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Retasu skipped along the path, towards Cafe Mew Mew, singing merrily. She loved the winter, the snow and seeing the children play in the snow. She skipped past a young couple then stopped and looked back. A smile appeared on her face, as she thought of Shirogane.


Retasu's creamy skin turned red as she smiled shyly then finished skipping towards the cafe.

Purin and Ichigo was sweeping the floor, while Minto sat in the corner, sipping tea while reading her daily Zakuro magazine, she got everyday. Zakuro was being moodly as always, glaring at the people coming in.

She stumbled slightly, as she spotted Ryou sitting in the chairs, looking out of the window, as the sunlight shinned on his tanned face. Retasu quickly turned red as she stumbled into the changing one.

She quickly got changed and walked out, sorting her bow out on her outfit. She spotted Purin in the corner and a smile crept onto her face.

"Ano... Purin-san!" Retasu called.

The young monkey mew looked up and smiled, "Hai Retasu Oneechan na no da?"

"Can you do something for me?" Retasu asked, with a sickly sweet smile.

Purin blinked then nodded, "Hai! Anything for you Oneechan na no da!"

*A few minutes later*

"So Retasu Oneechan you want Purin to make a love potion, so Shirogane Oniichan will fall in love with you?"

"Ano... hai onegai Purin-san." Retasu begged.

"Okay Oneechan! It will be done in a few hours!" Purin said brightly then skipped off, leaving Retasu standing there smiling to herself.