Saba: Jazz isn't going to write this chapter.

Pai: So? ¬.¬

Saba: -_- Shut up. I am continuing it for today. And... Retasu kisses Ryou.

Pai: WHAT?

Saba: Just kidding. xD

Love Potion


Pai knocked on Purin's door with a clenched fist. He decided to accompany Retasu. After all, she was his enemy and to disregard the fact would equal harsh punishment from Deep Blue himself.

Retasu was standing beside him as she shifted her position uncomfortably, holding her breath as the door creaked open slowly. She exhaled quietly when Heicha appeared in the doorway instead. Her hair was braided in a style only Purin could master.

Pai raised an eyebrow in a moment of confusion, but his complacent expression returned and he addressed the girl formally. "Move aside, earth child."

Heicha twirled a strand of brown hair around her finger. "Oneechan tells Heicha not to let in strangers."

"I'm presuming Oneechan is Purin and Heicha is your guardian?"

Retasu placed a hand over her mouth as she stifled a brief giggle, the tension that once lingered in the atmosphere dropping dead completely. "No, this is Heicha." She gestured towards the said 'earth child', who clutched the skirt of her pink dress and bowed. "She talks in third person like her sister. Isn't that right, Heicha-san?"

Heicha nodded in response.

Pai appeared taken aback by the revelation of Heicha's speech pattern, but he began to understand the humour in it and oddly expressed a deep bellowing chuckle.

Even his laugh is strange. Retasu blushed at the thought, though it was barely visible on her cheeks. She felt more relaxed now that a joke was shared amongst them. It was the beginning of an alliance, ne?

"Retasu-oneechan!" Purin's head poked out of the kitchen window as she waved at her friend enthusiastically. Steam poured through the window like white mist from a horror movie, as Purin spotted the alien escorting Retasu to Fong residence. The exaggerated waving came to a halt and her mouth became slightly agape. "Pai-oniichan?"

Pai grit his teeth at the nickname, but remained perfectly calm in the situation. However the pile of nerves called Retasu was seemingly the opposite, for she was currently chewing on a nail rather anxiously.

"Can we come in, Purin-san?"

Purin blinked. She grinned. "IS 'NEECHAN DATING-"

"LET US IN, P-PURIN-SAN!" Retasu's pale face grew awfully red as she raised her voice to the tone of a mouse. She swore Pai was smirking in amusement at the corner of her sapphire eye.

"Why didn't you say so, na no da?"

A bead of sweat appeared on Heicha's forehead as Retasu performed an anime 'trip and fall' at Pai's feet. "Ano... I-I did, P-Purin-san."

Pai was inspecting the fireplace in the living room. A portrait of Purin's mother hung above it proudly as a gold plate was drilled just inches underneath it.

Turn that frown upside down!

A clown came into mind as Pai shook his head briskly.

He shuddered. There was a sofa at the center of the living room in which Retasu sat upon gladly. She watched Purin tilt a teapot into her porcelain cup in an act of hospitality to her guests.

"The cure is simple as the alphabet, na no da!" She exclaimed.

Pai's left ear twitched profusely. It was a cue to enter the conversation as he abruptly sank into a seat next to Retasu. He slid an arm around her in an attempt to relax as almost immediately did the daunting blush return to Retasu's unsuspecting facial features.

"If you want Kisshu-oniichan to be freed you must share a kiss with someone other than him." Purin's eyes moved between the two as the gesture fell on deaf ears.

Suddenly Pai spluttered in a mix of shock and fake disgust. "Are you proposing SHE kiss me to break the spell?"

Retasu had known Purin long enough to acknowledge she was lying through her teeth blatantly. She had the optimistic nature of a bad matchmaker, especially when she considered Ryou as Retasu's 'ultimate' lover. But before she could contradict the fictional cure Pai turned her head around and sent his frozen lips on a collision course with her own.

Purin laughed throughout the ordeal. "I'll tell you the REAL cure now, no da!"

Pai wiped his mouth with an arm as he coughed awkwardly. It seemed as though Retasu's blush was contagious, because he was the one who looked like a tomato.

"P-P-Pai-san... I think you went too f-f-far..."

Pai couldn't hide his embarrassment anymore as he buried his head in his hands shyly.