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Chapter II


I want you…
need you…up until some point,
but only just once, for you´ll have no further use
this slight obsession will end once I have you

Feed my lust.

"How did you two get together?" The blond haired shopkeeper asked the couple before him.

Grimmjow was in his pile of pillows, lazily looking from Urahara to Ichigo, eyes never leaving them both. Ichigo on the other hand was sitting in a big black bean bag cushion.

"Well…" The substitute shinigami paused looking for the correct words. "…you could say it started when we found out we could actually be in each other´s presence without killing each other." Grimmjow smirked at Ichigo´s response.

"Lust" Was the only thing the Sexta said when Urahara looked at him for an answer.

"Lust huh?" The blond smiled at the blunt reply. "So it was more of a carnal attraction and desire than actual caring sentiment for each other?" He looked at the couple.

"Pretty much" The blue haired arrancar nodded his yes at his lover´s statement.

"Yeah, when I looked past the point where I just wanted to smash berry´s head on the fuckin´ wall and kill him, I realized that I was fucking attracted to him and wanted to fuck him… hard." He added as an afterthought. Pausing for a brief moment he took a breath before continuing. "It wasn´t until much later, and after a shitload of fights, jealousy and all that shit that I or rather we…" He looked at Ichigo. "…became aware of our feelings."

Ichigo´s eyes widened at the recognition coming from his partner. True, it had been a long road full of obstacles for them to be together like an actual couple, denial; they had both been in a denial for so long it nearly destroyed their non-existent relationship.

"So, how did your carnal relationship begin?" Urahara´s smile widened at the thought of having first hand details of the arrancar and shinigamis rough (he was sure of it) and active sex life.

Muttering something that sounded like "Fucking perv." under his breath, Ichigo made himself comfortable before beginning to narrate of what would be the past of what was now his actual life.

After war had ended Grimmjow was sent to live in the real world, Yamamoto said that the Espada had done enough to be trusted not to go on a killing rampage or betray them. Of course if you knew how to read between lines it was merely an excuse for Soul Society not to deal with the arrancar, essentially dropping the package to Ichigo.

To say that the young eighteen (at the time) year old substitute shinigami did not like the idea one bit, was a little offhand; he absolutely loathed the concept of having the arrancar live in what he considered his world.

He did not like the idea. Not one bit.

So when they were both led to the gates that would lead them back home, and in Grimmjow´s case to a new world Ichigo started to think, fast.

He did not trust Grimmjow to go off in a new world where he had absolutely no freaking idea how things worked; he would probably kill the first human that would be able to see him. He could imagine the scene of some guy asking Grimmjow if the Gastritis had left a hole in his stomach and where he got the cool mask from and said Espada cero-ing his head off.

Shaking his head in horror he knew he couldn´t let the blue haired arrancar on his own. Urahara seemed like a good decision, if it weren´t for the fact that the blond shopkeeper would give him a gigai, make him work on the shop, train in the basement…and leave him to his devices.

That would mean: He would be free to go on a killing spree and Urahara wouldn´t even find out or worse, care…unacceptable.

He had fought together with Grimmjow, sure, but that did not mean that he trusted the arrancar. He had tried to kill him three times already, so excuse him for not trusting the ex-enemy.

So stepping in the real world he did the only thing he knew he had to do…to keep an eye on the Espada.

"Oii, you´re coming with me." Hazel eyes glared at the teal haired arrancar.

Grimmjow was indifferent to everything, all he knew was that he was free and could do whatever he wanted with his life; nobody was there to order him like some lapdog, but…going with the shinigami? Hell no.

"Tch, the hell would I do that shinigami?" He stared right back, not at all perturbed by the harsh glare he was receiving.

Ichigo scoffed."Well for one, I. Do. Not. Trust. You. And second you don´t know shit about this world, don´t have a place to live, money, a job, food…"

"The fuck is a job?" Ichigo rolled his eyes at the question.

"See, don´t even know what a job is. Well for your information a job is what gives you money. Money lets you buy things, like a proper home, which you will need, food, clothes, furniture, etc. Since you don´t have a fucking clue about what I´m talking about, you are coming to live with me." He stated with finality.

"Can´t have you making problems for me here."

Grimmjow just stared blankly at him.

"So, where the fuck do ya live?" He sneered at the young teen.

"You´re crazy if you think you´ll come to my home looking at that." He pointed at the arrancar.

"The fuck does that mean shinigami?" He grabbed Pantera´s hilt.

