Waking Up In Vegas
A/N: I've learned that you can only listen to a song so many times before it begins to inspire you. Obviously this is based on Katy Perry's "Waking Up In Vegas."

There was a dull ache in her head when she awoke. Scratch that, it was more like a five man construction crew equipped with jackhammers. Every muscle she moved intensified the noise tenfold so she tried her best to stay absolutely still while her mind tried desperately to remember the events that lead to her predicament.

She and Tony had been sent to Las Vegas to work a case with the Office of Special Projects. A group of sailors had been implicated in a drug ring in the city and NCIS was called in to investigate. They'd spent nine days working undercover, setting up surveillance and spending some quality bonding time with their LA counterparts. They had set up a sting and busted the drug smugglers. Mission accomplished. So...where was she?

Cracking her right eye as slightly as possible, Ziva examined her surroundings. It was definitely a hotel room, decorated in a tacky and extravagant Vegas theme. The wallpaper was a God awful gold color with sparkling swirls to match the accents on the furniture. The lampshades were adorned with faux feathers whose colors matched the sequins and rhinestones on the door and mirror frames.

'It looks like Liberace designed this place.' Tony had said that. She couldn't remember when he'd said it, but she could hear his laughing voice as clear as day. Come to think of it, where was Tony? Probably shacked up with some trashy show girl.

Desperately craving a glass of water and a strong dose of whatever aspirin she could find, Ziva opened her other eye and paused. After the blinding pain dulled a bit she chanced moving only to find that she was restrained. Trapped in the bed...by an arm draped over her waist...an arm belonging to...someone. It was not the first time she had woken up in bed with a stranger, but it was not an experience she enjoyed. Ziva tried to shimmy her way out from underneath the arm without waking it's owner only to have it tighten around her middle.

"Stop moving," a gruff voice mumbled into her neck.

Immediately Ziva froze. She knew that voice. So that's where Tony was...she was the trashy girl he'd hooked up with! Her muscles tensed as realization dawned on her still sleeping brain. She was in bed...with Tony...naked...not good! Though her mind protested she jumped out of bed immediately regretting that decision when her legs gave out and she hit the floor. A string of curses flew from her mouth.

"Too early for foreign languages. Barely understand English," Tony grumbled running a hand over his face. Wait, foreign language...Ziva? His eyes cracked open immediately setting upon the Israeli on the ground in front of him. Why was she naked?

"Ziva? Why are you in my room? And naked?" he asked. 'Not that I mind in the least.'

Ziva grabbed the sheet off the corner of the bed and wrapped it around herself the best she could. "I believe this is my room, Tony."

"Uh...don't think so," he argued. "What the hell happened last night?"

"You do not remember?"

He shook his head, immediately regretting the action as he literally felt his brain shift. "Do you?"

Ziva pursed her lips trying to remember anything she could. Brief flashes of the previous night entered her mind.

"To another case solved!" Clinking glasses. Burning liquid. Shots lined up on the bar.

"Dance with me Zee-vah." Techno music. Gyrating bodies. Tony's hands on her hips, her hands buried in his hair. His lips against her neck.

"We were drinking," she said.

Tony groaned. "That's a given." He looked at her and then back at the bed he was in, taking notice of the disheveled sheets and his attire--or lack thereof. "Did we...we didn't...oh man please don't tell me we slept together."

Ziva glared at him. "I did not realize you were so opposed to the idea Tony."

"Oh I'm not," he corrected. "But I would like to remember it should it happen."

She dropped her head to hide the smile she couldn't control. "We need to find out what happened last night."

Tony closed his eyes and tried to conjure up any memories he could. The humming in his ears intensified with the effort.

"You guys were awesome tonight! First round is on me!" Drinks were placed in front of him and downed within minutes. Liquids in a wide variety of colors and flavors slid down his throat.

"Love this song! Dance with me Zee-vah!" He grabbed her hand and dragged her out to the dance floor.

"Where did you learn to dance like that?"

Ziva blushed. "You seemed to keep up rather well."

Tony laughed, lying back on the bed. "I don't know about you but I need a shower. Care to join me?"

Ziva rolled her eyes. "I will wait until you are done. If you use all the hot water I will be forced to kill you." She climbed to her feet, careful to keep the sheet tight around her body and sat on the edge of the bed.

Grumbling and groaning Tony managed to find his discarded boxer-briefs and pull them on. He wavered on his feet for a moment, closing his eyes in hopes of staving off the nauseous feeling he had. He walked over to the chair where his suitcase was perched and pulled out a pair of jeans and a T-shirt before continuing to the bathroom.

Ziva turned to watch him leave the room and that's when she saw it. On the left side of the lower back, about the size of her palm, was an intricately designed, cursive "Z." The skin around the mark was red and still slightly swollen. "Elokei."

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A/N: Elokei=My God