A/N: Since my last NCIS fic was so well received, I decided to forgo my Stargate SG-1 WIP to produce this. It's an alternative ending to the season 1 episode Left For Dead which, if you missed or have yet to see that episode, it can be linked to from my profile page - click on the Left For Dead hyperlink in blue.

Personally, I found the original ending a bit disappointing (maybe that's just because they didn't use the excuse of an explosion to hurt Gibbs or Tony xD) and so wrote an alternative. So here you go. It goes off canon a bit but I promise it'll be back on the rails by the end.

A huge thanks goes out to all of you who encouraged me on my last venture into the world of NCIS, and I hope you will enjoy this as much.

Disclaimer: The characters of NCIS belong to DPB - unfortunately I don't have enough money, and never will, to buy the rights - and I don't make any money from using part of their storyline in my own.

The NCIS agents watched in horror as Susanne McNeil – a bomb maker for B.F.F. (Bombe Fermentdeckung Fabrik) – dropped the small plasticine-like sphere that Brauer said was a bomb. As soon as it hit the ground, a ball of flame engulfed Steven Brauer and his mistress, sending a wall of intense dry heat hurtling towards the agents. The shockwave from the explosion followed nanoseconds behind, flinging them back as if they were dolls. Agent DiNozzo flew back, carried by the wave of energy and slammed into the wall behind him, his head snapping back and whacking into the vertical surface. For a moment, he knew excruciating pain in his shoulder and skull – black spots dancing in his blurry vision then slumped into a dusty heap at the foot of the wall unconscious, fragments of wood raining down on him.

For Kaitlin Todd the explosion had much the same effect, although less severe repercussions even though she had been closer to the blast. She was flung backward at a great rate of knots into the lobby – the shockwave dumping her on the floor and piling other debris on top of her. There were minor burns running up her forearms and small cuts littered her smooth face as she lay there motionless.

Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs, however, was not as lucky. The detonation had splintered the wooden furniture that filled the room into hundreds of smaller pieces, each with new, sharpened ends with jagged edges. These were sent speeding towards the agents at high speed, embedding them in anything that stood in their path. The majority of the coarse javelins missed the people in the room, but one plunged itself deep into Gibbs' shoulder, its serrated edges tearing into his flesh. He had no time to react – he barely comprehended anything other than that sudden agonizing burn in his shoulder – as he was thrown backwards, smashing through the floor-to-ceiling glass wall in one corner and colliding with the wall and then, as his momentum caused him to literally bounce off the wall, sprawled forwards and somehow managed to land on his speared right shoulder. Covered in debris, he groaned as he rolled over onto his back, squinting at the weakened ceiling above him. He shifted in an attempt to dislodge some of the wreckage covering him, only to spark stronger pain all over his body. For once, he allowed the darkness of unconsciousness to consume him.

A/N: Yes, the first chapter is very short, but it is really only meant to act as an introduction, and I promise the other chapters will be longer...honest.

Please tell me what you think – I value all the reviews I get and I want to know if you have any ideas on where this could go (I've already written most of it, but with my last fic I learnt that the readers often catch things you've forgotten about xD).