"You look nothing like a human."

Grimmjow snarled, baring his sharp teeth at the substitute shinigami.

"I don´t need to look like them, I´m not fucking human!" Ice cold blue eyes stared straight at Ichigo, hand never leaving his katana´s hilt.

Ichigo looked at the espada´s defensive mode and knew he was seconds away from attacking him.

"Look, I´m tired, I just fought war, I haven´t seen my family since god knows when, and know to top it all you´re going shit crazy over some trivial thing. I know you are not human! But you can´t blend in or start a new life here if people can´t even see you. So we are going to Urahara´s, I´m sure he has your gigai done by now."

Flash stepping he made sure Grimmjow followed him before going at a much faster pace, of course with his sonido Grimmjow was next to him in seconds.

They had arrived at Urahara´s shoten and just as predicted Grimmjow´s gigai was ready and dressed in what Urahara identified as the perfect clothes for Grimmjow to wear.

Ichigo nearly toppled to the ground at the arrancar´s new appearance.

Apparently Grimmjow was built to wear tight leather black pants, chains hanging loosely from them with matching black combat boots, simple white T-shirt that clinged on him like a second skin, marking the outline of his perfect six pack (for god´s sake he could even see the `V´ shaped on his hips and his hip bones poking out) and a carbon colored leather jacket to boot.

That is when Ichigo knew he was fucked, or would be soon; literally speaking.

Grimmjow seemed oblivious to the stares Ichigo was giving him for he was too engrossed with the fact that he had no hollow mask or hollow hole, as he found out when he yanked his shirt up revealing the slightly tanned marked stomach.

Ichigo had never hated Urahara as much as he did that day.

After Urahara´s brief explanation of how Grimmjow was supposed to get in and out of the gigai they had parted to Ichigo´s home…walking.

Something the Espada did not like, but either way kept quiet as Ichigo explained what they were supposed to say to his family.

So far they had that Grimmjow was a German exchange student that would be living in Japan for some time. Ichigo knowing him via e-mail (whatever that was) was invited by him to visit him in Germany before coming to Japan (that being the explanation to his absence for such a long time).

Personally Grimmjow didn´t think the story was good enough for anyone to believe.

Apparently he had never met Isshin Kurosaki.

Grimmjow had been stunned by the fact that the man had literally kicked his son hard as a welcoming gesture (he didn´t know much about human families, but he was quite sure they didn´t greet themselves like that), informing him at the same time that his defenses were getting a little gruff and low, to which Ichigo had responded by punching the living daylights out of his father and sending him to the other side of the lawn.

The arrancar knew he would get along with the crazy violent old man just fine.

"Tch, crazy old goat. Come on let´s get inside too cold out here." The orange head said as he went inside his home for the first time in months.

Immediately the shinigamis siblings, -Yuzu and Karin, Grimmjow learned their names later- had ran to their older brother´s arms.

"God I missed you two." He murmured into their hair.

Letting her sibling go, the black haired one noticed the extremely tall exotic hair colored man leaning on the wall in what would be considered in a bored manner.

She lifted a brow as she sized him up from head to toe. "Well I see you finally brought a man home, and a good one I might add." Cheeky smirk dancing on the corner of her lips as she turned to look at her brother, who by now was red in what she knew, was embarrassment.

"I am not gay Karin." The words were spoken full of venom. Even though he thought some men were and looked hot (Grimmjow for instance), did not mean he was swinging towards the other side. He liked to think of himself as bi-experimental, for he did have a certain attraction towards women as well.

"Sure." The twinkle in her eyes told him she did not believe a single word.

Grimmjow watched with amusement as the, what he assumed was like a thirteen or fourteen year old girl ruffled up the shinigami, he definitely would like it here.

"So, who´s the guy?" She pointed her thumb at Grimmjow´s direction.

Grimmjow looked over at Ichigo seeing that there cover up story was about to come up.

Ichigo looked up at Grimmjow eyes crossing before nodding his head and looking at his sister.

"This is Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez. He´s a friend of mine from Germany, a pen pal or more like a mail pal whichever way you like it. I was invited to his home for a couple of months which was the reason for my absence, and now I simply wanted to return the gesture inviting him to our home so he could learn the ways from our country." Ichigo thought his cover was perfect. The arrancar´s name was obviously foreign and so were his looks so nobody could deny that, and making him a foreigner would make him oblivious to the ways in Japan.

