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No longer in the Present

Chapter 1

Tea, Joey, Tristan, Duke, Bakura, Kaiba, Mokuba, Ishizu, Odion, Solomon Mutou, and Marik watch as Yugi duel against the spirit of the Millennium Puzzle. I really don't want the pharaoh to return. We all been through so much together. Thought Tea. But I'm being selfish after all Atem is a spirit and he really needs to be with his own time. Thought Tea. The Duel was coming close to close. Oh but I really don't want to see him go. Thought Tea.

The duel ended with Yugi as the winner. He was on his knees in tears. Atem came over and talked to him. Atem came to the door and said his name. Then all of a sudden the door open. The pharaoh went for the door Tea came forward and said her goodbyes like Yugi, Tristan, and Joey. When the pharaoh finally went through the door Tea tried to go after him, but Joey grabbed her shoulder. Goodbye forever Atem. Thought Tea. Tears streamed down her face. The door closes to Atem's resting place. All of a sudden the tomb was about to fall down. Everyone knew it was time to run and the Millennium Items were gone. Everyone ran for the door and Tea ran behind, but something had struck her from behind and Tea vanishes from sight.

Outside the tomb

Everyone made it outside the tomb. Yugi gave away his little speech. Tristan looks around at the group and then notices someone is missing. "Hey guys where's Tea?" Asked Tristan. Everyone looks around and discovered that Tea is not among them. "You don't think she is still in there do you?" Asked Joey. Fear is evident on his face. "If she is then she must be dead." Said Mr. Mutou. "What…dead…maybe we should tried and open the tomb." Said Joey. "It would be no use. Even if we did Tea would be dead." Said Ishizu. "Then we lost two great friends?" Said Yugi. The group was silent and did not say a word or move. Everyone head was bent down.

Tea screamed she went through what looked like a bunch of lights. What' going on here? I was just in the tomb where am I going? Thought Tea. She screams even more and then her whole world went black.

Tea woke up and found herself in a some sort of palace above on the balcony. She could not be seen by anyone. Where am I? Thought Tea. She looks over the balcony and shocked by what she sees. "Huh." Said Tea in a whisper. Wait a minute isn't that Atem and the people holding Millennium Items. Oh no I'm in the past, but how? Thought Tea. I have to get out of here I stick out like a sore thumb. Thought Tea. She looks down at her clothes and sees that she is still wearing a black top and pink shorts while everyone else is wearing Egyptian clothing. Tea turns her head and looks for a way out of the palace without being seen.

A man with a bow and arrow aimed right at the pharaoh. It was way to dark to see the man's face. The man releases his arrow from the bow. The arrow almost came to Atem's head but was instantly grab by one of the soldiers. "Guards grabbed that person with the bow and bring whoever it is before us." Said Seth. The man ran right into Tea and fell back. Tea fell back as well. He threw his bow and arrows at her. Tea caught them and looked down at them. What is this for? Thought Tea. "There it is and look the one trying to kill the pharaoh is a female. Grab her!" Said one of the guards. The guards ran for her. Tea got up and ran as fast as she could. What killed the pharaoh? I've been framed. I've got to find a way out of here and fast or who knows what they'll do to me. Thought Tea. Tea then spotted a vase that was just big enough for her to fit in. She took off the top and climbed right in the vase. She puts the top back on the vase and hopes no one notices her. "Where did she go?" Said one voice. "I don't know?" Said another. "Go back and report to the priest and pharaoh the description of the one who tried to kill the pharaoh." Said one. "She had some weird clothing." Said one. "It shouldn't be hard to find her." Said one. All of a sudden the voices and feet disappear. Tea let out a breath of air. Oh great now I'm in bigger trouble than before. Thought Tea. Tea was about to get out of the vase, but then realize someone was carrying it. Where am I going now? Thought Tea. The vase was carried outside to the market place.

The guards return back where the pharaoh, the six priest, the advisor, and Mana where. "Did you get the one trying to kill the pharaoh?" Asked Seth. He walks down toward the guards. "We lost her." Said one of the guards. He looked down at the grown as he spoke. "Her?" Asked Atem. "Yes. She has light skin, short brown hair, blue eyes, and wore strange clothing." Said a different guard. He stood behind the other guard. "Go and post up a sign everywhere for the woman and description of her." Said Seth. "And bring her here before us." Said Isis. The guards bow and left the room. As soon as the guards left the priest turn to the pharaoh. "Do you think this female is a threat?" Asked Shadi. "She must be after all she tried to kill the pharaoh." Said Seth. "Well do you think someone hired her for the job or is working for someone?" Asked Karim. "Well whether or not she is she must be brought in for questioning." Said Atem.

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