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Chapter 14

The Wedding


Tea's Chamber

Tea wakes up in a huge chamber. She was wearing a fancy white gown with a golden crown that had an eye on it. Her wrist had two golden bracelets on both wrist and a necklace. Where am I? Who am I? Thought Tea. She looks around at her surroundings. She stands up and walks around her chamber. She sees a mirror and looks at her reflection. What am I? Thought Tea. She then hears a knock on the door. She turns around and sees Mana and Isis come in. Tea looks at the new visitors. "Greetings Tea are you ready?" Asked Isis. Tea looks at them with a confused look. "Ready? Ready for what?" Asked Tea.


"Is everything ready for tonight?" Asked Atem. "Yes pharaoh your wedding will begin. It's odd that you would have all of this on your birthday." Said Simon. The palace shone golden. Many guests from royal families had arrived for Atem's wedding. Atem had a golden ring with nothing on it for now. I have went through all her thoughts and I know she has feelings for me like I do for her. Thought Atem. He turns and looks at the ring on the small stone table in front of him. As soon as that ring is place on her finger, she will belong to me and will never go back to the future. Thought Atem. Atem smiles at the thought of having Tea. I know my spirit from the future had brought Tea to the past for me. Thought Atem. "Pharaoh, the girl should be arriving soon." Said Mahad. He bows to the Atem as he says this.

Tea's Chamber

"It's your wedding today silly." Said Mana. She moves over to Tea and starts brushing through some of her hair. "My…wedding." Said Tea. "Yes you agree to marry the pharaoh." Said Isis. "Oh I did?" Asked Tea. "Yes you did and we came to come get you." Said Isis. She takes Tea hand and walks down the hall with Mana behind. How could I forget my wedding and who is it I'm marrying? Thought Tea. She continues to walk down the hallway with Isis and Mana.


Tea arrives outside the palace and looks up and sees Atem smiling down at her. Is he the one? Thought Tea. She walks up to him slowly. Her eyes never left his. As soon as she arrives at his side she feels his hand come around her waist and pull her to him. They both turn to face the alter. Simon stood in front of them and says something in a weird language that Tea does not understand. Tea is then turn around and Atem places the golden ring on her middle finger all of a sudden the ring shines so bright nearly everyone covers their eyes from the light. Tea looks up at Atem weak as ever. He then brings his lips down to hers and kisses her while she kisses him back. Her eyes gently close. They soon part. "I give you the Pharaoh and his wife Queen Tea!" Shouted Simon. Everyone cheer at the new wedded couple.

Throne Room

Atem walks down his throne and goes to where Tea is. "Pharaoh." Said Isis. She bows her head. Atem turns to face her. "What is it Isis?" Asked Atem. "We have found the man who tried to kill you should we do the usual punishment?" Asked Isis. "Yes the usual punishment will be find." Answer Atem. "But I will not be there to see this man punish. Please understand that I will be with my queen and give some of her memories back." Said Atem. Isis bows as Atem turns around and heads for his chambers were his queen awaited for his arrival.

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