What he didn´t take in was the fact that Karin was way smarter that she looked for her small age. Ichigo had put a lot of good grammar and even talked in what would be defined as a refined manner compared to the usual way he spoke. But, just as she was about to open her mouth and tell her brother to cut the bullshit, Isshin came practically bouncing with joy into the house…and to her disgrace –the conversation-.

"What a wonderful gesture my beautiful son! I knew we had raised you well, Masaki would be so proud of her little Ichi-kun…" Ichigo practically looked green at the words been said from his father. "…Well your friend can stay here as long as he wants, I´m afraid he might have to share the room with you for we don´t have an extra bedroom…" He stopped looking thoughtful for a moment. "…we could make the study I have into a new one…YES! The perfect idea, I shall look more into it later." Turning towards the confused looking foreigner and his sick looking son he shocked everyone by engulfing Grimmjow in a hug.

"Welcome to the family my boy you shall be like another son to me!" Ichigo looked horrified as the Espada looking at him with murderous eyes.

"Get the fuck off old man!" The blunet muttered as he pressed his hand to Isshin´s forehead, hauling him away making the man fly towards the other end of the living room.

Everything and everyone went silent. Karin smirked while Yuzu just looked giddy and Ichigo, well Ichigo looked as he would pass out any moment –from horror, shock or sickness he didn´t know-.

The silence was broken when Isshin got up and headed towards a poster of a beautiful orange haired woman and cried tears of joy while screaming at it.


Not being able to watch nor hear any more of it (why did everybody think or assumed he was gay?) he went and slammed his father into the portrait muttering a silent apology to his smiling mother, and then proceeded to go to his room, Grimmjow in tow behind him.

Once they were inside the blue haired man wasted no time in jumping on the bed and making himself comfortable, as he watched the shinigami sit on his chair.

"Fucking shit crazy father you got there…" Pausing he looked at the boy shake his head and pass a hand through his slightly longer orange locks that now framed his face. "…I like him."

Ichigo looked at him with an incredulous look on his face.

"He´s insane how could you possible like him?" He questioned.

Looking at the arrancar, he suddenly remembered who he was talking to (Grimmjow the most insane and ruthless person, thing, whatever, he had ever fought) and just shook his head."Never mind."

The blunet shrugged indifferently. "He´s not as boring as other humans, your sister´s too." Closing his eyes Ichigo processed the information of the arrancar liking his family.

After a couple of moments said arrancar heard a sigh. "Well, it could have been worse."

Grimmjow closed his eyes as he silently agreed, yes it could have been.

Months had passed and the teal haired ex-Espada was still trying to cope with the idea that he was going to have to live as a mere human being. Well, at least he got to blow of some steam training with Urahara and killing lowly hollows that came across him.

He had gotten a job at a local dojo when one of their finest fighters had challenged in a fight and tried to beat the blue haired arrancar, thus having the living shit beaten out of him instead, Grimmjow had been hired instantly.

And surprisingly the ex-Espada liked his job he fought and taught how to fight every day. The best thing of it all was Isshin had not said a word about why his new son worked and did not go to school, not that anybody minded.

Ichigo on the other hand loathed Grimmjow´s choice of living with ardent passion. Not being one to follow the rules, he almost never wore a uniform, only leaving him with a pair of either loose sweatpants or hakama pants to teach his class, therefore leaving him shirtless.

Not that Ichigo was actually there to see. No, the blue eyed man found it irritating to wear something that was simply going to come off, so in his logical thinking he left shirtless the house going to work…and returned home shirtless only for Ichigo to see him in his shirtless sweaty glory.

The orange head nearly choked on his sandwich the first time he saw his roommate. Grimmjow´s face slightly red from all his fighting and his jog back home, droplets of sweat coming from his brows traveling through his face and chest only to lose themselves in the hem of his navy sweatpants.

A nose bleeding image indeed.

With time he had grown accustomed to seeing the arrancar without a shirt (although he had gotten some sort of decency and wore one to his job now and only took it off after stepping foot inside the house), but it never ceased to mesmerize how well formed his chest muscles and abs were. Not that he actually liked it or took a good look.

Just like today. Grimmjow had just finished taking his usual shower after arriving home from work and now he found himself in the kitchen –towel draped over his neck- on the hunt for food, thus meaning he was raiding the fridge; giving Ichigo a nice eyeful of the man´s (he was sure) hard rock ass.

