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Tony set his headset onto the table next to Ziva's and shot a look at McGee. The younger agent knew enough to quietly excuse himself from MTAC. Tony watched him leave before dropping into the seat next to Ziva, his partner, his wife, the love of his life. "Well."

Ziva nodded. She could not believe that she had been so stupid. 'Why would you call your father when you had been drinking? Why?!' All she could do was stare at the colored bars that graced the MTAC screen and replay the last twenty minutes of her life.

"What do we do now?" Tony asked.

Ziva sighed. "I do not know." And for the first time in her life she didn't have a plan, she didn't know what came next. It was a foreign feeling, one that she was not eager to repeat. "Why was my father not more angry?" she wondered idly.

Tony reached over and took her hand in his. "What do you mean?"

Ziva took momentary comfort in the feeling of his larger hand encompassing hers, his rough skin against hers. It scared her slightly how familiar it felt. "You are Catholic and American. You are the exact opposite of anything he would choose for me. He should be furious but he was not. It is confusing."

Tony smiled. "Maybe he's changed." Ziva shot him a look that said more than words could. "Well maybe he was won over by my incredible charm?"

Ziva laughed before pressing a soft kiss to his lips. "You are delusional."

"But you love me," he whispered.

"Yes I do. I have no idea why, but I do." They shared a few more kisses, soft and gentle and completely unseen.

"You know," Tony said sparing a glance around the empty room, "I've always wanted to have sex in MTAC."

Ziva shook her head and laughed. "I will remember that. But I think right now we must face the music." She stood and extended her hand to Tony.

"Hey you go that one right!" he exclaimed planting a kiss to her temple. Together they ascended the ramp and stopped at the door. He squeezed Ziva's hand and waited for her to return the gesture before grasping the handle and opening the heavy door. Just as they expected the entire team was waiting for them.

Abby was the first to attack, launching herself from her spot leaning against the railing next to McGee. Her arms encircled their necks in the same manner they had not an hour before when she welcomed them back. "I'm so happy for you guys!" she exclaimed. "I wish I could have been there though! I told Timmy something would happen in Vegas, but I never thought you would go and get married!"

"We didn't really plan it Abs," Tony laughed.

"Oh I figured that because I mean you guys would at least tell me that you were going to elope. But I guess it wouldn't be considered eloping then, would it?" She paused momentarily to consider this before pulling them both into another bone crushing hug. "Congrats anyways!" She moved back to her previous position shooting a look at McGee that Tony noticed and catalogued away for future teasing purposes.

Ducky approached them next. "Congratulations Anthony," he said clapping the younger man on the shoulder before taking Ziva's hand in his and kissing her knuckles. "And congratulations to you my dear." Before leaving her turned back to Tony and leveled his gaze on the agent. "You have a very special young lady here Anthony, be sure you treat her right." Glancing over his shoulder the M.E. took note of the glares that Gibbs was directing at the pair and took the opportunity to excuse himself back to autopsy, dragging Abigail along with him. McGee also made a quick escape down the flight of steps to the squadroom leaving Tony and Ziva to face the proverbial firing squad.

Without words Gibbs turned to his left and headed toward the elevator; Tony and Ziva knew enough to follow. As the silver doors closed Ziva's hand squeezed Tony's in preparation for the tongue lashing that was coming. The cabin was thrown into the dimmed lights as the emergency system kicked in.

"Look boss," Tony began but Gibbs silenced him with a glare.

"Don't try to explain your way out of this one DiNozzo," he said. "The rules are there for a reason."

"Technically I don't think there is a rule about marrying your partner," Tony joked, attempting to lighten the mood. All he managed to do was earn a stinging slap to the back of his head. It hurt worse than he remembered; maybe his head had softened while he was away.

"Rule number 2: Don't screw over your partner," He leveled his gaze at his senior field agent.

"I haven't screwed anyone over," Tony growled taking a step forward.

"Not yet," Gibbs said. "But this isn't going to end well. And then what happens?"

"Who said it is going to end?" Tony challenged.

Gibbs took a moment to stare down his senior field agent. He'd watched him grow up before his eyes over the last eight years from an overgrown frat boy with a lack of discipline and serious commitment issue to the man standing in front of him. He felt something akin to fatherly pride when he looked at the younger man. And then he pulled something like this.

"Gibbs," Ziva ventured breaking the staring contest between the two men. "I know this is not an ideal situation and believe me I never thought my life would turn out like this. But we cannot change the past, you taught me that." She waited for him to look at her, locking his blue eyes with her brown. "We have decided to give this a chance. We're not asking for your blessing, but we do not need your condescending attitude at every turn." Reaching around her boss, Ziva flipped the emergency switch and let the machine continue on its journey. The rest of the ride was made in silence with both Gibbs and Tony staring at Ziva, the former replaying the words she had said and the latter thinking about how hot she was when she stood up to their boss. Eventually the doors slid open, but before anyone could exit Gibbs blocked their path.

He let out a long sigh and leveled them with a strong glare. "For the record I don't like this. Keep it out of the office and I won't have to separate you two." He didn't wait for an answer before spinning on his heel and disappearing.

"Well that went well," Tony mumbled as they made their way back to their desks.

"He did not fire or kill either of us. What more can we ask for?" Ziva whispered back.

The remainder of the day passed in a somewhat monotonous fashion. All three agents and their boss sat at their desks catching up on paperwork. Both Tony and Ziva had a multitude of reports to file for their joint case with the OSP, though Tony tried to pawn his off on his partner who politely declined with the threat of office supplies as surgical tools. It was nearing quitting time and for once there was a good chance the entire team would be able to leave at a normal hour.

"Office David, Agent DiNozzo." Both Tony and Ziva's heads snapped up. Vance stood on the lower landing of the staircase overlooking the bullpen. He met both sets of eyes before continuing. "I need to see you in my office. Now."

Tony and Ziva shared a concerned look before following the Director up the stairs. They passed through Cynthia's office, waving to the secretary before entering Vance's office and closing the door behind them.

"Look if this is about Vegas—"

He cut Tony off with a wave of his hand. "I just got off the phone with Director David," Vance began. "He is requesting your presence in Tel Aviv."

"Mossad?" Ziva asked confused.

"Doubtful. He's requesting that you both be on the next flight to Tel Aviv."

Tony looked at Ziva with a worried expression. "Meet the Parents?"

Vance watched their interaction closely. He'd heard about the events in Las Vegas and he couldn't say he was surprised. He knew those two wouldn't be able to fight it for much longer, he just hoped that it didn't have a damaging effect on the rest of Gibbs's team. Unorthodox, yes, but they were the best he hand and there was no need to jeopardize that.

"I've approved a use of vacation time for both of you," he said pushing two papers forward requiring their signatures. "You've been booked on a flight out of Dulles tomorrow at 0945. Best get home and pack. We'll see you in two weeks."