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The sky was dark; the night unusually cool as a light wind ruffled through the hair of Ben Tennyson and Julie Yamamoto as they walked hand in hand at the Pier. Several months have passed since their first night together when she found out about his abilities in order to help a stranded Mechomorph pilot whom crash landed, in the woods, just outside of their home town of Bellwood.

With a slight giggle from Julie, Ben looked over to her with his toxic green eyes. Ben found it ironic; when he was around anyone else, he could manage grammatically correct speech…however, when he was around Julie, his mind tripped over itself creating an effective block to keep the words from escaping his lips. He loved her, boy did he ever love her, but he could never manage to adequately express it.

"What's so funny?" Ben managed at least that much without finding himself tongue tied as he had countless times before.

"I'm just thinking back to our first time out here and when…wait, why is your hand so sweaty?"

Even though it was night time, Julie could clearly see a defined pinkish tint cresting Ben's cheeks as she leaned in closer and closer until their lips touched. It was faint; wet but not too wet; for a fleeting second, Ben felt as though his knees were going to buckle at any second. Ultimately she pulled back slightly while staring into his eyes. She giggled again, this one softer, a little more subtle.

"I had a fun time, Ben. I'll see you tomorrow?" she smiled leaning in for one more quick kiss before turning to leave. Watching her depart, a quivering smile crept across his face as without conscious thought of it, brought the tips of his fingers to his lips. She kissed me…twice… his thoughts stretched from slumber …and I didn't do anything stupid…

"Yeah!" Ben shouted throwing his hands straight up into the air forcing a few people around him to stop and see what the commotion was about; Julie kept walking, even without looking back, she knew what he was doing.


"It was great…" Ben half sang half chanted as he sidestepped up and down from street to curb for half a block "…really awesome date…" he sprang up onto a light pole and swung around it before touching his feet to the street once again while taking a silly amount of time to get home. Although his parents would worry, they usually didn't mind a few minutes here or there, as long as he had a believable excuse; but he wasn't going to go telling them that he was dancing around making a fool of himself because Julie kissed him. He had an open relationship with his parents, but there were still some things that he preferred to keep to himself.

That very moment he stopped and turned to the darkness past the glow of the street light; to his right, something rustled the foliage of decorative plants. Stillness. Sensing nothing out of the ordinary he continued walking, although with a brisker pace to save a few seconds. Another rustle; this time he stopped, turned to the plants and instinctively held his right hand over his left wrist.

"Okay Kevin, come on out, I know you're there…" Ben laughed trying not to let his nerves run amuck. Please let it be Kevin… he thought taking a step closer to the brush. Pushing the greenery away, prepared himself for what lay ahead. To his utter relief, when what he found in the clearing was a lone black furred kitten with almost glowing yellow eyes. Seeing this, he couldn't but help laugh and feel foolish of himself for thinking it was something more sinister. With a quick meow, the kitten hesitantly approached and started brushing itself against the legs of his jeans.

"Well, you can't be all bad" he chuckled kneeling down and picking up the kitten to check for a collar or tags. Almost instantly he noticed the glitter of a tag, squinting to see, the word Albedo struck him almost instantly. "That is one weird name for a kitten" again he uttered pulling out a small cell phone to dial the number listed below the animals name.

A high pitched ringing from behind was the last thing he heard before the world went black. Ben's unconscious body toppled to the ground with the kitten leaping free of his hand.


"Ugh…ow…" Ben grunted sitting up and rubbing the dull throb pounding on the back of his head. Forcing his eye open the dull throbbing only grew worse. The room was cold and dim; from what he could make out, he were in a brick lined room with only one door and no windows. Right off the bat, he noticed that his green jacket had been removed leaving only his usual black shirt and blue jeans. A misty puff of breath reminded him of the cold as he drew his arms over his chest to keep warm; the moment he felt a sharp electrical shock, he looked down to see a neon blue energy shield encompassing the Omnitrix; his eyes suddenly grew wide as he realized someone wanted him here…without any means to fight back.

Whom would want to do this to me? His mind tried making sense of everything as the pain started to lessen. It wouldn't be Gwen or Kevin. Not my parents or Gwen's parents. Whomever it is has a serious grudge, but who? The only one I can think of is Albedo, but he's in some intergalactic prison however far away it is from earth. And why is it so cold in here?

"Ben Tennyson…we meet again…" Ben sprang up hearing the voice that seemed familiar although unknown.

"Who and where are you!" Ben shouted looking around only to find brick walls and nothing but brick walls and the lone metal door.

Suddenly he took several steps back as Albedo - wearing Ben's green '10' jacket - appeared out of thin air directly in front of him.



"I should have known"

"But you didn't!"

"Give me one good reason why I shouldn't…" Ben trailed off noticing Albedos white hair inexplicably a brunet color "…wait…how did you…"

Albedo stared Ben as he tried everything to keep an evil sneer from creeping across his face. "There is no jail that can keep me in. And with your jacket, and these things you humans call hair dye and contacts, I think I'm once again a perfect semblance to you; as much as it sickens me to do so. Now, if you don't mind, I shall pay your friends a little visit before I come back to eliminate you so I can have the true Omnitrix" with this, Albedo transformed into Big Chill leaving Ben absolutely stunned "Before you ask, I had plenty of these things laying around just in case something like this were to happen!" was all he uttered before turning clear and slipped through the door.

I have to warn them… Ben thought searching his pockets for anything of use. A couple of quarters, a small comb, two bits of candy bar wrappers and a stick of gum. His eyes grew wide seeing electrical components of a destroyed device that somewhat resembled a cell phone scattered around the ground of the far corner.

Albedo stopped and turned hearing a vehicle approaching from behind, turning back, he grinned slightly seeing Kevin's car, Kevin driving it and Gwen in the front passenger seat.