Feeling his pants tighten, Ichigo moved a little before coughing into his glass of water. Ever since the ´I-wholey-admit-to-myself-that-I-am-attracted-to-Grimmjow-and-maybe-wanna-fuck-him´ stage, he was going mad with his own thoughts and desires. He was getting tired of his attraction towards the blue haired man; he was an arrancar for fuck´s sake! But, the truth is Grimmjow was now practically part of the family, true, he was a total bastard and jackass towards his friends and other human´s or shinigami (if they ever came across one), but with his family he was calmer (except with Isshin, one could never be calm with that man home) and much more, dare he say?...domestic. Sometimes helping Yuzu make dinner, later claiming to Ichigo that he was curious to how humans made food, when they all really knew he had gotten a soft spot for both girls and decided to help Yuzu out of his free will or when he went out to the park after dinner on Tuesday´s and Friday´s to play soccer with Karin, or simply sit and watch TV with the girl.

Even with Isshin, the arrancar had what you could call a friendly spar once in a while, obviously Isshin always had his ass kicked making him a terribly happy father, leaving Grimmjow to mutter obscenities about the old goat being a pussy.

These and many more little details Ichigo saw Grimmjow act with his family made Ichigo wonder why he was the only one who still treated the arrancar as an enemy, when clearly if he made a little effort they could get along.

"Oii fucking berry stop starin´ into fucking space and move the hell outta here."

Upon hearing the rude swearing Ichigo came back to his true reality and suddenly remembered why he couldn´t get along with the ex-Espada, he was simply unbearable to be with, he absolutely loved to fuck with his head or simply say stupid things just to piss him of.

And the most important thing of all: He. Was. Not. Gay. So, he couldn´t actually like the arrancar. And even if he were gay or bi he would have much better taste than a non human, even if he was a little attractive, not that he liked the man, he just had a little attraction problem…oh fuck! He already admitted to himself before.

He liked Grimmjow.

Having that thought in mind Ichigo jumped as if the very fire from hell had just burned him, having Grimmjow lift a brow at his sudden actions. Oh how he liked that scowling attractive face, god he really was gay or maybe he just got gay for Grimmjow. Shaking his head, he set his glass of water in the sink and decided to leave the kitchen and the azure eyed man alone, with the sole intent of going to his room (now that it was Grimmjow-less) and scream out his frustrations onto his pillow.

Alas, just as he was about to make a turn and leave the kitchen a strong hand made a grab for his arm.

"The fuck you think you´re doing ignorin´ me berry?" Snarl present in his face.

Ichigo tensed as he felt Grimmjow´s body close to him, a lot closer than he needed to be.


He. Needed. To. Get. Out. Of. There. Now!

"Not ignoring, just tired; I´m gonna go lie down." Trying to lose the arrancar´s hold on his arm he heard a growl.

He immediately stiffened.

Before he could actually make out what was happening, he found himself trapped between the kitchen counter and a rock hard body.

Fucking clichés.

He was sure somewhere in the world (or in his very own Japan) were yaoi fan girls going raven crazy over this little trivial thing.

He was fucked.

"I´ve seen the way you look at me…" He carefully whispered in his ear. Ichigo´s eyes widened. "...I know it and I´m tired of you´re fuckin´ sissy internal hurls to your overly existent homosexuality."He skillfully licked the outer shell of his ear, tauntingly slowly.

Ichigo shivered against his own will.

"I´m not gay! … I admit I do have some sort of attraction towards you, but It´s purely physical." Ichigo turned his head towards Grimmjow locking eyes with him, teal and honey brown.

Grimmjow narrowed his eyes to slits, upper lip curled in a snarl-smirk like way. Bingo, berry had just fallen for his scheme. But…

…not gay huh?

Closing the almost non-existent space between them he thrusted his hips towards Ichigo´s making the teen choke on his next words.

"Not gay? Tch, have you ever felt some attraction towards any women before Ichi?"

He was met with a fierce stare but an equally strong silence.

"Huh? I thought so too." The blue haired man smirked.

"So, what you feel is purely physical and carnal?" Leaning his face closer towards Ichigo´s so the teen could feel the older man´s breath on his skin, he stayed there, admiring the soft red tint that slowly made itself printed on his cheeks.

"Well, I feel the same." With those last words he closed the gap between their lips capturing him in an all but soft kiss. Biting his lower lip the younger male whimpered and opened his mouth letting the teal eyed man slip his tongue in and savior the sweet taste that Ichigo had.

Feeling the blood pour straight towards his groin, Grimmjow thrusted his hips as he closed his eyes in pure bliss, remembering how long he dreamed of doing this and more to the carrot top.

