NEar Death Expirences

by: Lovelyrubberboots

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"So Lily," Al sat down across from her on the Hogwarts express, "What's going on with you and Thomas Wood?" he asked. The 'event' had happened a week ago, the last Quidditch game before the winter holiday. Between exams and clubs and friends he hadn't had a chance to talk to her. Two years ago, James had told Albus something that had rocked his world, but he hadn't felt the need to really use the information or share it.

"What do you mean?" Lily, a fourth year, asked popping a Chocolate Frog in her mouth, and looking at her sixth year brother. He had an odd expression on his face; it was like a mixture between sympathy and extreme interest.

"Well, at the Quidditch match I saw you watching him, you know, when he was falling. And then you went to go give him a card… He could have died, you know," Albus said, nodding slightly.

"Yeah. I know. It was so scary. Everyone in the crowd was holding their breath," Lily said, remembering the frightful day when Thomas Wood was hit off his broomstick by two bludgers at once. Strangely enough only one of the Beaters had been his from the Slytherin tem. The other had been mis-hit by the Gryffindor Beater.

"Yes. And then you gave him a card," Albus said, "After he nearly died,"

"Well, yeah," Lily rolled her eyes, "That's what you do when someone almost dies; you give them a card. And let me tell you it was hard to do – he had about fifty of them by the time I got there,"

Albus had really only heard the first part. His sister had given Thomas a get-well card! Little Lily was in love!

"Oh Lily," he said with a slightly sappy look on his face. Albus had been skeptical of the idea at first, that near-death experiences made people fall in love, but had grown less skeptical with more evidence. Not only was there grandma and grandpa, Uncle Bill and Aunt Fleur, his own Parents, Teddy's parents (or so he'd been told), Rose and Scorpius, James and Holly, Uncle Ron and Aunt Herminone, but there were other couples outside his own family, like the woman who owned Madame Puddifoot's (her husband had to be bitten by a dragon before she fell in love with him) and, of course, Hannah and Professor Longbottom. "Lily, you're in love!" Albus explained, making a mental note to threaten Thomas Wood, while also congratulating them.

"What?" Lily almost shouted.

"Well, he almost died. And you brought him a card and people always fall in love after near death experiences," Albus went on to explain the theory to Lily, leaving out that James had first heard it from Lucy. Lily just stared at him dumbly.

"That's a load of Dragon's Poo," she told him, finally, rolling her eyes, "There are loads of examples of people falling in love with near-death experiences and people not falling in with them! Uncle Percy and Aunt Audrey did get together because either of them almost died, and look at Aunt Herminone and dad. Dad has almost died LOADS of times and every time Aunt Herminone was there by his bedside helping him get better. And they're not in love," Lily crossed her arms and glared at him.

"Oh," Albus said. After he'd thought about the theory some more he had almost believed it, but now, Lily was ripping it apart.

That night after a large dinner with just James, his parents and Lily they'd all headed to the Burrow for dessert and drinks. While Albus normally looked forward to these meetings, he was especially looking forward to seeing Lucy and telling her that her theory was wrong. It wasn't often he got to prove Lucy wrong.

After hugging his grandparents, Lucy was the first person he went to. She was standing near the fireplace, clutching a large goblet of wine.

"Hi Lucy," Albus said.

"Happy Holidays!" she said to him cheerfully; he could tell she was already on her second goblet of wine.

"Lucy, you know your theory that near-death experiences make people fall in love?" he asked.

"That's not my theory. My theory is that people realize they're in love much faster when someone's about to die," Lucy interrupted him. Albus paused, thinking about what she'd just said.

"Oh," he couldn't probe that wrong, not without thinking about it first.

"Well?" she demanded.


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