more like taunted).

Grimmjow narrowed his blue catlike eyes at her. "Cuz I´m the only one who can get you out of this shitty place...willingly." He added as an afterthought, smirking at her.

There was a small space of silence as Unohana contemplated the Espada´s words, after a few seconds she crinkled her eyes and smiled.

"Fair enough."

At his arrival with his famous cocky taunting smirk, Ichigo immediately launched himself at him, and the fight began…again.

What seemed like hours passed, in eyes of the Taicho´s, Fukutaicho´s and humans, that had followed the fight entertained (except Byakuya, Ishida, and to some extent Mayuri), and after a couple of ceros, punches, kicks, Desgarrones and Getsuga Tensho´s, Ichigo and Grimmjow miraculously had come to an agreement.

Grimmjow would become an alley to Soul Society if he had his life sparred and was left alone "after the whole shitty thing was over" as sweetly said in his words, he really had nothing to lose, never really being loyal nor respectful to Aizen, not caring for his fellow "brother´s and sister´s" he had nothing in Hueco Mundo, what better than join the shinigami´s, go on a wonderful killing spree and be left to his own devices afterwards. It was a good plan in every way that he looked at it.

So, true to his word Grimmjow, to the shock of all humans and Shinigami there, had opened Garganta to the real world with a flick of his fingers. Apparently, the sealing Aizen had talked about didn´t count for his own Espada.

And after placing one foot on the real world…war began.

Surprisingly, Grimmjow and Ichigo had fought together side by side, killing hollow after hollow, arrancar after arrancar, watching each other´s backs, in other words teamwork had never been better, they were a fantastic and invincible team.

While Ichigo had fought Aizen, Grimmjow took care of both Gin and Tousen (who had a really bloody, horrible, painful death, courtesy of a pissed of Sexta who held grudges against people who tended to cut off his arm.), both resulted victorious.

Thus their bong started.

Of course Grimmjow was considered a war hero and savior of Soul Society (to some extent) [1] along with Ichigo, and was left to live in the real world along with the orange haired man.

And eventually they grew too close and became lovers.

And now 3 years after they were yelling their asses off over some stupid trivial thing.

Gods, Ichigo was getting tired of this, they fought over every single thing.

About the food, the weather, clothes, and even during sex, yes SEX!! If Ichigo wanted to be on his back, Grimmjow wanted him on his hands and knees ass sticking in the air…it was really tiring and annoying.

They were worse than an old 50 year old wedded couple.

Ichigo rubbed his temples and groaned. If they kept up like this they were going to break up eventually or end up killing each other, just like the good ol´ times. `Yup.´ He thought. `It definitely would be the latter.´

Grabbing his wallet and keys, he hurriedly left the apartment they shared and walked off to the only place he could work of some steam, Urahara´s shop.

His walk was short, and at his arrival he was greeted by Ururu and Jinta who were both sweeping the shop. They still looked quite the same, save they were now a couple of years older, and a little taller. "Oii, I´m gonna go train a bit." Was al he told them and left immediately to the underground training room, grabbed his badge, changed into his shinigami form and started basting things off in his rage.

But, his rage filled heaven where only the boulders and rocks suffered his anger lasted a little, too little in Ichigo´s opinion as he heard the smirking voice (he was sure of it)… "Well look who we have here, my dear Kurosaki-kun." …of Mr. Hat and Sandals himself.

"Why so angry?" He bluntly asked, watching the way Ichigo gripped Zangestu and blew apart a boulder with a swift move of his arm.

Ichigo sighed and looked up at Urahara, irritation written clearly in his face. He knew the blond man would pester him, until he told him the reason for his anger.

"Oh, problems in Loveland with Grimmy-kun, ne Ichi?" Said blond male asked with evident glee in his voice. His only answer was Zangetsu pointed straight at him, and an angry snarl from Ichigo, as he attacked Urahara. This made him smile even wider, yes dear old Kurosaki-kun did have love problems…and big ones by the look of the Tensa Zangetsu coming right at him. Unsheathing Benihime, he let an attack of his own cut straight through the Tensa Zangestu with a lazy stroke of his arm.

He couldn´t wait to talk to Kurosaki-kun, the thought of something good and interesting as a shinigami and arrancar love problems brought another bid bright grin to Urahara´s face, obviously hidden by his fan. Yes, he had a couple ideas of how to help the lovebirds.

"Kurosaki-kun, mind chatting with me over tea?"

After a couple more attack´s from Ichigo´s part, some quick evading and counterattack´s Urahara had been able to coax the orange head to tea. They were both sitting down at the table, with two mugs of steaming green tea in front of them.

"So, what exactly is the problem between you two?" Urahara was the first to break the silence, making a grab for his mug.

Ichigo took a slight sip of his tea. "You tell me, Grimmjow´s driving me fucking crazy! The stupid idiot just won´t listen to anything I say, we argue over the simplest of things; breakfast, lunch, dinner…it´s all the fucking same for me, same old fucking whining from Grimmjow, same old fucking cussing from him, same old shut the fuck up shinigami, get outta the way shinigami, stop bitching shinigami…the same fucking thing all day long. It´s like a fucking mantra, so you tell me what the hell is our problem?"

Urahara looked thoughtful for a moment before answering.

"Hmm…you two are forgetting what drew you together. You have a powerful bond, both fought together, killed together, fell together, stood up together and won war together; you even once tried to kill each other with all your might. You need to go all way back to remember what you wanted, liked, admired and even hated from your partner…oh and looks like you need to work on your communication as well, remember if there is no communication in the relationship then there practically isn´t one."

Ichigo looked at him surprised, well who would have guessed that blondie would be so fucking wise when drunk (Ichigo was having his suspicious that he spiked his tea) fuck he was right, but there was one itsy bitsy problem…

"And how the fuck, do we do that?"

"By couple´s counseling of course." Urahara replied as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

Ichigo actually laughed at this, counseling? Who in their right mind would want to give counseling to an Ex-Espada who had anger management problems (which were now controlled…a bit), bloodlust and a stubborn scowling shinigami…who were both men?!

Ichigo decided to humor Urahara for a while. "And who do you think would give us this "Couple´s counseling"?" He empathized the counseling part using quotation marks with his fingers.

Urahara put his mug down after taking a sip and smiled, Ichigo didn´t like that one bit, whatever it was it wasn´t good and he knew he wasn´t gonna like it.

"Why me of course." Urahara smirked.

That shut Ichigo up.

[1] Grimmjow was considered a war hero to an extent since he helped out Soul Society "willingly", which we all know was just because it was the most convenient to him. After war was over Soul Society had to consider him a war hero, for if it wasn´t for him or Ichigo none of the Gotei 13 would´ve been able to take out Aizen and his two close minions (Gin and Tousen), thus they are "grateful" to Grimmjow, but still hate him to death, for all of them know he did this for himself not for any of the shinigami. Yes, all of this is a matter of pride and you could even say a little hypocrisy.

One more important thing…AS WE ALL KNOW Ichigo is 15 when he first fought Grimmjow and war/war planning was going on. Ok, so I made it seem like war lasted 3 years, so at the end of war Ichigo was 18, at this age he started `dating´, going out, however you want to put it with Grimmjow, they have been together for 3 years so that makes Ichigo 21 right now. Resuming everything, they have known each other 6 years.