Truth is he always had a thing for the berry. He was young, hot headed a good fighter and to top it all he was pure, he was just so different to what Grimmjow was that he couldn´t help but feel attracted to the shinigami substitute like a moth to fire.

At first he had been disgusted at himself, not at the fact that he liked a male (he was after all an arrancar, and when he had his lustful needs gender was not a problem at all), no, what he was disgusted was that he would actually like a shinigami of all people and a human shinigami to top it all. His pride could go no lower.

He also knew the looks Ichigo gave him, he knew want when he saw it. It was all too obvious since Urahara´s choice of clothing his very first night at earth, the boy was practically drooling at the sight of him.

That alone pissed him off while it made him smug at the same time.

It was then when he knew he was fucked or was about to (fuck).

The next few weeks Grimmjow made sure to make the berry´s life miserable, never leaving him alone and having him live in his own personal hell, but seeing the orange head ignored him most of the time claiming he did not have time, for he had to study, as "he went to school, not like some other people".

School? He didn´t need school, just grabbing Ichigo´s textbook and reading it was enough for him to comprehend what the theme was about as the kid found out when the blue haired man read his advanced algebra book in an hour and solved his homework in less than five minutes.

Ichigo had genially smiled and complimented him at his great memorizing and comprehending skills (even if it was without noticing, because Ichigo would never compliment an arrancar).

For some unknown reason Grimmjow liked Ichigo´s smile and soft voice when he spoke normally (hence he usually reserved it for Yuzu and Karin for all he ever did to Grimmjow and Isshin was scream). That smile alone fueled his want to an even higher degree (if it was possible).

As the months passed, the blue haired man (being the observant person he was) learned to know much more than he ever wanted to know about the younger Kurosaki, like how he always blamed and beaten himself for his mother´s death and would never go to school on her death anniversary only to go to visit Masaki´s grave with his family, have them leave early claiming he was going to pray and talk with her a bit more, only to have him breakdown crying and crumble into a ball holding onto his mother´s grave stone as if it were his life line, and after his mourning was done how the orange head would get up wipe his face of his tears and put on his normal scowling face acting as if nothing ever happened or how the kid loved to eat Yuzu´s cooking like no other and how he adored his family (even the old goat), that he wanted to be a doctor (like his father) or a psychologist, how he had a strange knack for eating Oreo Cookies along with his cold Moka Frappe, how he could not sleep at night without a blanket (unless he was really tired) covering him, how secretly Ichigo liked his father´s crazy surprise attacks.

These were some of the things Grimmjow had come across his path named Ichigo Kurosaki, and the things he had come to become accustomed to…without him even noticing. [1]

But, these were secondary things, for the first thing Grimmjow had felt for Ichigo was lust; pure want and a need to make and claim the untainted berry his, and what Grimmjow wanted he obtained. Of course patience was not a virtue he counted with, but he knew that he needed to know the precise moment with Ichigo, for if he attacked him out of the blue and claimed him, it would make the teen weary of him, therefore making it difficult for him to try and catch the berry of guard.

After all, all he wanted was a good fuck.

Trailing his tongue over the now salty neck he left a trail of goose bumps on the way making the orange haired shinigami shudder and mewl softly. Those kinds of noises were the only thing Grimmjow wanted at this moment and of course to have the berry under him.

Arms moving from the counter he placed both hands on the younger male´s slim waist he gripped his hips hardly as he kissed the teen again with much more hunger and fervor. He needed to feel all of him; Ichigo was intoxicating him in the worst and best way possible.

The orange head moaned into Grimmjow´s mouth as he felt a gruff hand squeeze his ass, pressing him against the now straining erection the arrancar had, making him harden more at the sensation.

Seconds passed and the hand on his ass moved to his cock, one touch and it was at his full arousal, Ichigo hissed at the feeling of the hand palming his over sensitive member.

Closing his eyes he let his head fall back and lean on the cupboard behind him, feeling Grimmjow´s mouth suck on his neck and hands start to unbuckle…

"STOP!" The sudden jerk of his whole body made his neck crack in a hurtful way, hissing in pain he fixed his clothes and turned to face Grimmjow who was more than pissed at being interrupted.

Well, he didn´t give a fuck if he were to go apeshit, there was no way he was about to have a handjob, blowjob or any kind of thing that ended in job in his kitchen where his sisters could come in at any second and to top it all…with an arrancar a supposedly dead soul.

That would turn him into a…necrofilic?

Shaking his head of the morbid thought he cleared his throat.

"So, um…"He was cut off by a hand slamming into the stove.

"Shut the fuck up shinigami, do you have any fucking idea how long I´ve waited for that? Just how long I´ve had to contain myself from fucking you raw against the first thing I see? How patient I´ve been? And this shit is what I get?" Cold teal eyes that burned the depths of his soul looked at him, Ichigo knew that look, it was the look a hunter gave its prey before attacking, and judging by the stealthy steps Grimmjow was walking he thought the exact right thing.

He was in deep shit.

And he had no idea just how much the bloody arrancar actually wanted him…how was he supposed to know?

"You know what shinigami? All my patience has weared out."

Eyes opening in shock, Ichigo did the only thing he could in that moment: he pressed his shinigami badge to his chest, let his body drop dead on the kitchen floor and fled like a bat out of hell.

Grimmjow snarled at the lifeless body on the floor, without Ichigo´s soul, the body was of no use, no, he wanted the real Kurosaki and not being one to ever let a prey go he took out a pill, popped it in his mouth and felt himself leave the stupid gigai.

Stretching his muscles, he cracked his back loving the feel of his bones popping before using his sonido to get out of the house, straight towards the shinigami kid.

He always loved a good chase.

Ichigo had no idea where the fuck he was heading, he only knew he had to get away from the raging ex-Espada now! Knowing that neither of them would go down (in his case submit) without a battle he decided that the best was for him to head to an isolated and big area, which meant he had to go to the outskirts of the city to a farely large forest.

Flash stepping he made his way there not before taking notice of the gray clouds looming over the sky and the unmistakable sound of thunder.

Perfect. With the thunder and upcoming rain they would be able to conceal the sound of their massive attacks. Smiling he let his reiatsu flair letting the arrancar know his location.

Sensing the brat´s reiatsu Grimmjow grinned maniacally. Bingo. In a matter of seconds he was in front of Ichigo, in a deserted forest, what luck.

Lifting a blue brow in Ichigo´s direction, he growled (or at least that´s what Ichigo thought it sounded like when he spoke).

"Ya know berry, I hate it when someone disrupts me from finding my prey…`specially when it´s the own fucking prey who openly lets himself get caught." Baring his teeth, hand on Pantera he got his stance ready to attack in any moment.

"Yeah, well I´m sure I´ll be the only one to ever do that." Looking at the ever more darkening sky he heard another flash of thunder and felt a few drops of water fall.

He smiled.

Gripping Zangetsu he unsheathed it from his back loving the feel of his blade´s weight on his hands. How long had it been that he had a true real fight? Not knowing or caring he relaxed his muscles before sighing.

He sped towards Grimmjow in a matter of seconds.

The blue eyed older male was practically oozing of bloodlust, the shinigami had always been one of his favorite to fight and seeing him grip his sword tightly made his grin wider.

Not bothering to follow with his eyes where the shinigami disappeared to, sword in hand, Grimmjow merely unsheathed Pantera in a matter of seconds before perfectly blocking Ichigo´s hit which came from above.

Turning his head upwards towards his left he smirked before opening his hand letting Pantera fall and mutter a single word out before Ichigo´s wide eyes.


Gripping his sword with his other hand before it fell, the outline of his blue [2] cero was entwined with the red and black Getsuga Tensho before it was completely consumed by it.

When the last remains of both their attacks immerse into nothing rain was already pouring down heavily making the orange bangs of Ichigo´s hair stick on his face and leaving him no time to block the kick that had made its way towards his torso, as of instinct he grabbed Grimmjow´s leg as it made contact with his stomach (therefore letting go of Zangetsu in the process) and held on tight as his whole body made contact with a tree making it snap in two. Regaining his balance a little he threw Grimmjow with all his force making him pass a mass of trees on the process.

Even after being thrown several meters away he could still hear the mad arrancar´s gleeful laughter.

Sighing Ichigo prepared himself for the next attack…

"Looking for me shinigami?" Ducking just in time to avoid Grimmjow´s fist, Ichigo was shocked when the azure haired hollow grabbed the hem of his shinigami uniform and hauled him straight towards the floor.

Not stopping there Grimmjow flew after him therefore making Ichigo land twice as hard in the ground effectively making a muddy crater.

Groaning at the extra weight the teen shifted trying to get the blue thing of him.

"Fuck, you look good like that." Grimmjow murmured low as he watched Ichigo all battered wet and muddy, hot and hateful glare never leaving his face.

It made his lust flare even more.

Letting go of Pantera, he swiftly grabbed hold of the younger´s wrists pinning them above his orange mass of hair. Grimmjow shook his own mass of blue locks hoping to get the bangs out of his eyes, but it was of no use for the heavy droplets of water that were coming down made sure that his light blue hair which now was a darker shade of azure stick on either side of his cheeks.

For just a brief moment, Ichigo stared at Grimmjow…stared. That is until the arrancar dug his fingers roughly into his wrists bringing him back into the reality of the situation he was in.

"Ya know how many times I imagined you under me berry?" The sultry tone mesmerized the shinigami for a second, before he started struggling against the vice grip on his hands.

He struggled and struggled even harder as Grimmjow´s face came near and more near to his, because he knew he wanted the ex-Espada, and he was in such a dilemma, and the arrancar was just too good at making him do stupid and rash things, and Ichigo knew that he could and would convince him that letting go was the solution, and…Grimmjow´s lips were just seconds away.

He wanted Grimmjow with such raw desire he thought he would go mad.

Fuck right and wrong.

There was just a here and now.

Closing the distance between their lips, Ichigo surprised the blue eyed male by kissing him, hard. Smirking against the soft plump lips Grimmjow laughed before taking the shinigamis lower lip between his teeth passing his tongue swiftly over it before entering the awaiting hot cavern.

"Knew you would give in to your desires berry." He murmured between heated kisses.

Ichigo moaned as he felt a hand squeeze his ass, he knew he shouldn´t do this, shouldn´t want this, but the pleasure, want , need was blinding most of his thinking.

Anyways…it was just a fuck. It would do no one no harm, except Ichigo, the shinigami closed his eyes as he felt a spasm of pleasure course through his veins, Grimmjow had taken of, more like torn apart his shinigami uniform leaving him in his hakama pants.

He was about to give his virginity to an arrancar, who had no feelings, just wanted his body and didn´t give a fuck about him.

Calloused hands passed through his chest, the rivulets of water making them slide easier, nipples hardening at the feeling.

Taking a light brown nub in his mouth he bit slightly making Ichigo hiss, growling Grimmjow let go of his wrists and grabbed a handful of orange hair pulling him into a forceful hard bruising kiss.

He never imagined his first time with a man (he always thought it would be Rukia or Orihime), nor being treated roughly and loving every minute of it.

Almost ripping off Grimmjow´s jacket he finally managed to take slip it of the man's body, digging his nails into the scarred yet sculpted chest he scraped them downwards, loving the almost moan that escaped the arrancar´s lips.

Untying the slash of his hakama pants Ichigo let himself be undressed willingly as the pants went down his knees, past his calf's, ankles and feet.

The bandages that covered his waist and downwards soon followed suit and were tossed away. The wet dirt under his skin was not uncomfortable for it was soft, but knowing he was all muddy did help matters for the deed he was about to do.

Grimmjow it seemed did not mind at all, as he stared at Ichigo with a feral stare, blue eyes shining in the darkening evening.

He shouldn´t consent to this, shouldn´t want this…should have more self respect than this…he deserved more than this, but he couldn´t come up with a fairly logical reason (in his pleasure induced state) to tell the azure eyed man to stop.

"Ahhh" He moaned lightly when a cold hand engulfed his fully aroused and hardened member, giving a tug Ichigo moaned a little louder.

"That´s it berry, moan for me…let me hear those noises." The hand started pumping his already weeping shaft, up and down the hand went and he could start to feel the heat, the tight ball in his stomach, and then the hand stopped.

He opened his eyes in time to see Grimmjow licking his fingers, and tug down his own hakama pants revealing himself in his nude glory.

Ichigo thought he went gay for Grimmjow, now he knew he did go gay for him, and with a very good logical reason…the man was a Greek god in person.

The orange haired male didn´t consider himself such a shallow person as to want to go after somebody because of his/her looks, but he had to admit he thought himself a hypocrite for when he met Grimmjow all he knew and believed in went down the drain.

"See something ya like shinigami?" The cocky yet, secure question came from Grimmjow´s lips making Ichigo even more aroused at hearing his voice. Had his voice always been that sexy?

For a moment the younger male flinched as hands gripped his waist, getting used to the coldness of them he soon relaxed.

He deserved more, yet he couldn´t bring himself to care.

In one swift moment his legs were spread wide leaving himself bare for Grimmjow to see, not wasting time a single finger was probing and then slipping inside his entrance. He shifted a little at the initial discomfort of having something shoved inside your ass, and thinking about the muddy cold floor, the rain dropping on his face, the whispering wind, cloudy sky and the faint song like sounds of thunder in the background.

He was about to get fucked for the first time in a forest while it was raining, on the floor with a man he hated.

Soon one finger became three and he himself knew he was more than ready, moaning at the loss of the digits he then felt something much bigger that three fingers, aligning itself with his entrance before in one swift hard thrust sheathing himself completely inside the warmth of his cavern.

Goodbye virginity.

"Fuck you´re tight!" He heard Grimmjow mutter through gritted teeth, hand gripping tighter his waist as Ichigo lifted his legs to wrap around the arrancar´s middle.

He met each forceful and hard trust with his own hips pushing forward, the intense feeling of himself being stretched beyond it´s normal limits, Grimmjow´s member hitting his prostate with every single thrust was too much, he was full of extasis and found himself in nirvana.

"Nyaghh..." A hand grabbed his pulsing cock.

"Moan for me berry." The sexy voice in his ear.

"Oh god!" The moving hand up and down his cock.

"Shit berry!" The pounding inside him.

"More…want more, need more…" A squeeze to his balls, a deep thrust.

"Grimm..." The tight ball of heat in his stomach exploded, making him see white for a second before cuming on Grimmjow´s hand and their stomach´s.

No soon he had finished he felt the arrancar stop and give out a loud groan, eyes closed as he emptied himself inside Ichigo, before dropping on top of him.

They lay there for a few minutes, Ichigo watching the rain fall on his face, Grimmjow breathing in the scent of the wet earth and pine trees.

Finally after what seemed an eternity Grimmjow rolled himself of the shinigami, got up, put on his wet and dirty hakama pants, sheathed Pantera in his belt and draped his jacket over his shoulder, before walking away, never once looking back to see the flash of hurt cross the orange head´s eyes.

`So, this is what lust is huh?´ He thought before closing his eyes willing the new found feelings of shame, hurt and betrayal to leave his being.

Surprisingly the one thing he couldn´t bring himself to feel was regret.

"…and that´s about it." Ichigo sighed as he leaned into his bean cushion.

Urahara pouted. "But you forgot to add all the juicy details about…"

"Shut the fuck up!" It was Grimmjow´s hard gruff voice which made the blond jump.

"There are some things better left unsaid Kisuke." He muttered to the blonde.

Urahara peeked under his hat and understood the message Grimmjow transmitted.

`Don´t try to pry in things which I fucked up…badly

But there was also a: ` I fucked up, hurt berry badly and I don´t like it when he remembers cuz he gets sad.´

Smiling slightly at the blue haired man´s antics he continued.

"What´s the difference between then and now?"

"We´re an actual couple and love each other?" Ichigo offered tentatively.

"When we fuck it´s not cuz of lust, but because we love each other?" Grimmjow spoke.

Urahara resisted the urge to roll his eyes, this is one of the main reasons they were here: communication issues and uncertainty.

They knew they loved each other, could say it out load…but still to some point doubted it.

"Why don´t you think about it, remember how your relationship went on after your first …um…" How to say your first sexual experience together, which you would both like to forget in or more bluntly your first fuck in a more subtle way? "…"encounter" together, how you to got to know each other and I´ll ask you again next time."

Without waiting for a response the blonde ex-captain got up and turned to leave the room swiftly, not before stopping and turning back to them.

"Same time and day next week, ok?"

Nodding Ichigo bowed his head a little in a sign of thanks as the man left.

"Let´s go Grimm." A grunt was his reply as they got up and made their way out, both thinking the exact same thing: They had a lot to think about this week.

[1] Grimmjow, observing Ichigo in his behavior, (obviously looking forward towards his encounter with the orange head) came across these things, but HE DOES NOT TAKE THEM IN AS IMPORTANT nor does he find out that he has become normal to the teen´s habits. Hence the: …without him even noticing.

I want to make their falling in love a little slow and fast at the same time, for example in this chap Grimmjow likes seeing Ichigo´s genuine smile, but he does not know why and Ichigo being the most experienced (if you could call it like that) of the two in emotions knows he likes Grimmjow because he has seen the way he treats and get along with his family, thus making him even more attractive in an emotional level for the teen.

[2] Yes, I made Grimmjow´s cero blue…I absolutely loathed his red cero in the anime.